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“It is rewarding to know you are well taken care of by the administration, nurses and waitstaff.” — Monell N.

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What do customers and families say about The Parke?

Covid-19 surely has been the test of a lifetime for any assisted living facility!

The Parke Assisted Living facility has taken everything in stride and kept the residents healthy, safe AND entertained! I highly recommend you check into this little gem of an assisted living in Tulsa. Competitively priced but worth so much more. The Parke offers all the amenities of a large corporate residence with local ownership flair. You’re truly missing out if you’re living anywhere else.

Terri Williams

I can not recommend The Parke enough.  My mother has lived there a year and half and our family is very pleased.  The food is excellent which really adds to overall quality of life.  The mini kitchen in each apartment is something you don’t see at other facilities.  It’s not something you use often but makes a wonderful transition from one’s personal home to the assisted living environment.  The workers are all kind and willing to listen to any concerns you may have.  I encourage anyone in the process of touring various facilities to add it to their list!

Gracie Westfield

My mother was a resident for two years at The Parke and I have done volunteer work there. The people are genuinely caring and want the best for their residents. From the dining to the activities to the nursing care, the level of care is excellent. I would recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a loving place for their loved one. It is like one big family. Local ownership makes a huge difference.

Donna Millican

I highly recommend The Parke.  Our family is very pleased with the care that our loved one has received.  The staff is wonderful to work with and are open to any suggestions to make the residents more comfortable.

Ann Banes

We were very pleased with my Dad’s experience at The Parke.  They treated him with respect and helped our family make the right decisions for his care.  The facility was very nice and I loved the special events that they planned for the holidays.

Tia Stout

My mother lived at The Parke for the last 7 years of her life.  She was very happy there, and it was a great help to me to know she was so well taken care of.  The facility is small enough to feel like a large extended family, and the apartments are spacious enough to feel like a home.

Fay Dussinger

My Mother has been at The Parke for the last 4 years and I don’t think she could have been any place better!!!  The rooms are bigger than any other assisted living places plus has it’s own kitchen; Very Nice!!!  I am Happy with her Care here; I couldn’t ask for better!

Cindy Weaver

It is comforting knowing our family member is safe and thriving at The Parke.  Food is very good, staff is caring and attentive.

Dean Herman

My father-in-law stayed there and they took great care of him.

Allen Stout

My parents lived at The Parke for several years and enjoyed their time there so much. Whenever I visited, I stayed in their apartment with them and had the privilege of getting acquainted with the staff; some of the most caring and giving individuals I’ve met. They were available for whatever the need, or want, anytime of the day or night. And there were times when one of them might come and take their break with a resident, just to sit for a chat. The Parke is very clean, the decor is lovely and is upgraded frequently, the dining room is stately and the food is great. And the wait staff are very caring, as well. They would remember a resident’s favorite item on the menu and would automatically serve it. Prior to my parents moving there, we took them to view other assisted living locations, and while some were beautiful, the staff didn’t offer the same caring attitude as those at The Parke. I would wholeheartedly recommend The Parke as a place where you or your loved ones will be safe and cared for

Judy Hicks

Moving my mother into The Parke almost 10 months, under some very traumatic circumstances at her previous residence, it has been a long, often bumpy, road to where we are today. And where we are is that my mother is completely at peace and happy at The Parke. It started out with being greeted and shown around by Rachael Pearce. Not only was Rachael totally accommodating and professional, but she also showed us that she has the heart for being in the assisted living profession. We had visited 12 or so other places and when we left The Parke after the initial visit, we knew that this was the place we wanted our mother to be.

After moving Mom in, we found that the staff was wonderful and cheerful, at all positions. I was amazed to learn that many of the employees had been employed there for many years. The facility that Mom came from had the employee turnover of a Mcdonald’s Restaurant! Everyone had been so very helpful and understanding, especially early on while Mom adapted to the new environment. I would recommend to anyone that The Parke is the best place to have your loved one reside in a safe and happy environment. I truly believe that this is her “forever home”!


Our father has been a resident at The Parke since last August.  The family could not be happier with the staff, facility and total love and care he has received. Would highly recommend for a loved one.

Paula Naylor

After a couple of visits to The Parke, I have noticed a large separation from it and the traditional senior care facility.

I believe this is a direct result from the staff having such a caring nature towards the residents. The effort that is put into the events is done with diligence that you would expect from a bride planning her dream wedding. The management walks the halls and visits with every person they encounter and if there is a problem they address it on the spot. The positive attitude from each employee is contagious and uplifting. The experiences that I have had have been nothing less than comforting. This is the place I will recommend.

Dusty Killian

I worked there for years, then volunteered for more years, and now just go to visit the residents and join in the fun.  The food is excellent, the facility is clean and very easy to get around, being only one floor. No elevators or stairs to contend with. The staff is very helpful and responsive. If I could give it more stars, I would.   When the time comes, I’ll probably move in myself!