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The team members here with The Parke your number one place for Assisted Living Broken Arrow make sure that every single member of the team actually has a heart for people. We understand how frustrating it be especially when searching for either senior living community or any type of suspending community is. That’s why we always make sure that any single time family members actually looking for a place for the Lord will love want to live especially if they are at a place in their life when they can no longer live independently we want to make that a whole lot easier. Call now to see what looking to able to put together a great team as was a great opportunity for you to be able to see exactly what real community looks like.

We are happy to help you in any way to the can as was making a whole lot easier for you to make up your mind whether not this is the place for your loved one. Call now and allow us to be able to share testimonies as well as get a look or sneak peek inside here at Park company. To reach out to the The Parke today if you have any interest in our Assisted Living Broken Arrow Center. There’s a great many things happening in want to make sure that you always have something they can be involved in as well as a facility that’s locally owned as well as very well cared for both inside and out.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow actually goes by the name of The Parke. There located at 7821 E. 76th St., Tulsa, OK. And here with The Parke that actually does not feel like a facility actually feels like home. We understand that there are many nursing facilities out there that can fill in prison but here is the complete opposite. Families and residents alike will enjoy having fun and also wanted activity room because there’s always something going on. It’s a great place for providing entertainment as well as keeping the resident or your loved one involved in the community and also being a part of volunteer programs. Because here with The Parke you’re not just a number, you are a person with the name.

Here at the company can always count on the staff as was administration to become like friends as well as kind of like another family member. So if you want something that they would help you were always good be there when you just offering amazing staff for the residents to count on. Because residents are continuously given great service as well as a lot of fun activities to keep them involved and keep an active. They’re always doing something to keep everybody happy and entertained. And also have plenty of parties as well as holiday celebrations.

If you’d like to follow us you can do so either on social media or even take part in our newsletter. These are great ways to be able to stay involved especially if you are living out of state. But we always have an open door policy for all family members because we want to make sure that residents know that they’re not forgotten. Call 918-249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net.

What Can You Do To Find The Assisted Living Broken Arrow?

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow here at The Parke will always keep your mom and dad or grandma or grandpa happy and entertained. There’s always some sort of fun partier entertainment activity going on. So there’s never a dull moment here at The Parke. If you want premium quality apartments as well as long-lasting relationships with the staff then The Parke is by far the best choice. No one can do assisted living quite like The Parke. There’s something special about this place. You will be hooked within a few seconds of walking in the door. There’s always someone there to greet you as well as for its residents with smiles on their faces. It’s an amazing place. People cannot recommend The Parke and. And great apartment floor plans as well as the food is excellent but still healthy to add overall quality of life.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow from The Parke is all that you need to know more. Also make sure that we can always take great such care your parents. And because living company will always far exceed your expectations you will always have a great thing to say about them. Because here with The Parke their fan family minded in the environment and in care. There amazing and passionate about the residents as was kind, considerate and engaging. You can count on your mom and dad making friends not only with fellow residents but also with the staff. We also make sure that we can be very picky and hiring only the best nurses and aides.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow is always going the extra mile to make sure that that providing the perfect place for you. It was make sure that every single member of the team is also growing as well as providing a team that’s willing to go above and beyond to make sure that all residents feel like they’re part of your own family as well as still part of the community. It’s a great to have a staff that able to engage with you as well as build you up and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There’s always something on activities calendar on a daily and weekly basis. If you’d like to know more schedule your very own tour.

If you feel that your loved one is actually ready for some sort of senior living arrangement that provides as needed care then someone should always point you to assisted living. As needed care is just helping individuals with activities of daily living. And you can actually get that right here with The Parke. They provide is comfortable, safe, and people that are well cared for. They also make sure that people can still fill independent and be in an enriching environment. Because here with The Parke were providing an elegant state licensed assisted living facility. We are here to meet your needs.

Call 918-249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net if you need to have someone that can provide care as needed. Were happy to set you up with an in person to her as well as even a complementary meal. We cannot wait to meet you and show you around.