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Whenever you are looking for Tulsa assisted living facilities we want to make sure that you come to us because we are going to provide the very best quality for your loved one. We are proud of you to say that because we know that is absolutely true and you don’t have to take my word for it you can always go into Google and just look at that. Because we are the most rated Tulsa assisted living facility pipe it doesn’t stop there we are also the most rated in the nation. And once you go in and look you’re going to find that it has five stars. Thank you very much.

Whatever I say that gives me great pride in not only my facility but in my staff because the reason that we are able to say that is because our staff are so passionate and so engaged with your loved ones and within our community, the face have made our community one that stands Out Among the crowd and provides a positive and enriching heart attack every loved one’s life who decides to come and we’re in our community.

Because we know whenever you are looking for Tulsa Assisted Living you are not just looking for somewhere that your family member can go to and not be alone but you are looking for somewhere that they can go to and feel like they have found their new home. We know that it is very stressful to have to leave your home and go somewhere where you do not know anybody and try to make a new life for yourself. Especially when you are at a time in your life where you are maybe a little bit more set in your ways. We take that into consideration each and every time we have new residents come to our facility at our Tulsa Assisted Living location.

We want to make sure that their transition is very smart, not only a smooth one but also one that makes them feel like they have found their new home and that they are going to be a valued member of our community. Because this is why we are considered the best, this is why we are the most rated and it is why people love living at our facility. Because we are engaged in our community, this is a place where new friendships and relationships are formed, and we take great pride in that.

We know that is something that we could not do without our amazing staff. They are the ones that provide an atmosphere of excitement and engagement. That provides and in a place where friendships are formed friendships are formed and new hobbies are learned. The fact we are proud to say that on our calendar right now we have scheduled a oil painting class that residents truly enjoy. The best part of that is it is a resident that teaches that class to Thayer peers and Friends. that is something you’re only going to find whenever you come to the very best facility for your loved one, and we can confidently say that is the type of living and care that your loved one is always going to receive whenever they are at the park 918-249-12362 theparke.net

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Anytime you are looking for a Tulsa assisted living facilities for your loved one in your search is not going to be complete without going to the park first. Because you’re going to find that there is a reason That we hold at the very top spot whenever it comes to Tulsa Assisted Living not to mention just in the Tulsa area but also Across the Nation. It is because we care and that we are passionate about what we do. We are able to provide a care and a environment that that you can feel the passion and the care in the air. You were going to find that whenever you come to our facility because you’re looking for Tulsa Assisted Living York we Define our staff is engaging and they are going to be not only engaging with you but also engage with your loved ones and they always know that whenever it comes to our elderly. They are The Treasure of our community. Without them our community would not exist. This is not a mindset that our staff only keeps whenever they are at our facility this is the type of people that we employ each and every time because we understand that it is our employer employees at create our atmosphere and they are there to create bonds with your loved ones. This is why whenever we are hiring we are hiring for the best we are hiring for people that are going to come in and enjoy and engage and bond with your family member in a real and sustainable way and create a fun and happy life style for each one of our residents..

At the park we understand that Tulsa assisted living facilities are often lacking in the very thing that we hold as our number one value. and the number one thing that gives us our value and our place in the top of Tulsa Assisted Living. Only for the Tulsa area but Across the Nation. we are proud to say that we have a model of assisted living facility that is it should be emulated from our competition.

Now we’re proud to say that we are the original and it is our staff that does that for us. not only is our staff qualified in certifications but they’re qualified in the way that they are engaging and respectful of each one of our community members because they themselves consider themselves a part of this community and that is a privilege they form e that they enjoy. It shows in their engagement and it shows and their bonds Which state form within our communities.

we know that you cannot fake engagement and you cannot fake the type of strong Community which we possessed at our facility we have many Tulsa assisted living facilities that try to emulate what we have created that is not an easy thing to do and when you provide a living situation that also provides friendship and engagement you are going to provide something that is unique and is going to truly add value to your loved one’s life and that is what we and our staff continue to be passionate about each and every day that we come to work. 918-249-1262 theparke.net