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The Assisted Living Broken Arrow, The Parke want you to know they can actually learn about our optional services. And obviously these optional services are usually added to your monthly rate and they are available 30 days during illness, after hospitalization or on a continuous basis. Because we never know that you can actually use these things or at least never really know you need them until comes that time. So we actually do have medical management address provided by trained staff we also have assistant with daily activities like dressing, grooming, or even bathing. This also include breadmaking and escort services to meals into activities. We also have incontinence management was also provided by certified staff. So that’s in a scheduled assistant with toileting and also assistance with supplies and reminders.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow, the committee was to ensure that were able to give you all the details about pricing as well as short-term stay availability you kept call us if you might think you have a need for that or at least know your options in case you were to have something happen to you. So of course I understand that using the aging that usually comes but we want deal hit until we know we need to. So for a residential place near you know with The Parke. There definitely number one in the obviously want to make sure they would offer nothing but the best. Switch on not to know more about what is able to do and how I would get better because the obviously one make sure that residents know that we put them first in all things. So call the team now to be able to actually schedule complementary tour as well as a complementary meal. Ask us about the VA benefits as well.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow has everything that you obviously know that we take our job very seriously so will make sure you have an open door policy for guests. Also want to make sure it’s easy to get a hold of us and get in touch with The Parke. Located at 7821 E. 76th St., Tulsa, OK 74133. If you want to be able to be part of our newsletter crew or to connect with us on social media you can. Have a lot of fun activities and we want to make sure they are able to share the love to our social media. You can find us on Facebook. Which is not to know more about what we can offer as well as what activities are coming your way.

Reach out now if you lights be able to know more about additional services or at least what we can to make sure that you have everything that you need. Because we obviously when make sure they were doing their best in everything that we do. So of course were able to have everything optimized to make sure able to fit your needs. And of course those are make sure they were doing our best.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net. We have a list of amenities and services that would love to show you as well as show you in person. Also have additional services that would be added to your monthly rate if you would ever need them.

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The Assisted Living Broken Arrow, The Parke is independently owned and operated. So there is a many times where the owners come in and make sure that everything is on his way they should. This community feel so much like home that you’ll be able to fit right in the moment you walk to the front door. All the resident as well as the staff have so much passion for what they do. Is independently so which means is not some big town out of city corporate owned place. This is a place that loved ones will love. Happy to help you with whatever it is you need and obviously the staff’s commitment to the residence well-being and quality of life is definitely evident. The great facility it’s always kept clean as was organized and the groundskeeping is absolutely immaculate.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow has everything they need and obviously the family likes hearing here and they have great therapy services on-site for easy access to all resident to live with us here at the The Parke. Similar make sure that everything is as convenient as possible for all residents so they don’t actually continue have to continue going off the grounds going back and forth the doctors appointments and stuff like that. But we do actually have those services available to be able to coordinate physician appointments as well as therapy and rehabilitation appointment as well. By the time you walk in the front door your do you feel like you genuinely stepped into your new home. Their level of professionalism, compassion, and knowledge will blow you away.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow, The Parke has everything they need. We have assumed make sure they would help you and also be able to make sure they are able to step through and be able to be treated like family and friends. So whether you’re moving your aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandma or grandpa to The Parke you will love everything about it. It’s a perfect place to call home. The people, the food, activities if something that will absolutely love. So reach out to our team not to know more about what we can do to provide you beautiful clean community with great staff. Family owned by family right here in Oklahoma that does frequent visits to the facility.

With the park it doesn’t feel like a prison. And you can be confident in knowing that you can play call this place home whether it be for temporary or permanent purposes. Reach out and see what we can do to be able to make sure that your confident in knowing that The Parke is everything that your loved one will love. Make new friends and able to get creative with our different amenities as well as entertainment. And obviously went make sure that everybody has everything they need to be successful as well as always have someone available to provide healthcare to residents who will need it.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net. The staff is absolutely amazing. There the residents are well taken care of as well as very happy. You can actually ask them yourselves when you come in it for a complementary to your in meal. The atmosphere is friendly and fun and there’s always something happening. For fun and laughter come and join us here at The Parke.