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“The staff are caring and loving people. They make life comfortable, safe, and well cared for.” — Pat F.

A Joyful Heart Is Good Medicine

Loneliness. Just mentioning the noun can change the mood. It robs us of joy. Whispers “we’re unloved or unwanted.” It skews our perspective of reality and steals from us the belief: we can expect good things in our future. At The Parke Assisted Living, loneliness isn’t a noun we cling to, but one we’ve tossed out like old newspapers.
We enjoy living life with others. At our assisted living facility, the word “loneliness” turns into the wonderful noun “community”. What does community mean to us? It is defined as: “We are there for you whenever you’re in need and you can count on us to be present.”

And we really are.

Our staff is available 24 hours a day. We’ve made a commitment to connect with our residents everyday. Our residents are noticed by us, and they are known. Their names are important. We make an effort to get to know each of our residents by name. Every time we see them, we strive to learn a little bit more about them. It’s our goal to provide all our residents with the highest level of care and services.

We are present to assist with many day-to-day responsibilities. For example, we are there to help with cleaning, first-aide care, housekeeping, laundry, and even planning activities. In fact, we have a calendar filled with events that keep our residents active and engaged with each other. This is another way we keep “loneliness” away.

At The Parke, we’ve created a community where our residents can experience real and authentic relationships on a daily basis. A joyful heart brings a smile to a person’s face and makes for a healthier life. We want to see our residents experience a fulfilling life.

Each month, we plan the most incredible events to create laughter, build relationships, and treasured memories. And more importantly, to help our residents know they are seen and they are loved by others in this world.

Let’s share some of our community events with you and help you learn why a wonderful community truly awaits you at The Parke.


Movie Nights

Most people enjoy a great movie. Whether it is a classic drama, action or comedy, it’s sure to bring a group of people together around a big TV to enjoy great entertainment. Every month, we have several movie nights for our residents. For example, one of our movies showcased “Dances With Wolves” and another was “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. We strive to show a variety of movies our residents will love and enjoy.


A Book Club

Do you enjoy analyzing stories? How about broadening your vocabulary? What about reading for pleasure? At The Parke, we offer a book club for our residents to join. Whether you love reading fiction or non fiction work, you’ll enjoy the selections of materials. Our assisted living communities offer you the opportunity to read outside in a comfy chair surrounded by beautiful scenery or indoors in our living room area. Find yourself swept away into a wonderful story and share the highlights with friends!


Craft Class

Always dreamed of finishing a crochet blanket? How about painting a beautiful picture? Joining a craft class allows you to tap into your talent of creativity and create something special for someone else or to place in your apartment. Having the opportunity to gather with others and enjoy great conservations around a craft increases happiness and creates delightful memories. Craft class is a popular activity for our residents. Whether you are a novice at painting, coloring or knitting, you’ll fit right in. There is something for everyone! And we’re always taking in new ideas as well!


Tour Gilcrease Museum

Learning about American cultures, history and art expressions happens at the Gilcrease Museum and our residents have the opportunity to experience these showcases. We believe in ongoing education and the importance of developing our minds — no matter our age. Our residents enjoy learning about different cultures within the United States and how our society has been shaped by them and other historical events.

Learning about the past helps one better understand the future. The museum creates an atmosphere where our residents can dive deeper into the history of America and see it through different cultural lenses. It’s a way for them to treasure the past and learn how it can be applied to the future. When you become a resident at The Parke, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the Gilcrease Museum with others. And create memories you can treasure.


Love To Sing

Whether you are a beginner or a professional singer, you’ll have the opportunity to join our choir. Yes, we enjoy singing! Come learn some incredible new tunes and sing with others. Using your musical talents it’s a great way to relieve stress and bless others with your talents and music. Being a part of a choir creates a wonderful community centered around music. Besides, you’ll have the opportunity to put on a show for others to hear your remarkable vocal skills!


Enjoy Shopping? We Do!

There are many local stores in Tulsa for shopping and fun. Perhaps you need some items for your apartment or you would like to send a loved one a special birthday gift. We take visits to Walmart often and you’ll have the opportunity to find exactly what you need and more. Enjoy shopping with friends and buying what you need.

At The Parke, we enjoy getting outdoors. Staying inside has its benefits, but getting outdoors to interact with others increases our happiness and health. It’s our goal to help our residents make the most of each and every day. As we strive to plan with purpose and demonstrate kindness and love to show them we “see them and we know them by name.”

When you choose our facility, you’ll immediately feel connected with a group of people who care about your well-being. It’s important for us to treat our neighbors as we treat ourselves. We treat our residents with honor and dignity. We treat them well. Explore our photo gallery and begin to see what our wonderful community looks like. This we promise: you’ll feel welcome the moment you walk through our doors.

We look forward to hearing from you! Taking the step to give us a call will be well worth it for you and your family. We’ll love to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have. We truly believe you’ll find happiness and a wonderful community at The Parke!


Discover A Special Place

The Parke is a special place. Our staff is caring, kind, and friendly. When you walk through our doors, we’ll greet you with a jovial welcome. If you have questions, we’ll seek the best answers. When you need guidance, we’ll be your compass. Finding the perfect place for your loved one is important. And we want to help make the selection process easy for you.

We believe you’ll enter a place your loved one can call home for many years. We invite you to discover why The Parke is a special place. Come learn why we’re among the best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma

Finding the perfect assisted living apartment can seem overwhelming. There are so many choices. And maybe you have so many needs, and you can’t find one that fulfills them all. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a place that’ll exceed your expectations. We’ve been providing assisted living services for over 20 years and we understand what matters the most to our residents.


Our First Priority

It’s our goal to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. One way we do this is by hearing your vision of what you would like in an apartment. And it gets better. We’ve created a space that’ll you’ll absolutely love. For example, space is always a top desire for many residents. We have many spacious apartments. A library? You’ll enjoy our library and computer area. A recreational area? You can pull out the pool sticks anytime and invite other residents to join us as well.

Perhaps faith is an integral part of your life. We’ve created a space for you. In fact, you’ll love.our small and intimate santaurary. Surround yourself with people of like-minded faith and grow in beliefs. When you move into an assisted living community, you never have to lose a community feel at “The Parke”. We’ve created a place that is all about helping you stay connected to what matters most and we believe faith is important.

How about community? We have many wonderful residents at The Parke. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other great men and women. People who are open to connecting with others and building a friendship that will last. Come share laughs. Treasured photos. And share precious memories and begin to build new ones. It’s a place you’ll find unlike any other apartment communities in the Tulsa area.


You’ll Enjoy the Outdoors

During summer and fall months, you’ll love the outdoors. We have a well-designed outdoor space for you. In the summer, you’ll enjoy green lush lawns that are well manicured. Blooming in a well landscaped area are beautiful pink flowers. Experience nature anytime of the day and at night, as you sit under the stars. The Parke is a special place.

