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Do you desire to spend quality time with your loved one, but are not sure what to do to create memories now that they are in a Tulsa assisted living community? You’re not alone. Many families long to reach out to their senior loved one and just aren’t sure where to start once they move to an assisted living community. Realize your family member misses you and desires to make memories as well. Here are some tips on how to make your visits memorable.

Check the activities calendar and schedule accordingly.

Senior living communities hire activities staff members to coordinate a variety of regular diversionary activities and entertainment for residents to participate in and enjoy together. Family members are always welcome, so this can be an easy way to have some fun and make memories with your loved one in the convenience of their new home.

Plan outings to local special events.

Create new memories together at seasonal local events such as church Christmas musicals, July 4th fireworks shows and outdoor symphony concerts; visit the Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa Botanical Gardens, or the Tulsa Zoo. If mobility issues are involved, a wheelchair fits in most trunks, and venues are commonly wheelchair accessible. Think of the smiles you and your loved one will share as you venture out to enjoy life together and make new memories. The moments you share are held in the heart forever and worth the time and money invested to create them.

Spice things up with variety and surprises.

Consider contacting some of your loved one’s old friends or bring family members with you to add spice and variety to conversations and activities. Pack along a photo album and reminisce together about memories you have shared. Bring a favorite board game or a deck of cards to have some fun and enjoy life together within their senior living community. Welcome their new friends to join in the fun and share the opportunity to bring smiles to many as you make memories with your loved one.

Create new memories by learning together.

Head out to Tulsa’s Grogg’s Green Barn to participate in their free gardening classes. Pick up a few supplies and create a container garden for your loved one to tend and enjoy in their Tulsa assisted living community. Or, join in some of the many free nutrition and healthy living classes offered by Tulsa’s Natural Grocers. Their classes help improve the quality of one’s life—so why not enjoy some learning together?

Discover your heritage.

Help your loved one leave a legacy you can pass on to generations to follow. Take time to simply sit with your loved one and let them tell you stories about their life as well as their parents and grandparents. Ask open-ended questions and soak up the stories they share. Consider taking notes or recording the conversation for future reference. Ask what it was like to grow up where they lived. Ask them some of the lessons their parents taught them. Ask about things that are important to your loved one: faith, family, friendships, work experiences, traditions and even recipes. Capture the facts they share with you so you can pass them on to future generations.

Create opportunities to give.

It’s healthy and rewarding to help others in need. Perhaps find the names of local men and women serving our country and write letters together with your loved one to thank the brave men and women in the military. Make a quilt together to welcome any new baby arrivals your family may be expecting. If Christmas or a family birthday is around the corner, take your loved one shopping (even if it is online) so they can give a token of love to a family member.

Talk with your loved one about what they would like to do to make memories together. Ask about the best days and times to visit them at their senior living community. Show respect to their new schedule and wishes—and honor their desires as much as possible.

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