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Dreams Come True A The Parke


Dreams. Everyone has them. Whether it is visually seen through photos on a vision board or penciled in a journal. It’s hopes for tomorrow; desires for the future. For those with eldlerly parents needing help daily, it is a dream of  finding the best assisted living. At The Parke, we help make family members’ dreams come true. You’ll find 24-hour staff available, weekly cleaning and  bed linen services, and plenty of engaging activities. We’ve created a community where your love can flourish! 


Come experience a place that’ll exceed your expectations. We’re intentional about helping our residents have a hope for the future. To expect something good everyday. Whether it is joining others for a movie night or craft night, you’ll find a community of people eager to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. If you’re wanting to stay home and bake some cookies in our fully applianced kitchen apartment, you can. 


At The Parke Assisted Living, we’ve taken the limits off on what our residents can achieve. Being elderly does not mean that life slows down and you can never do the things you onced loved. Nor does it mean you can’t enjoy life and live life to the fullest. At The Parke, we see life through different lenses. Our apartments are designed to help your loved one have a home-like feel and we’ve created a community where they can bloom. 


An Apartment That Feels Like Home


Making dreams come to true starts with beautiful apartment. When it comes to making the best choice on where you want your loved to live, the kitchen is important. There are many parts of an apartment that really are at the top of the list. And we find that many people are concerned about the kitchen. We get questions such as “Is it spacious?” “What kind of appliances does it have?” and “Does it have a dishwasher?” Our team gladly answers questions. And, of course, we offer a wonderful tour. It’s our aim to build trust immediately. By providing you with the details you need to your questions, it shows we value communication.  


We understand the kitchen is a popular place. It is the place where we start the day and finish the day. It’s where you cook breakfast, prepare lunch or dinner. It’s great to know our kitchen has many appliances to help you achieve those goals. When you’re looking for a facility that really is passionate about keeping apartments current with the latest appliances, you’ll find it here. 


Schedule A Visit


We invite you to come experience The Parke for yourself. Come take a tour. Explore our community and see how much fun we really do have! You can visit the living room area, see our books in the library or take part in a craft activity with our residents. 


Of course, there is more! We have a beautiful outdoor garden. During the summer months the flowers are in full bloom. The grass is freshly manicured and we have plenty of chairs for you to sit and relax for a bit. Our residents won’t mind if you do! In fact, they may spark up a friendly conservation. We’re a loving community. At The Parke, we’ve created a place where people can connect with each other and feel safe. You’ll experience this and more during your visit. 


If you stick around a little bit longer, we’ll invite you to join us for lunch. This meal is on us! In other words, we want to give you a complimentary lunch. It’s our way of saying “we appreciate your visit.” We want you to be able to experience our well-prepared meals at The Parke. Whether it’s salmon, chicken or whether it’s a strawberry chicken salad, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our team is ready to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time with us. 


One thing for sure, when you walk through our doors, you’ll enter a peaceful facility. The Parke’s staff is friendly and kind. We believe in providing great customer service the moment you step foot through our doors. 


What Else Can You Expect?


Is faith an important part of your loved ones life? When it comes to discovering what else you can expect at our facility, we’ll show you our chapel. It was important for us to provide a space for others to worship and experience their faith. And if you’re looking for a community of people that really do practice their faith you’re going to find it with us. We have a place for people to share their Christian faith. 


 When people come to our facility, they’re looking for a place that’ll exceed their expectations. The great news: you’ll find it with us. Making a personal connection with our visitors is our priority. We ask the right questions to discover what they are looking for in a facility. This helps them when making a final decision. 


Enjoy Around The Clock Services


We’re a team committed to serving our residents with the best. Around the clock care for our residents is important. When you’re looking for a facility that really does take care of their clients no matter what time of the day it is, you’re going to find it with us. We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week. This we promise: your loved one will be in good hands.  Our hands are filled with compassion. Our voices carry words of kindness and patience. We go the extra mile when needed and ask the right questions to address the concerns accurately. The Parke’s staff is well-trained in taking care of elderly and meeting their needs.


Here’s a testimonial from someone who spent years being a part of our staff. You’ll be able to hear how much of an impact our residents made in this individual life. 


“I worked there for years, then volunteered for more years, and now just go to visit the residents and join in the fun.  The food is excellent, the facility is clean and very easy to get around, being only one floor. No elevators or stairs to contend with. The staff is very helpful and responsive. If I could give it more stars, I would.   When the time comes, I’ll probably move in myself!” MEB