Enjoy our nighttime well-it pathway. You’ll never have to worry about struggling to make it through a dark area. Our pathways are well-lit. There are lamps located along the pathway to help guide you to your apartment or to a place to sit during the evening. We did this so you can avoid stumbling around. Our goal is to help you enjoy your time outdoors with friends. There are plenty of beautiful and relaxing chairs for you to enjoy the company of others, if that is your choosing.

Spending time indoors is wonderful too. We have a living room area that is spacious and has comfortable furniture. When you choose The Parke, you’re not letting go of what a home atmosphere feels like. It’s quite the opposite. You are gaining a place that feels every bit like you’re at home — your home. Our living room space is the perfect place for conservation with family or friends or for you to enjoy a good book.

In the living room is a beautiful flower vase that sits on the glass table. Our furniture is soft and ivory in color. It has big pillows which are perfect for a relaxing feel. Enjoy this space as much as you like, when you’re wanting to get away from your own apartment for a while and spend time with others.

It’s our goal to make your dreams come true. One way we’ve made it an enjoyable place is by providing a place for a movie night. Yes, we have some chairs and a big screen television for you to enjoy a movie night or movie day with your friends. Choose a comedy, a romantic movie, or perhaps a classic! You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a great movie time with others in the community.


Enjoy Memorable Meals

A delightful meal can make any one’s day better! When you’re looking for an assisted living facility, the quality of food is important. Are the meals filled with good nutrition and does it help nourish your body? It’s essential for our residents to have the best food prepared for them. We want them to live healthy lives and accurately preparing the type of foods to help enhance their health and well-being is our top priority.

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to have meals provided for you at our facility. We have well-prepared meals for you to enjoy. Get assistance with Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. You’ll enjoy what our staff provides you with and you’ll be glad you made the choice to choose The Parke for a great experience everyday!

Among the choices of food is good produce. Whether it’s a healthy piece of fruit such as an apple, orange or banana, we’ll create a memorable meal experience. Our staff will prepare meals that are well-balanced for our residents to enjoy. Besides this, you’ll have the opportunity to choose healthy salads and vegetables. Proper daily nutrition is important to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Our team strives to prepare meals that’ll contribute to both.

We value our residents. It’s that simple. We care about their well-being. We care about their recreational needs. We care about their privacy. And lastly, we care about creating an environment where they can build friendships that’ll last. We’re in the business of making a difference and the difference for us is creating a community that allows people to flourish and feel like they are really at home.

Take the next step and give our staff a call. A wonderful team member would love to speak with you and help you with any questions that you may have about The Parke. If you would like a tour, we are more than welcome to doing that for you as well. Come and visit our facility. This we promise: you’ll leave with a smile and a jovial heart.


Taste Goodness In Every Bite

How’s the food? It’s a common question every assisted living facility gets asked. That’s why we at The Parke Assisted Living believe in letting you actually taste and see how good our food is. We can tell you how amazing every bite is, but that simply isn’t sufficient. Come take a seat at our table. Bring a big appetite and, of course, save room for dessert. And don’t worry about the bill. Your first meal is on us!

This is how we treat our guests. When you choose to tour our facility, we’ll give you a complimentary meal. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for visiting us. When you choose to experience life in our community, it starts with fine dining (we’ll even invite our residents to join us for a meal).

Every day of the week our menu changes. It keeps our residents excited about what is to come and looking forward to enjoying a freshly prepared meal. Providing you with a quality experience is essential to us. Let us share a testimony from a family member of our former residents:

“My mother was a resident for two years at The Parke and I have done volunteer work there. The people are genuinely caring and want the best for their residents. From the dining to the activities to the nursing care, the level of care is excellent. I would recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a loving place for their loved one. It is like one big family. Local ownership makes a huge difference.”
Donna Millican

Our menus are filled with a diverse range of food items and desserts. No day is the same. Everyday there is a different meal. Our meals are prepared with excellence and quality. This we promise: you are in for a wonderful treat.

Experience fine-dining at The Parke Assisted Living. Every meal is prepared with love and sprinkled with excellence. Our cooks are among the best and brightest in Tulsa. Our cooks have years of experience in the restaurant business. When you walk-in to take a seat, you’ll see our menu reflects one of a gourmet style eatery. We want our residents to experience the best. Well-prepared meals, exceptional in taste and delicious experience in every bite.

Our goal is to leave them feeling satisfied and delighted. We value ourselves in preparing the best meals for our residents. When it comes to preparing salads, you have a wide-range of choices to choose from throughout the week. For example, we have strawberry salads, caesar chicken salad, crispy chicken salad, chef salad and much more.

Chicken Ballotine, lemon pepper salmon, and roast beef with brown gravy. When dinnertime arrives at The Parke Assisted Living, you’re in for a treat! Fresh cut veggies, perfectly cooked meats, and delicious sides. Did we mention desserts? Cheese cake, peach cobbler and much more. Your plate is sure to be filled with plenty of nutritional value and every bit is sure to satisfy. Our team has years of restaurant experience and we understand the purpose of the value of a well-prepared smell.

Let us tell you a little bit more about our salads and desserts. This will give you a broader view of what your loved one can expect on a daily basis in our kitchen.



Eating high levels of Vitamin A and C are all beneficial in a healthy immune system. Enjoying vitamin A foods such as green vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, and vegetable oils are important for maintaining a healthy heart. Vitamin C is food such as broccoli, kale, and oranges provides identical health benefits as well.

Our menu is filled with healthy greens, oils and fats. We believe in providing you with a diverse group of salads and dressings to help satisfy your needs. When you are looking for a team of people that really do intentionally prepare meals to help you enjoy every bite, you’ll find it with us.

For example, we have a variety of salads. Among the choices of tasty salads are strawberry spinach salad with chicken, another is a chopped salad, and another is grilled chicken salad. We believe in making sure that you have a diversity of salads to enjoy Sunday through Saturday. In other words, and every week you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful healthy options that will go along with your lunch and dinner.

For dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits, baked beans, fruit mix and even fresh honeydew. We want to make sure that you are having the opportunity to taste and see that produce really is. Maybe you haven’t been exposed to these types of foods. You are able to enjoy the wide variety of foods that we offer to help you maintain a healthy diet and a healthier lifestyle.



Desserts are a common treat to have with meals. It’s almost like the icing on the cake (We have the best cakes too!). You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy dessert at lunch and dinner. Some of the choices range from apple dumplings, chocolate cake, cabaret shortcake or even no bake cookies. We strive to make sure that your dessert options are many and that you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful cooked meals every day.

When it comes to choosing brownies as well, we have that too. We want to know that when it comes to selecting desires, we want you to feel limited. We like to take the limits off, and our staff is all about creating an environment that feels like a restaurant. In fact, we have a team of people that have been working in the restaurant business for years. So they bring their wisdom, their skills and their expertise for helping to create special dinners and lunches our residents will enjoy!


