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The Assisted Living Broken Arrow that is clean, homey and welcoming is none other than The Parke. They have definitely proven themselves as a company that comes highly recommended for reason. Honestly want to make sure that has the ability to be able to see behind the curtain here at The Parke because we have nothing to hide the always on make should able to protect her residence as well as making sure that they have to best time being with us no matter if it’s forever or temporary. If you’d like to know more or at least able to actually get a walk-through by one of our receptionist or administrators coming in CS.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow is something to behold. We have a great team of people including it fantastic activities director that’s absently amazing. Every single member of the staff will always be welcoming as well as interact with your loved one to show them what is happening here as well as how we keep residents moving and shaking and becoming more active and also social. They do such an outstanding job in keeping the residents safe during his pandemic and they want to make sure that able to keep them moving forward. A very helpful as well as nice and very knowledgeable about how to keep residents engaged with life.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow is always during the best now this they will make sure that they can do an exceptional job keeping the facility safe as was germ-free. So if you want a five-star experience for your mom or dad then you can choose The Parke. They keep the people involved with the community by offering volunteer programs as well as was activities that keep them involved with the community. Because we hear as a staff always genuinely care and always want the best for the residents. From dining to the activities all the way to the nursing care it’s a level unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming as well as always inviting. Have inviting hallways and the core as well as comfortable apartments. And your mom or dad will be definitely be pleased to live here. Activities director is always offering a great personality as well as energy for all residents to have. The energy here at The Parke’s infectious. If you have a mom or dad that would love to be part of this atmosphere you simply just have to call. Were here to be able to make it happen as well as ensure that we can actually give you a tour and show you what the floorplan looks like and how you can actually make it your own with the all your other furniture and knickknacks. Want to make this easy on yourself course we always make sure that you don’t have to jump through hoops in order to become a resident here at The Parke.

Call 918-249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you and your loved one about what it would be like living with The Parke here on site. You will definitely appreciate the part our staff plays in making this place feel like call.

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For excellent level of care as well as great dining and activity experience you can trust the team here for Assisted Living Broken Arrow that are unmatched. The Parke has truly been the place to go for assisted living. It’s a local ownership that makes a huge difference as well as a place that’s recommended to anyone is actually looking for a loving place for their loved one. Because here with The Parke truly is like one big happy family. Annual definitely appreciate how far the staff goes to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one and making sure they still have a great time and having a community is all still being able to be involved with creative projects and exercise.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow always is about me on to show you just how much we appreciate you. Because here with The Parke we want to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We also make sure that our apartments as well as our community living spaces are welcoming and comfortable. Your level will definitely be pleased to live here. Area member on the staff has a heart for people as was a Hartford community. Not only do they bring smiles to the residents each day, but they also have a compassion and a kindness towards the family members. The nurses aides are also very helpful annual definitely appreciate the attention they give to the residents.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow is always bringing their best. So if you want to be able to have a place to go that can be prepared with your seniors health in mind even if you without a state you can always know that The Parke has their best interests in mind. There was a comfort knowing that your mom or dad or grandma or grandpa will always be taken care of here at The Parke. There something truly special here at The Parke that no other place can match. You will be truly impressed with the capability and caring nature of every member of the staff here.

A new life starting now with living at The Parke. Because here at The Parke we got honorable way to care for the residents both physically and emotionally. We also make sure that every resident feels pampered and spoiled. Mr. staff is highly capable and caring. You’ll be grateful for a lovely place just like this to care for your pants to all stages of life. Be grateful that they can be safe and loved even if you can’t be with them every day.

If you’d like to at least see at the floorplan are be able to see the facility in person I have the do is go to the website or call 918-249-1262 to get a tour scheduled. But if you’d like to actually see some testimonials from some residents as well as family members shouldn’t go visit www.theparke.net.