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Are Assisted Living Broken Arrow facilities are always going to be staffed 24 hours a day? And this is because we are going to make sure that everybody that we serve is taking care of it all the timeThereere is never going to be a time when there is an emergency at our facility or in any of our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facilities that there is an emergency in there if it’s not a staff member on a site. To help take care of that. We are going to make sure that 24-hour staff is always available to our residents. We are also going to make sure that we always employ full-time wellness and activity directors. This is because we know these things are important.

We do not take it lightly whenever we’re signing somebody to work an hour at our facility. We do not want somebody to come and sleep through the night hours whenever they are supposed to be there. I thought I was just in case anything happens to one of our residents or there is an emergency. Not to mention they will never find out that there has been an emergency at our facility and there was not somebody there to help take care of it.

Our night staff is just as skilled and experienced as our daytime staff, and they are there to do a job. They are not there to sleep through their hours and just get an easy paycheck. We would never allow that. I said whenever we have Night Crew they are there, and they are working on things to make our residence life easier too. And they are always there in case there is an emergency of course, but it is not just that which they do. Sometimes we have residents that we’re night out with who’d like to be up and moving around at that point. It is these employees that end up having a relationship or bond with each resident when other employees do not get the opportunity to bond with them in this way or talk to them and assist them in a way that is going to make them more complete and ready to go to their apartment and rest.

There are many ways that we can serve these residents and make their Assisted Living Broken Arrow lives more comfortable for them because we often know that whenever they’re restless it is because they are not satisfied in some way. But if we can fix this column for them, they can be more restful and as this happens a more natural schedule starts to become more naturally adapted for the resident. This is not something that we are going to force on any Resident because the truth is we are not there to tell them what they should do ever or when they should sleep or be in their apartment.

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Some of the services that we are going to provide are going to be things like weekly house cleaning weekly bed linen service and trash removal. We are going to make sure that utilities are going to be something that they do not have to worry about as a resident, also we are going to make sure that Background are always beautiful and taken care of and also that whenever you’re like one comes out by they’re going to find their daily newspaper and mail delivered every single day. Monthly Wellness clinics and activities and entertainment are going to be handled by our full times activities and entertainment staff.

because we can throw these things as important as having groundskeepers and people that are going to take care of the facilities in your residents needs also we want to make sure that their minds and their entertainment needs are taken just as well as care of. This is because we know that whenever somebody comes to our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facility they expect the very best because that is what we have to offer.. We provide all of these Services because we want to make sure that our residents feel like we are a community that cares about them. That is how we have become the top rated and the most reviewed Assisted Living Broken Arrow facility in the state.

but that is not all that is not the biggest in the best claim that we have in fact we are the most reviewed and the highest rated Assisted Living Broken Arrow and Oklahoma facility.

The reason we are able to achieve this is simple because we care we care about all the little things that all of the big corporations that have assisted living in Broken Arrow do not care about. You do the things that make a stick out but when we do them because we want to be the best that is not because we want to be the best for more Revenue. We want to be the best for our residents in the community which we have created with them being at the center of it. They are the heart of our community and we know that and we are there to take care of them. We are always able to coordinate all of their physician appointments and make sure that they participate in their Health and Rehabilitation Services.

As well as we make sure that their coordination is there for their wellness clinics and Salon Services. It is important to us that our residents feel well taken care of and well-groomed. This is something that we know they like to have help with and it is something that we are going to make sure that they have in abundance. They will not be missing their Salon Services because they have a doctor’s appointment the same week there we are going to make sure that that is coordinated and that that is going to go off without a hitch with them having both of those services in their week.. Give us a call at 918-249-1262 or to go TheParke.net