Come Visit Us!

We open our doors for you to come visit us. Schedule a visit and a tour, and have lunch with us! As mentioned earlier, this is our way of saying, “thank you” for coming to visit. You will be able to enjoy our wonderful food selections.

When you’re looking for people that put their best into what they do, you’ll find it with our team. We make great things happen daily! When you take a seat at our table, you’ll really experience for yourself every bit of goodness we offer!


Imagine A Place Where They’ll Be Happy

Our lives can get busy. The calendar gets filled with activities, gatherings, assignments and returning important phone calls. When this happens, a helping hand, one extended with grace and kindness, to assist you in accomplishing your household chores, is a welcomed blessing.

At The Parke, we understand the value of being there when our residents are in need. We extend our hands, ready to help with trash removal, changing bed linens, and vacuuming. When a cleaning need arises, we meet our residents with the strength to help them achieve it. Because we also know life can get busy, especially in our thriving community!

Some days, your loved one may need help with cleaning the living room or removing the trash. Other days, they may have the stamina to accomplish the tasks on their own. Either way, Parke’s team is readily available to provide them with the best care and hospitality services.


Why Choose An Apartment At The Parke?

When selecting a large spacious apartment for your loved one in an assisted living facility, choosing one with a great staff is important. As we mentioned, sometimes life gets busy and your loved one may feel tired or not up for the task of cleaning. This is where we step and say, “We’re here to help.”

Those four words are what we practice daily. Treating residents with dignity and respect is what we put into action. Because we know without that type of commitment, we couldn’t build healthy relationships with our residents. We value our relationships with our residents. And we understand family is important, and your family member is important to our staff. We’ll go the extra mile to change a pillow case, fold the blankets, and pick up a piece of paper. We’re friends there in time of need.

Knowing our residents by name is important to us as well. You’ll hear us give them a warm greeting or even a high-five! We’re excited to see them. We’re happy to talk with them and hear about the best parts of their day. We’ll welcome them to breakfast or to join us for a craft event. Anytime we can create smiles, we’ve done our job.


Need Help In The Evening? Call Us!

Having a team available around the clock gives our residents a feeling of peace. When a situation arises, maybe they need help getting to the bathroom or perhaps they need help for medical reasons, our caring team arrives ready to assist them. When we show our residents the love of Christ, which is being patient, kind, and understanding in midst of problems, they begin to see we truly are someone they can depend on.

Dependability. It is important when looking for an assisted living home for your loved one. We never want to miss a call or miss delivering on our promises. We thoroughly plan out our days to ensure every resident is properly taken care of. This eliminates any feeling forgotten or overlooked by a staff member. Of course, when we do miss it, we quickly resolve the problem and learn from it. We’re always striving to be better.


Be Prepared To Laugh A Lot

Of course, we love to have fun with our residents too! When you choose to get an apartment at The Parke Assisted Living, you’ll enjoy daily activities. We are very intentional about making sure that we plan the perfect activities that’ll build relationships and fun. For example, we have craft and games nights. If your loved one enjoys reading, we have a wonderful book club. Creating a community that is thriving with healthy relationships is important.

Your loved one will enjoy shopping with friends. Field trips provide another opportunity to strengthen relationships. We often schedule trips to department stores and Walmart is one of them! There your loved one can find food items, gifts for family and friends, and apparel for the current or upcoming seasons. Keeping your loved one plugged into the community in a safe way matters to us!


We Provide Great Pharmacy Services

Making sure your loved ones get their proper medication matters to us as well. Perhaps you have been the one driving to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions. In addition, you’ve had to make sure your loved one is properly taking their medication. When you choose The Parke, the responsibility shifts to us. And we’re excited to fulfill this role.

Good health is important. Keeping your loved ones healthy and strong begins with great medical care. Our team has experience in medicine. We’ll serve the right medication to every patient that has this need. This is a job we take very seriously because we value our residents’ health. We double-check ourselves and stay accountable with charts.

Another part of staying healthy is getting proper exercise. Our team puts on the best exercise classes so our residents can stay in the best shape. Whether it’s doing some stretches or “light dumbbells” workouts, we’re all about strengthening hearts and minds. They’ll enjoy some fun music as well to get them moving and help their bodies grow stronger.

Another benefit of working out is reducing stress. Everyone is tempted to worry about life problems and various circumstances. By planning weekly workout sessions, we’re giving our residents a chance to keep the blues away! Just 10 minutes of exercise boosts one’s self-esteem and makes them feel happier.


Happiness Begins Here

At The Parke, we enjoy being a blessing to our residents. In other words, bringing joy to their lives on a daily basis because we understand when you get older, a helping hand means a lot. It communicates: “I’m here for you” and “I’m someone you can count”.

Visit our wonderful facility today. Come experience for yourself one of our incredible activities or explore our beautiful garden area. We believe you’ll discover why we’re named among the best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma. Of course, you can check out our remarkable testimonies as well. We have plenty for you to read or even listen too! We look forward to seeing you!


We’re Here And We Care

Beautiful. Cozy. Pet Friendly. Private Patios. Experience all this and more at The Parke Assisted Living facility. We’re a family owned facility that’s located in the beautiful and thriving city of Tulsa. And we’re Tulsans too (life-long!). Our desire is to create a safe place for the elderly to flourish and enjoy an independent life, as much as possible. We offer the perfect place for your loved ones to build lasting relationships.


Residents Love Our Facility

Choosing a great apartment starts with choosing one that has a great reputation. Our reputation is one of excellence. Families love having their loved ones stay with us. We’re a safe, fun, and loving community. We put on weekly activities, plan field trips and prepare the best meals.

You’ll discover our apartments are perfect for your loved one. You’ll be able to find our apartments competitively priced with great services included.

Of course, we can tell you how amazing apartments are, but let us share with you what others are saying. “My Mother has been at The Parke for the last 4 years and I don’t think she could have been any place better!!! The rooms are bigger than any other assisted living places plus it has its own kitchen; Very Nice!!! I am Happy with her Care here; I couldn’t ask for better!” Cindy W.

And we believe you’ll be happy with the care your loved ones receive too! It is important for us to make sure that your loved one has the best apartment. Our selections of apartments are all big and spacious. This gives your loved one the opportunity to be creative in designing their space. Whether it is hanging artwork or photos of loved ones or adding a recliner and loveseat, they’ll have plenty of room and wall space.


Our Kitchens Are The Best!

In the kitchen, you’ll find several nice appliances. When it comes to storing food and preparing a meal, you’ll find a refrigerator, microwave, and a stove. And more importantly, a beautiful stainless steel kitchen sink. It’s important because it’s easy to clean. We rather our residents spend time doing the things they love, instead of devoting tons of time to cleaning up. And, of course, our weekly cleaning crew is readily available to help with any tasks.

