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Take a look inside the world of Assisted Living Broken Arrow I coming and visiting The Parke. This is Oklahoma’s highest-rated must reviewed assisted-living center and we have definitely earned that title. And we obviously know what we can do to help people be able to make sure that able to and and also be able to have a grand old time when they live with us. Because will make sure that all residents are taken care of in the way of health that we also want to make sure that there able to stay involved so that they can increase their wellness as well as be able to increase their daily activity. Pursuant to make sure that all residents are not just staying stagnant or just locked up in their apartment. We want to make sure they have plenty of place to get exercise as well as being able to exercise their creativity.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow always provide something that no other state run facility can. The fact that were privately owned by a local family here in Tulsa says a lot. Because we make sure that The Parke is very clean, lovely, as well as upgraded frequently. We also make sure that our dining room is always clean and very stately as was very welcoming. And we also ensure that all the food that we have is delicious. We don’t want to serve cardboard or anything that looks like cardboard. We still want to make sure that the food is delicious but still healthy at the same time.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow has a place for your loved one. Here at The Parke we wholeheartedly believe that assisted-living should always be a place for people to grow as well as be active. So we never want to shut the door on community outreach and so we want to make sure that all residents have a chance to actually be involved as well as being involved with schools and students around the Tulsa area. Happy to help you in any way they can as well as making sure that your loved one can always feel that they have a part to play. Take and chance and see what we mean by that is most will do to get them out there and also active in the community as well as always having a place that they can call home as well as a place they can actually make friends. So this something that the plan call the front desk here at The Parke to schedule a free tour as well as get a complementary meal.

There’s something special going on here at The Parke and we want your loved one to be part of it. The MC want to make sure that were providing a great service as well as doing more than you imagine or expect. So if you might be able to see what we mean I have to do is call. Now the ceiling make sure that we take the necessary steps to make sure that the health and wellness of your mom or dad is always the top priority. We also make sure that they never feel like they’re stagnant but also giving them options to be able to move and stay active and be able to make new friends and be able to socialize. We never want to feel that they are shut off from the world.

Call 918-249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net if you’re interested in any of our services. We have a lot of great activities happening only around we would love for you and your loved one to be a part of. And you as him a son or daughter or grandchild can always feel welcome. We always want to make sure that family members have an open door and visiting their loved ones.

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What’s good about the The Parke is that they are offering you the premier Assisted Living Broken Arrow Center but also giving you peace of mind. So when it comes to The Parke they come highly recommended to the fact that you have a great facility clean as well as well-kept as well as happy residents that are still part of the community as well as the community in the The Parke. Staff are always very warm and welcoming as well as the residence are happy because they get involved in things are as well as our always put first. Because with The Parke truly does feel like home. Even if your parent has to be less independent staff will always step up to make them feel comfortable as well secure.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow is very important because we understand that usually kids that are having their mom or dad move into a new place can sometimes be stressful and we completely understand and that’s on the always make sure that residents are always getting the best from working. So whether it be for a little bit or just temporary we always make sure that providing a great service that is unmatched. And we mean business when we say that were providing a safe atmosphere and also always have an open door policy for family members to come and visit.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow can help make any person feel independent even though it might be considered assisted-living center. Interesting that usually moving from living independently to having to rely on somebody else to help you get out of bed or get dressed is sometimes maybe a little bit more humiliating and we understand that that we want to make sure that everybody here at The Parke will always make you feel welcome as well as make you feel at home. Is here with The Parke actually live in your own private apartment still you’re just a stone throw away for somebody who’s able to actually help you if you need it.

‘s if you have a member of your family who us had a low energy or just has been having a difficult time moving around their own place independently that it might be time for you to consider possibly moving them into assisted-living center. And you should always go with The Parke because they put forth extra effort into keeping your parents involved as well as active. And people cannot say enough about The Parke. It is just that good here.

Call 918-249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net if you have any interest or curiosity towards The Parke. We are located at 7821 E. 76th St., Tulsa, OK.