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We know that you would love to go visit your family at their Assisted Living Broken Arrow every single day. And you would love to be that involved in everything that they have going on but unfortunately we know this is also not going to be the case because it is just not able to fit within your life and your schedule. And there is no reason to feel guilty about this or feel any kind of way because the fact is were you actually going to go visit them that often when they lived at home?

The answer is probably no and that’s okay too because we know that our parents have lives of their own and frankly they probably won’t even want us at their house every single day. So what if you didn’t get your parents? What if you didn’t know that they had a live-in that they weren’t bored and lonely and just hoping that you were coming each and every day to be let down? Or that there were people around and they just weren’t engaging and said they were there surrounded with a group of people and also still feeling alone.

How would that make you feel? We don’t really need the answers to these questions cuz we already know and we know that this is something that is very daunting and scary whenever you start thinking about putting your loved one in an Assisted Living Broken Arrow community. And there might be many reasons why you know that it is time for this but there is only one that’s going to really matter. Are they going to be happy?

Are they going to be lonely? Because this is absolutely the number one cause for seniority and happiness in these Assisted Living Broken Arrow communities. And that is not always the fault of the staff but it is absolutely a responsibility at the stop here because as our seniors move into these homes they find us and that’s hard for them to adjust and meet new people and even break out of their shell, a little bit. Because like everybody else there are some of us that are really at ease with making new friends and engaging with new people.

But then there is the other group of assets who have never been all that comfortable with new people and in a new group of people that we find ourselves the only Stranger in. But this is something that is absolutely on the minds of a good staff. Because if you are out of place with this is a healthy wonderful Community then the staff is going to facilitate a way to break those barriers and break the ice.

They will not leave it to a resident that is just not comfortable doing it. But some say that the fact is this is not something that you hire upon, that’s not something that you may have thought I would ever consider the staff at a community for your parents but it should be. And these are the types of things that remind us that we must take our time whenever making these types of decisions that are going to affect all of our family and more so the person that lives there, call theparke.com at 918-249-1262.

Assisted Living Broken Arrow | We Are Seeing New Friendship Form And Smiles Made

As we have grown and had experience in a quality and Superior Assisted Living Broken Arrow community we have found all the reasons that we can actually say that and not with a great confidence that this is the case. It is not that we think that our facilities are nicer or a better quality although they are. It is not that we think that our grounds are more beautiful and more appealing to the eye, although that too is the case. It is that we are providing a place where our residents are able to build and gain new ponds and new friendships and find new things about themselves that they happen to love.

And whenever you were able to provide a place for seniors that they can find a lover themselves again that is where it’s at that’s where you’re going to find the quality and what is going to make any Assisted Living Broken Arrow Community superior to the ones around them. Because although we’d love to see all the brand new friendships that are formed here and we love to gain friendships of all of our residents knowing that these are our privileged relationships and connections.

But the relationship that each one of our seniors has with themselves that they are able to engage in and find that they are not a dime if they’re not done living they’re not done contributing and they still have a whole few full life ahead of them this is where the joy and the happiness comes for all of our staff here because of the staff here at our Assisted Living Broken Arrow community are not only engage with each of our residents, but they are fully aware of who Our residents are and who they identify as.

Whenever we’re able to engage that part of them and see the first Emi and grow and change and find the way to believe in themselves and they believe in who they are and what they want in life. Because although they may have a different way of looking at their dreams and they may have a different perspective of how they placed those in their life.

They’re still there and they still have a great value to the people that live in our communities. And not only that but I value the way that they have relationships with other people. And whenever you’re able to spark that light and somebody it is a beautiful thing especially when it’s somebody that kind of thought that that wouldn’t happen again. And if you don’t think that your parents would have loved this and you’re wrong and we hate to tell you that but at the same time we don’t we’re very prideful to say that we have seen it in our residents and we continue to facilitate it and we love doing it, call us at 918-249-1262 or go to theparke.com.