Another highlight is the kitchen’s cabinet space. Properly storing food eliminates spending precious time looking for items. Cabinets are beneficial in keeping the kitchen organized and free from clutter. You’ll find the cabinets are conveniently located at a reachable level. This helps avoid any potential falls or using a stool to reach a can. When it comes to keeping the kitchen organized, you’ll have plenty of storage space.


Our Location Is Perfect

Having your loved one nearby means you can visit them often. As we mentioned earlier, we are located in the beautiful city of Tulsa. This means you don’t have to travel far to visit your loved one. We are conveniently located in a wonderful area that is easy to access.

And we’ve created a community where your loved one can prosper. Our facility offers services for our residents to enjoy life and have it more abundantly. They have easy services to help them with self-care, strengthening their faith and using their creativity. On-site we have grooming services such as beauty and barber salon and a laundry room. For sharing one’s faith we hold weekly chapel services, and house our own library.


We’re Readily Available To Serve

Even better, our staff is available 24 hours. Whenever our residents are in need, a simple call will send us on our way! (We love serving our residents.) You’ll be able to enjoy weekly house cleaning services to help with keeping your apartment tidy. We understand, sometimes your loved one may find yourself unable to clean or simply do the day-to-day task needed to keep things in good order. In this case, our wonderful staff is readily available to offer you a helping hand.

We’ll even do the dirty work, so you don’t have to. What do we mean by this? Our residents are provided with trash removal services. Some days the trash may be a lot; other days, it may be several pieces of paper and some banana peels. Either way, our staff wants to help keep the air smelling fresh. You’ll get remarkable cleaning services which includes trash removal.


We Keep The Grounds Looking Good

It’s beautiful inside and outside at The Parke. We have a staff that frequently cleans the facility to keep everyone safe. We mop floors, wipe tables, dust the chandeliers, and vacuum the carpet. The restrooms and mirrors sparkle. A pleasant smell fills the air. When you step outside, the landscaping is tailored and the grass is manicured.

Taking pride in our property means we value it. And this shows to our residents. We strive to treat others the way we would like to be treated. Keeping a well-maintained facility reflects the standard we uphold as a company. It communicates to our residents that we care about them and we want them to feel welcomed. If you arrive at an assisted living facility with scattered pieces of trash on the lawn with tall grass and weeds and broken outdoor chairs, most likely you’ll turn around and get back into your car. This is a scene you’ll never experience or see at The Parke. In fact, we invite you to schedule a visit today!


We Enjoy Helping Others

A big concern when looking for an assisted living place is “will my loved one be taken care of?” At The Parke, we work with a heart of compassion and grace for our clients. We understand, it’s important to help them with daily tasks and make sure they are properly taken care of. We have medical staff around the clock ready to assist them in the need of any emergency. This is another way we serve our residents, and it gives assurance to their families, they’re in good hands.


Experience These Phenomenal Services Daily

At The Parke Assisted Living, you’ll enjoy an open living room space. We’ve created a room big enough to eliminate clutter and provide you with space for every item to have a place. You’ll enjoy a beautiful window view and access to a private patio. Sounds fantastic? It gets even better!

When it comes to entertaining family or friends, having an open living room space provides you with a chance to have plenty of elbow room! You’ll be able to recline and relax with plenty of legroom without feeling cramped. When you’re looking for people that really are eager to ensure that your living space is one that you’ll enjoy every day, then you found the right place.

The Parke Assisted Living has the perfect floor plans for you. We’ve taken joy in creating the perfect living space for the elderly. One benefit of our residents’ treasure is having the opportunity to mount a TV onto the wall. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy a theatre-like feel and experience a modern living arrangement. Additional great services include Wi-Fi access, trash removal, and cleaning services.

Let’s share some other incredible services we offer at The Parke. This will give you a broader view of what you can expect.


Enjoy Daily Transportation

Love to travel? We do too! At The Parke Assisted Living, you’ll continue to explore the Tulsa area with our incredible transportation team.

In other words, when you decide to move into an assisted living facility, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will be able to get around town. We have scheduled transportation to help you get to local shopping stores. Moving to an assisted living facility means you don’t have to lose your independence.

We want to make sure our residents are still plugged into the world around them. When our residents are wanting to travel, we make the proper plans (with approval and wisdom), to help them achieve their goals.

We believe it’s important for us to help our residents develop a life outside of our wonderful community. One way we achieve this is through monthly activities. Among those activities is a trip to Gilcrest Museum. It’s a place where our residents have the pleasure of diving deeper into American history and growing in their understanding of different cultures.

Providing our residents with transportation allows them to live life with hope and joy. Many elderly can’t drive and have to rely on others. Making proper travel arrangements for them, helps their family members know and understand, they really are in good hands.


Enjoy Wifi Internet

Living in an assisted living facility doesn’t mean you have to become unconnected from the world or your family. In fact, we understand the great value of Wi-Fi internet services. Let us share a few ways having Wifi Internet benefits residents.

Enjoy video chat with your loved ones — anytime, any day! The internet gives you the opportunity to connect with your loved ones visually. If a relative lives in another state, residents can enjoy video chat, if their device allows for this. Don’t want to miss out on a special birthday occasion or engagement? Media applications such as Facetime or Zoom or perfect for staying connected and being a part of those special events.

Another benefit of having Wi-Fi access, it increases our customers’ access to good and enjoyable entertainment. During the day, they can listen to their favorite tunes on internet radio (if they need assistance, we’re always glad to help!). Having Wi-Fi access gives the opportunity to listen to relax their minds with smooth music. At The Parke, we’re creating an environment they’ll love.


Get Emergency First Aid & Care

In life, the unexpected can happen and when it does we respond with emergency care. When you’re living in an assisted living facility, one great benefit is having an emergency first aid and care team readily available to serve you. If a resident accidently slips and falls or has trouble getting out of bed in the morning, we’ll respond immediately.

We treat our residents as we treat ourselves. A prompt response means we value their needs and their call for help! Our staff is readily available and eager to help assist no matter how big or small the emergency is.


We Are A Compassionate Team

Compassion moves us to respond immediately to our residents. We’re always on the lookout to help a resident and guide them where they’re needing to go. If they are having a discouraging moment, we want to brighten their day with a smile and a good conservation. Going the extra mile, is being present and actively involved in their lives. Of course, they’ll have the freedom to do as they please and set their own schedule. But it is also good to know we are there for them too.


Come Tour Our Facility

We’ve shared quite a bit about our wonderful facility. Now, we’re inviting you to take the next step and come visit. Finding the perfect place for a loved one to live and build relationships is important and we would love to help you with the process.

Let’s be honest, no one likes being in a community where no one knows their name. A place where there are no activities and the only fun game is bingo. At The Parke, we’re quite the opposite. Our staff works with the attitude of doing unto others as they would do unto themselves. This means: we enjoy life and we want our residents to enjoy it too!

