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Here with The Parke your number one spot for Assisted Living Broken Arrow has a list of services and conveniences that all residents can take part in as well as love. These services include 24 hours a day seven days a week staff including nurses, nurse aides, and therapists. We also have weekly housecleaning to where you your residence don’t actually have to lift a finger playing their own apartments. Not to have weekly bed linen service and even trash removal and utilities. They also include inside and out maintenance, groundskeeping, schedule transportation, newspaper and mail delivery as well as on not the wellness clinic, activities and entertainment, free Wi-Fi Internet, and exercise and wellness programs overseen by occupational therapists and physical therapists.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow by the name of living company has everything the rest. We have definitely been able to actually really transform the way people see assisted living. And of course he wasn’t make sure they will help people not being able to make sure that they wasn’t only not take care of their emotional health but also their physical. So if you’re looking for assisted living center that has been optimized and provided relevant services and convenience make sure they are able to help every particular resident comes to your door and The Parke is definitely the place to go.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow by the name of The Parke has everything that wasn’t want. Of course we also make sure that the providing of a person needs. Of course if you like to know more about that are even more about activities in attainment and you are more than happy to be able to actually look at our monthly calendars because we usually always have something going on daily, weekly, and monthly. We also make sure that everything is up within reach for a resident as well as always having some available to answer their questions as well as always help them with whatever it is they need within that be a coordination of physician appointments, coordination of home health and rehab services as well as wellness clinics and salon services.

We also include a meal service. We understand that food is hot topic especially for residents as they get older they need to have a special meal plan that’s a lot healthier as well as not so high in fat or something carb. In the my to make such a challenge but we have definitely got it down to a science where we actually have a dietary manager that provides delicious food while also making sure it’s healthy.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net if you’re interested in what we do to coordinate physician, home health, rehabilitation and wellness clinic services.

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Feel free to call (918) 249-1262 now if you’re interested in staying with this Assisted Living Broken Arrow by the name of The Parke. You can actually ask for details pricing as well as short term stay availability. Either have been examples to where a resident can actually live there home at a present time just to the fact that they are to have to work on the house or a accident image need to be able to have some as need care then you can actually come and stay at The Parke for time and then be able to actually go back to their normal residence. Better fit short-term temporary or long-term you can always rely on The Parke to be there when you need them.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow Avenue of The Parke has everything that a resident could want. Have long-lasting premium quality amenities as well as additional services including medical management by certified and trained staff as well as assistant with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and grooming and also include bed making as well as escorting residents to meals and two daily activities as well as incontinence management provided by a certified staff member help them with toilet trees, assistance with supplies and daily reminders.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow and the name of The Parke really says about me on because it is now or never free to get the assisted living stay here in local Tulsa Oklahoma. Were locally owned and operated by Hamlet actually lives here in Tulsa and not just owned by a corporation from another state. See actually get that family feel what to make sure you’re only getting the best. So, for more information better services mostly due to make sure you have everything they need all in one place as well as a 24 hours a day seven days a week staff available to provide as needed care. And they care might change as time goes by the will always make sure that the changes are available and easily to transition to.

So Chris whatever it is you need was to be there when you need is the most as well as making sure they can always have places to go where we have an open door policy for family to come and visit anytime they want. If you think the last pricing details or at least know more about our shirt toward short term stay availability I had to do is call. We always are make sure that you know that we are always available to talk especially if you need some help in understanding the dietary plans as well as other additional services.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net. Come take a tour and also enjoy complimentary mail and see for yourself what makes The Parke truly the highest rated and most reviewed assisted living center here in Oklahoma.