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Whenever you’re looking for an assisted living Broken Arrow community for you or for one of your loved ones, make sure that you come and check out The Parke. There are several reasons why we are the highest rated and the most reviewed Assisted Living facility in Broken Arrow and around Oklahoma and that is because we have put our soul in our passion into creating a place that your loved one or you are going to love.

We can’t think of another place or another industry that it is more important to put your passion into than Assisted Living Broken Arrow or any other place in Oklahoma that has extraordinary services that work with and serve our seniors. Because that is because we’ve placed so much value on the fact that we have seen your set need assisted living facilities in order to the feeling and passionate lives. Because we know that passion is what makes life enjoyable and passion is what’s going to make sure that our seniors feel like they are letting young forever. And that is what we want and that’s where to find whenever you come to our facility and assisted living facilities because we are giving out fun and new relationships and a new way of living, for each person that comes to our facility. This is because we are looking to create a new thing

Anytime we bring somebody new into one of our communities Whether it is a new resident or it is an employee we try to make sure that this person is going to be somebody’s pet he’s going to give something wonderful and new from our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facilities. Because here at the park we know that whenever you have something new in your life that you love it makes you love your life.

We know that it can be very hard to leave the house that you considered your home for very long and leave the idea of living independently in this world. But instead, we’ve tried to make sure that each one of our new residents knows that whenever they come to Assisted Living Broken Arrow at The ParKe it is going to be where they are not losing any quality of life they are just losing the burden of life. These things like doing the dishes and taking out the trash are things that they need to be able to do to live independently, but maybe they’re not able to do anymore or that they don’t enjoy having to do. But instead, it is not that they will be losing things in their life, they will be gaining more time and ability to do things which we are going to make sure that we schedule for them. This is why we have a full-time activities director and mental health staff that are here all the time making sure that we are preparing a schedule and a calendar that is going to fulfill each one of our residents.. Call us at 918-249-1262 or go to TheParKe.net

Assisted Living Broken Arrow | Because We Care

We are providing the very best in Assisted Living Broken Arrow facilities because we care. It is because we try very hard and that we are trying hard because we care about your loved ones and then we care about their lifestyle and their quality of life. We know that this is because Master cylinders are not looking out for the residents that they are now saying they are just looking to get a paycheck. This is how many up there Assisted Living Broken Arrow facilities have become very corporate and Berry sterile. We are going to start to make sure that that is never the case and never the experience that your loved one is going to have in the park. Because we know the assisted-living Broken Arrow doesn’t have to be like that we don’t have to have a cookie-cutter way of doing things that is very corporate and very sterile you said we are going to have eloquent surroundings, and we’re going to have very family-like community, and we even have a movie night once a month. We have been go and we even have things that you would know.

For example, we have a wonderful resident named Edna who has been painting for a very long time, and now Edna is instructing a very engaging oil painting class for the other community members and residents. Come to find out we have a lot of very talented artists, and they all are loving the oil painting classes. This is something that we do each and every time we get the chance we just want our residents to feel passionate about what they are doing ended whatever they were in an assisted living in Broken Arrow facility that is one of ours we are going to make sure that we are going to bend our guidelines and our rules around them.

The reason that we even have any guidelines, or we have policy is to make our residents feel better and more ecstatic to be alive. So if we have something that we can bend or we can change in order to give our residents that quality of life we are going to do it. That is like giving a resident the lead and the freedom to create their very own instructing platform.

And it has led to great things like finding out that we had several very talented artists with a great amount of hidden talent. Or maybe it is just that and that is an amazing teacher she brings out the talent and people we’re not really sure we hope that it’s both we think that is probably Bill and this is the thing that makes us very proud to be where we are and take care of a residence here at Assisted Living Broken Arrow the park facility. This is one of the things that makes us the best that makes sure that we are doing the best