This is something that we live out and we practice. Let us share a great testimony from our previous residents.
“Our father has been a resident at The Parke since late August. The family could not be happier with the staff, facility and total love and care he has received. Would highly recommend it for a loved one.”
Paula N.

Are you ready to take the next step? Start with filling out a form online and we’ll be in touch. If you have questions, we’ll address them. It’s our goal to ensure you are well-taken care of from the moment you give us a call. You’ll get the best solutions and guidance to help you make a decision, you’ll be glad about for years to come!


Your Best Days Are Front!

To live life to the fullest means to live to the greatest degree. When our loved one’s reach an age where they are requiring help with cleaning, taking their medicine and driving, we may wonder: “will they ever live life to the fullest again?” At The Parke Assisted Living, we believe they can. In fact, we’ve created a community where the elderly can thrive. It is a place where they can truly live out their best days.

It begins with our beautiful apartments. Our apartments are spacious and perfect for one person or two individuals. You can mount a television on the wall and find a place for your china cabinet as well. In addition, we have a large bathroom that features everything needed for starting the day off well and ending it well too!

Does your loved one enjoy the outdoors? Our apartments have private patios. How about a beautiful kitchen? It’s a great question! Let us share with you all the incredible features that we have in the kitchens.


Plenty of Storage & Great Appliances

Cabinet space. Those are two important words when it comes to designing a kitchen. At the Parke, each apartment has plenty of cabinet space for storing goods. If your loved one enjoys cooking their own meals, our kitchen is perfect for them! Whether it’s enjoying a microwavable gourmet dinner or baking chicken, they’ll find everything they need.

Our kitchens have an oven, microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal. These appliances are important for cooking the items you need. We strive to help our residents enjoy life everyday by giving them the opportunity to bake cookies or even a cake, and being surrounded by others, they can invite neighbors over!


Enjoy The Patio

Sitting out on the patio is great to enjoy fresh air and enjoy freshly baked cookies from the kitchen! During the summer months, the weather is beautiful. The grass is flourishing and the flowers are blooming. Sitting outdoors allows our residents to enjoy nature. It’s a time where they can experience the beauty of creation and spend time with new friends.


We Have The Best Activities

Sometimes the weather isn’t always favorable for being outdoors. But it doesn’t mean we sit in our apartments bored. It’s quite the opposite at The Parke! We host craft events, movie nights, painting and other fun events.

Does your loved one enjoy entertainment? They’ll love our movie nights! Our calendar times for classic movies. Experience movies that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat or laughing until your belly hurts. At The Parke, we care about providing our residents with incredible opportunities to make the most each and every moment! And laughter is one way we achieve this!


Come Experience Our Choir

Does your loved one love to sing? This is perfect because we have a choir. Maybe your loved one can sing really well or maybe they’re not that talented. Either way, we would love to have them join our choir. Come sing some incredible hymns or classical songs with people who enjoy music.

It’s great to know that a wonderful singing voice isn’t required for a choir to sound beautiful. When voices are combined together, singing on one accord, it sounds beautiful. And if you’re looking for an opportunity to have your loved one use or awaken their musical talents, the choir is perfect for them!


Get Personalized Care

Getting to know our residents on a personal level means a lot to us. If your loved one has disabilities, we’ll create a personalized plan for their care. It’s important for us to give your loved one the best treatments and medical attention he or she needs.

In addition, we also have an emergency team on call for our residents. This gives them a peace of mind. Peace knowing that this will be taken care of in the midst of the unexpected. Whether it is a slip or fall. Perhaps it’s needing help in the bathroom, our team responds right away. We’re trained and skilled in medicine and healthcare. Having a professional team to help your loved one is important to us.

At The Parke, you can expect a lot from our staff. It’s our standard: over-delivering. We’ve set some big goals. One of them is to treat our residents with the best care. It’s what we practice everyday. Come visit our beautiful facility and meet our wonderful team. Let’s share a little bit more about scheduling a visit.


Schedule A Visit & Tour!

Our facility is located in the beautiful city of Tulsa. We’re a family owned company. We believe in treating others well and serving them our best gifts and talents. Our staff is diverse in skill. We have skilled cooks, trained medical staff, and a gifted maintenance crew. We invite you to come visit our facility and meet our team.

The moment you walk through the doors, you’ll be greeted with a smile. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. Our buildings are clean and organized. If you decide to stick around for lunch (we certainly hope you do!), you’ll be in for a treat. Our lunch menu features a variety of healthy options and treats. You’re sure to have some type of protein as well.

If you would like to see photos of our facility, please browse our online gallery. See what our apartments look like and how beautiful our gardens really are. Check out our recreational room and our lovely chapel. If you’re interested in taking a virtual tour, there is an option for you.

In all, at The Parke, you’ll find a team that’ll exceed your expectations. Being comfortable, meeting their needs, giving them a high level of care and making sure that they are taking care of their medication is important as well. So if you’re looking for a safe place for your loved one, you’ll enjoy what we can do for you. When it comes to getting the most incredible services that make great things happen daily.


Dreams Come True At The Parke

Dreams. Everyone has them. Whether it is visually seen through photos on a vision board or penciled in a journal. It’s hopes for tomorrow; desires for the future. For those with eldlerly parents needing help daily, it is a dream of finding the best assisted living. At The Parke, we help make family members’ dreams come true. You’ll find 24-hour staff available, weekly cleaning and bed linen services, and plenty of engaging activities. We’ve created a community where your love can flourish!

Come experience a place that’ll exceed your expectations. We’re intentional about helping our residents have a hope for the future. To expect something good everyday. Whether it is joining others for a movie night or craft night, you’ll find a community of people eager to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. If you’re wanting to stay home and bake some cookies in our fully applianced kitchen apartment, you can.

At The Parke Assisted Living, we’ve taken the limits off on what our residents can achieve. Being elderly does not mean that life slows down and you can never do the things you onced loved. Nor does it mean you can’t enjoy life and live life to the fullest. At The Parke, we see life through different lenses. Our apartments are designed to help your loved one have a home-like feel and we’ve created a community where they can bloom.


An Apartment That Feels Like Home

Making dreams come to true starts with beautiful apartment. When it comes to making the best choice on where you want your loved to live, the kitchen is important. There are many parts of an apartment that really are at the top of the list. And we find that many people are concerned about the kitchen. We get questions such as “Is it spacious?” “What kind of appliances does it have?” and “Does it have a dishwasher?” Our team gladly answers questions. And, of course, we offer a wonderful tour. It’s our aim to build trust immediately. By providing you with the details you need to your questions, it shows we value communication.

We understand the kitchen is a popular place. It is the place where we start the day and finish the day. It’s where you cook breakfast, prepare lunch or dinner. It’s great to know our kitchen has many appliances to help you achieve those goals. When you’re looking for a facility that really is passionate about keeping apartments current with the latest appliances, you’ll find it here.


Schedule A Visit

We invite you to come experience The Parke for yourself. Come take a tour. Explore our community and see how much fun we really do have! You can visit the living room area, see our books in the library or take part in a craft activity with our residents.

Of course, there is more! We have a beautiful outdoor garden. During the summer months the flowers are in full bloom. The grass is freshly manicured and we have plenty of chairs for you to sit and relax for a bit. Our residents won’t mind if you do! In fact, they may spark up a friendly conservation. We’re a loving community. At The Parke, we’ve created a place where people can connect with each other and feel safe. You’ll experience this and more during your visit.

If you stick around a little bit longer, we’ll invite you to join us for lunch. This meal is on us! In other words, we want to give you a complimentary lunch. It’s our way of saying “we appreciate your visit.” We want you to be able to experience our well-prepared meals at The Parke. Whether it’s salmon, chicken or whether it’s a strawberry chicken salad, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our team is ready to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time with us.

One thing for sure, when you walk through our doors, you’ll enter a peaceful facility. The Parke’s staff is friendly and kind. We believe in providing great customer service the moment you step foot through our doors.


What Else Can You Expect?

Is faith an important part of your loved ones life? When it comes to discovering what else you can expect at our facility, we’ll show you our chapel. It was important for us to provide a space for others to worship and experience their faith. And if you’re looking for a community of people that really do practice their faith you’re going to find it with us. We have a place for people to share their Christian faith.

When people come to our facility, they’re looking for a place that’ll exceed their expectations. The great news: you’ll find it with us. Making a personal connection with our visitors is our priority. We ask the right questions to discover what they are looking for in a facility. This helps them when making a final decision.


Enjoy Around The Clock Services

We’re a team committed to serving our residents with the best. Around the clock care for our residents is important. When you’re looking for a facility that really does take care of their clients no matter what time of the day it is, you’re going to find it with us. We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week. This we promise: your loved one will be in good hands. Our hands are filled with compassion. Our voices carry words of kindness and patience. We go the extra mile when needed and ask the right questions to address the concerns accurately. The Parke’s staff is well-trained in taking care of elderly and meeting their needs.

Here’s a testimonial from someone who spent years being a part of our staff. You’ll be able to hear how much of an impact our residents made in this individual life.

“I worked there for years, then volunteered for more years, and now just go to visit the residents and join in the fun. The food is excellent, the facility is clean and very easy to get around, being only one floor. No elevators or stairs to contend with. The staff is very helpful and responsive. If I could give it more stars, I would. When the time comes, I’ll probably move in myself!”


A Kitchen You’ll Absolutely Love

A delicious home cooked meal satisfies (especially, if you love to cook!). Baked seasoned chicken or chocolate cupcakes bring a pleasant smell to any home. When it comes to finding an assisted living home for a loved one who enjoys cooking, the kitchen is a must-have. And you’ll find at The Parke Assisted Living, we have the best apartments for your loved one.

There are many choices when looking for an apartment. It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right one. We’ve compiled a list of incredible features in our kitchen to help you see exactly what our kitchens are like. (Of course, we invite you to view our photo gallery!).


Cabinet Space

A great kitchen has good storage space. Cabin space is important to storing food items and pots and pans. If your loved one has treasured dishes that have been in the family for years, placing those items in a safe place is important. At least, it matters to us, and we are sure it matters to your loved one as well. Providing plenty of cabinet space gives your loved one a safe place for storing items.

In addition, cabin space also allows you to avoid chaos in your kitchen. Disorganization creatures stress. You have a hard time finding a needed pot or pan. You find it difficult to locate the salt and pepper for your meal. Having cabinet space eliminates these problems. Of course, our residents can (and do) add more helpful organization tubs and bins for keeping items in its place.


Enjoy A Stainless Steel Sink

When it comes to cleaning, it’s always good to make it as easy as possible. Our sinks are stainless steel because they can be cleaned easily. They are also easy to use. Besides these great beneficial uses, our sinks are beautiful. Having a beautiful kitchen is important because it means we took careful planning into designing our apartments. A lovely apartment means we care about our property and our residents.


Store Food In The Refrigerator

At The Parke, we have scheduled visits to local grocery stores. This is another way we continue to provide opportunities for independent living. We often visit Walmart. If there are some favorite food items your loved one enjoys, they’ll have the opportunity to purchase them at a local store. And if you ever come to visit, you’ll be able to enjoy cooking along with your loved one as well.

Having the freedom to purchase food allows our residents to enjoy the meals they love. Of course, we have a cafeteria that provides a wide-range of options. But maybe late in the evening, your loved one would like to enjoy an Oreo or a bowl of soup. They’ll have the freedom to eat these meals (or snacks) in the comfort of their own apartment.


Enjoy A Microwave

When it comes to easily reheating food, your loved one will enjoy a microwave. It’s their own personal fast-food service. Simply push a button and within minutes, they have a hot meal.
No recipes needed or measuring cups. It’s a meal already prepared and ready for them to enjoy after sitting in the microwave.

Another benefit of having a microwave is preparing breakfast in the morning. Maybe your loved one decides to sleep in a little longer and misses morning breakfast in the cafeteria. They’ll have the opportunity to warm up some pancakes or a breakfast sandwich. And if your loved one misses lunch, they can enjoy a meal in their cozy apartment.

These are a couple of benefits to having a full-kitchen. At The Parke, we strive to help our residents live independently as much as they can. Of course, we’ll provide assistance whenever it is possible. We’re a kind and compassionate team. But we also understand the value of doing on your own even if you’re in the midst of a helpful community.

Let us tell you a little bit more about our incredible facility. We have many activities we put on for our residents. And we also have two choices of apartments for our residents to choose from.


We Offer A Two Bedroom Apartment

We not only offer a one bedroom apartment, but we have a two-bedroom option. Perhaps your loved one would like to have a roommate. It’s certainly an option for them at The Parke. Maybe having two bedrooms gives the opportunity for additional storage space or a guest room. Having a family member stay the night or spend time with a loved one is always welcome at our facility.

The floorplans are available for you to see in our apartments. You’ll be able to see the size of our apartments and the features included in each one. This can be helpful when deciding which apartment fits your budget and your needs. If you believe your loved one will have extra the space in a two-bedroom apartment, then you’ll find it with us.


Spend Time On The Patio

Blue skies, birds chirping, and flowers blooming is always a pleasant sight to see when you’re outdoors. It’s an option we have for our residents to experience with a private patio. Having this incredible feature allows for them to sit on a chair and enjoy the outdoors. It can be seen as a perfect time to enjoy a great book or tea with friends. We designed our apartments to give our residents the best “home-like feel”.

Come visit our incredible facility. You’ll enjoy a great tour and we’ll answer your questions. Come meet our residents too. They are fun and loving! And of course, join us for lunch. It’s our treat. We enjoy when people come and visit us because we get to show them our facility — one we’re very proud of. As a family owned company, we value relationships. When you come to visit, we connect immediately.

Of course, we can tell you how amazing our services are. We invite you to visit our testimonial page. Hear what others are saying about food, apartments, and staff!


Your Pets Will Enjoy The AC

Pets are wonderful companions and it’s important to keep these furry ones safe during the summer months. While controlled central air and heat is important to adults, it’s also important for animals. Ever seen a cat panting as a result of a heatwave? It can be worrisome for any pet parent! At The Parke Assisted Living, we’re a pet friendly community. And we give our residents the luxury of central air to keep their furry friends comfortable too.

Just like humans can suffer health problems as a result of heat, pets can too. Having a central air in your apartment keeps the temperatures cozy and you in control. It’s a wonderful feature we have in all our apartments. Providing our residents with this feature keeps them safe and also their animals safe as well too.

We’re a community that cares. The moment you walk through our doors, you’ll find we’re welcoming, kind, and thoughtful. We’re always thinking of ways to improve our facility to better accommodate our residents. Besides, being among the best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma, we have a great reputation with the families we serve!

Looking out for our residents best interests starts with us learning what matters to them the most. A good heating and air system, and if they have pets, a safe place for their animals as well. Our apartments are spacious and have a private patio as well. This way, when you’re desiring to escape any cold temperatures indoors, you can step outside and enjoy a warm breeze. And your pet can too!


Enjoy Our Beautiful Landscape

Being outdoors is a great joy. You get to enjoy beautiful blue skies, experience well manicured grass and fresh air. When it comes to taking your precious furry friend outside, you will have the opportunity to spend time playing outdoors. And if it’s late at night, you’ll find a well-lit pathway to help guide you. Our community is designed to serve you.

We’ve thought long and hard on how to create a community where elderly can enjoy independent living and feel as though they are still at home. Because we all know “there is no place like home.” For over 20 years, we have provided our residents with great housing, wonderful activities, and beautiful landscaping. Our goal: The Parke feels like home for them and for their family.

When you’re looking for people that really are committed to really maintaining a community that really is going to be beneficial to you, you’ll find it right with us. This we promise: you will be glad you chose The Parke as a place to live (and your pet will be too!).


Create Treasured Memories With Others

Creating great memories at The Parke is important to us. We’ve created an environment where you can connect with like-minded people. Join an activity or an exercise class. How about sitting in on a movie night with a group of movie lovers? The Parke enjoys putting on the best activities for our residents. When our community is thriving with healthy relationships and wonderful events, we’re achieving our goals.

Every month we set big goals. We’re always improving our meals, and we’re always thinking of ways to better serve our residents. Is there a recent movie (or classic) they haven’t seen yet? When it comes to serving our residents, we make sure we’re asking the right questions and going in the right direction.

From grooming services, chapel services, and a library, The Parke is a place you’ll find everything you need and more. Our living room is a great place for people to gather and experience lovely time with friends. It’s also the perfect place to gather and talk about special memories or occasions with others.


Schedule A Visit Today!

When we built this community, we had your loved one in mind. Growing older can be a blessing. We understand many face difficult and unforeseen challenges. And that’s why we strive to put the joy back into life at The Parke. Every day, we present new adventures for our residents to experience life, and life abundantly.

Come experience The Parke. We invite you to explore our beautiful community. Join us for a great game or for lunch. Our lunch menu is amazing. If you enjoy salads, we have a variety to choose from. Let this be the year, where you find the perfect place for your loved one. And before you can decide on a place, you’ll need to experience it first. Our wonderful staff can schedule a visit.

If you’re still hesitant, we invite you to check out our wonderful video testimonials. There are many choices when it comes to deciding a great place to transition your loved one to. By reviewing our testimonies, you get the opportunity to hear what we’ve shared with you in this article. We can tell you how amazing we are, but hearing from others is even better. Let us share with you what others are saying about our great services.

“I highly recommend The Parke. Our family is very pleased with the care that our loved one has received. The staff is wonderful to work with and are open to any suggestions to make the residents more comfortable.”
Ann Banes

As we mentioned earlier, we’re always looking at ways of improving. If we’re not growing, then we’re not challenging ourselves to become better. When we set bigger goals for our company, we see the results in our community. Because we value everyone who walks through our doors, regardless of level of need, we want to be sure we have the correct answers for their needs.

Excellence is our goal and it’s our aim everyday. When we miss it, we learn from it and explore a wide-range of ways to help us hit the mark. Treating others with dignity begins with setting the standard of quality within our organization. And when you visit our facility, you’ll see how much we care about providing the best services.


Room Controlled Central Heat and Air

There are many benefits to having controlled central heat and air in your own apartment. Comfort is one of them. Have you ever placed a fan in the window to help cool down a 90 degree room? You may have regretted it later because the temperature remained unchanged. At The Parke Assisted Living, we provide our residents with the luxury of controlling their room temperature.
Although the weather may change outdoors, it doesn’t have to affect how our residents’ feel indoors. If it’s cold outside, it can be warm inside. How about humid days? It can be 65 degrees inside. We’ve designed our apartments in a way that really accommodates our residents’ needs. No matter the temperatures outdoors, our goal is for our residents to feel comfortable inside.


Get The Services You Desire

At The Parke, providing satisfactory services is important to us. We don’t take shortcuts nor do we ignore small problems. Staying on top of our central and air system reduces problems. Besides, our team is readily available 24-hours a day to serve our clients.

When something arises regarding one of the systems, our maintenance team resolves the issue right away. The thought of leaving our residents without the proper cooling system during the hottest summer days, keeps us from letting anything go unnoticed or unfixed. We care about all of our residents. We respond quickly to problems and do routine check-ups to ensure everything is running well.

This type of care only reflects our commitment to provide our customers with the best care. Our goal is to always treat our customers as we would like to treat ourselves. This begins with our first meeting. We get to know our residents.

It’s been said the sound of a person’s name helps them feel valuable and noticed. We understand that many elderly often suffer from thoughts of loneliness and even depression. We strive to help them know we notice them and care about their well-being. When they call us, we respond promptly. In other words, we drop everything. It’s treating our neighbors, as we treat ourselves.


Filter Air Is Essential

Fresh air in their apartments matters to us. We regularly replace and clean air filters in our systems. Clean air is essential. It keeps (or reduces) allergies and other health problems. It keeps our loved ones healthy and thriving, and that’s what we desire in our community.

A healthy community is one that is growing and flourishing. When we place a high priority on taking care of our residents’ needs when it comes to heating and air, it creates a happier environment. And attending a movie night or joining in on a craft event while there is great central air, makes for a better time!


No More Utility Bills

Every homeowner knows, when using central air a utility bill follows. The good news is there are no utility bills to pay at The Parke Assisted Living. One of the greatest benefits of renting an apartment is not having to worry about making this payment.

In fact, you can turn the heat up as much as you like (or as little). During the warmer months in Oklahoma, you have the luxury of enjoying a room temperature to your liking. Our team’s purpose and goal is to make sure you are getting your needs’ met at our living assisted facility.

Why Choose Us?

Meeting your needs is our daily goal. The moment we walk through those doors, we choose to put on compassion, kindness, and patience. More importantly, we choose to put on love. It means we place our residents’ needs above our own. Simply put, we’ll go the extra mile to respond to every request we possibly can and plan activities that’ll bring joy!

Does this all sound incredible? We invite you to visit our facility. Schedule a tour to explore one of our amazing apartments. From the well-designed bathrooms to the beautiful kitchens. How about enjoying a great meal? Let’s treat you to lunch. Join our residents for lunch, and a wonderful craft.

By experiencing a fun craft, you get to see how intentional we are about creating engaging activities for our residents. An interactive community is a wonderful community. It’s important for you to experience life at The Parke, especially when you come to visit.

When it comes to having a community that is full of joy and excitement, you’ll find it right here with us. Our staff is diverse in careers. We have professional cooks, excellent medical professionals and skilled maintenance workers. Our facility is staffed with the best. Providing our residents with the best services daily starts with having a wonderful team in place!

Explore our incredible photo gallery, check out our menu or how about the monthly calendar of activities. We love sharing with others what we’re doing at The Parke. It gives family members a peek into what their loved ones are doing and it’s perfect for our volunteers to see what’s happening in our community.

As we mentioned earlier, we believe in taking care of our neighbor. We believe in providing them with the best services and care that’ll make their day amazing! Anytime we create a happy place for our residents, helping them make memories they can treasure, we’ve done our jobs. Here is a testimony from a family member of a resident.

“I can not recommend The Parke enough. My mother has lived there a year and half and our family is very pleased. The food is excellent which really adds to the overall quality of life. The mini kitchen in each apartment is something you don’t see at other facilities. It’s not something you use often but makes a wonderful transition from one’s personal home to the assisted living environment.”
Gracie W.

And that’s not all. We also encourage you to check on her testimonials. Discover what others are saying about our remarkable services and how their loved ones were truly blessed when they stood at our apartments. You’ll find that time and time again, these amazing comments are repeated. We said it is bright in ourselves, but just to let you know that when you choose us you are expecting and you’re getting the best. And we want to help you experience both.


Adjust The Temperate To Your Comfort Level

At The Parke Assisted Living, you’ll find wonderful apartments. One of the features you’ll enjoy is a strong air conditioned system. When temperatures are in the high 90s in Tulsa, having central air is a luxury. And it’s a luxury our residents enjoy. There are many great services we offer, and controlled central air is one of them.

Transitioning a loved one to a living assisted facility is something we don’t take lightly. That’s why, we’re here to answer questions. Get your concerns addressed by a compassionate team and come learn how we can help your loved one enjoy life. We truly believe the best days really are in front of your loved one. We’ve created a community, where they can thrive!


Our Team Enjoys Serving Others

To have a thriving community takes having a staff that enjoys serving others. Our team is quite diverse in talents and skills to serve our residents. We’ve hired the best in medical, cooking, cleaning and maintenance work. When it comes to choosing an assisted living facility, having a skilled helper available to serve your loved ones gives you a great peace of mind.

It gets even better. We are available 24 hours, seven days a week for our residents! If anything happens, we respond promptly. We treat our residents like we would want to be treated, with dignity and respect. We value our relationship with them and their families. Going the extra mile is normal to us, we enjoy making a difference in their lives.


Demonstrating our value in loving our neighbor as we love ourselves is important to us. Sometimes the unexpected happens late at night or early in the morning. When your loved one cries out, we are there by their side. We would want someone to respond the same way for us. Placing our residents’ needs for prompt attention and care communicates “we see them and we know them.”

Everyone matters to us. Whether a new resident arrived within 24 hours or someone has been with us for four years, we treat everyone the same. We have no favorites. We love seeing our residents smile, laugh, and build healthy relationships. There are many activities our team puts on for our residents to enjoy. Here are just a few of them.


Reading With Friends

Gathering around with friends to discuss good literature keeps your mind sharp! If your loved one enjoys reading, we offer a wide-range of books to enjoy. Our book club meets monthly and we are all about helping our loved ones enjoy life.

Reading a book monthly keeps our minds strong. It increases our vocabulary and allows us to grow in knowledge and understanding. Providing an activity discussing a great book builds community and strengthens relationships.

In addition, we also have a beautiful library. We have many books in our library. If your loved one is a book lover and enjoys reading often, then our library is a perfect place for them. They’ll have the opportunity to browse the internet for other additional reading materials as well. It gives them the chance to stay connected with the world around them.


Look Beautiful At Our Salon

Staying well-groomed builds self-confidence. We love to see our residents looking or feeling their best. We have professional stylists that come in to cut or trim our residents’ hair. They’ll shampoo and style it according to their liking. When you look great on the outside, it adds self-worth and value.

Browse through our online photo gallery and see what our salon is like. It’s well designed and features everything needed to create a wonderful experience. The moment your loved one walks in, they’ll be taken care of by the best hair professional. We enjoy serving our residents and providing a place for grooming is one way we achieve this!


Worship With Others

When you’re looking for a place to keep your loved one growing in their faith, you’ll love our chapel. It’s small and intimate. We invite wonderful ministers to come and share the Good News. We believe no matter one’s age, they can continually grow in their faith and beliefs.

Our chapel services are a great time to spend time in the company of believers. If your loved one is having a depressing day or feeling down about a situation, encouragement from someone of like faith, can turn things around.


Arts & Crafts

There are many talented and skilled residents at The Parke. We have residents that are talented in painting. We have others that are skilled in creating items for others. If your loved one has a gift for arts and crafts, they’ll enjoy our weekly events. Our calendar is filled with opportunities for our residents to gather and experience life in a thriving community.


Our Doors Are Open For A Visit

Of course, we can tell you how amazing our facility is, but we invite you to come experience it for yourself. Give us a call or fill out a form on our website. These are two easy ways to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you and schedule a day to meet. This we promise: you’ll be in for a remarkable treat.

Visit our testimonial page. Listen to what others are saying about our services. We’ve interviewed staff members, volunteers and residents. Hearing stories about their time at The Parke, helps paint a picture of what you can expect. Excellence is our standard at The Parke, we strive daily to achieve this. And this is what you can count on when you come to visit.

If you find yourself with questions, we’ll love to answer them! Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one is a big decision, you want to get right. Let us help you overcome any challenges or hurdles that may be hindering you from moving forward. It’s important for you to get the best information you need before making a decision and we want to help lead in the right direction.