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The Parke, Assisted Living Broken Arrow is committed to the quality of life of all residents. Great facility with even better staff that truly care. And it’s evident every time. If you like to get a tour then we are currently giving in person tours to family members and their loved ones who are interested in living here. And all residents were happy to move in because they truly that the facility that loved people as was they love the environment in the care and well-being that they receive. So obviously we will make should able to revocation of being highest must reviewed facility here in Oklahoma and we mean to keep doing that.

To change a lot of things to ensure that the safety of our residents is always a priority as well as the health and well-being. So if you need to ask you have a place that is really up top-notch and also available then of course are able to write that so much more. So course we always provide a new way of doing things and so we mean business when were offering great service. So offer is they were to make sure they would have everything to want. So obviously will make sure that were able to have everything that you want and obviously everything they need. Now more than ever people are looking able to get services as well as everything that they hope to be done right. So call now.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow, The Parke is everything that you’d hoped it would be and more. The residents truly love the place as was the of the people that are taking care of them. They’re very friendly and also family like and found to make sure they are able to offer people easy access to the parents as well as being able to have an open door policy where love wants can be visited by their family members. You call for more about how would help and also of any do better because we honestly make sure that you are getting great service as well as greater evidence by actually allowing us able to prove that will we have available is for anyone who’s looking for a new way of life or at least the proper care. A lot of times you’ve had residents that have come from other facilities and especially don’t even come close to what we been able to produce here at The Parke. If you want to be able to feel like that they still have someone who truly cares in please come in and be able to get a tour and personally able to actually take a look at the apartments as well as the activity center, library, beauty parlor, and more amenities and life enrichment activities.

Everything that we do here at this Assisted Living Broken Arrow, The Parke is for the resident. It will make sure that were only hiring the best nurses therapists, and administrative staff. Because we only what people that know what it means to provide compassionate care. So it is now or never. This come on in and schedule a tour on our website or call our office directly to the request information as well schedule a day and time to come see us here at The Parke.

Call 918-249-1262 and go to the website now. To send in the therapy services, that commitment of staff as well as the life enrichment and amenities and services offered by our team and our community.

Assisted Living Broken Arrow | What Can You Find For Our Team?

The Parke, Assisted Living Broken Arrow Center actually has plenty of life enrichment activities as well as different amenities and services for all residents. No one is barred from being involved of course every visit has the option to use me activities or light life enrichment activities as they want. We also make sure that they can actually have their own mobile their own independence by actually having a an apartment to themselves. We don’t offer dorm like rooms similar make sure that people can have their privacy to be able to you know I read the book or even cook a meal for themselves or their their spouse in the comfort of their own apartment.

But even have their own apartments they do have the ability to always be in touch with the nurse that’s always available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Severe need some extra help or maybe you just need some help you know getting in and out of bed but once you’re up and Adam you are ready to start the day and will be able to help you out and we also have many other services that we can offer but will talk to them especially because made many times and people don’t need them right away but we want to let people know that they are offered in case that if they were needed.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow, The Parke is all the rage right now and so honestly when make sure they would offer something that’s truly magnificent as well as better than anything that people seen before. So that’s what something that you’re the for the we of course when make sure the lighting that and also so much more. Switch on outcome about how we can actually provide you a great service as well as be able to do better than you ever thought or imagine. Because obviously when make sure that people know that we are dedicated to their safety as well as to their enrichment and whole person health. We want to take care of the mind-body in the spirit of all residents to ensure that they can exit have a fun time and be able to gaze at the what they need. Switch on to know more about how to be do so over able to better because we understand the importance of enrichment as well as making sure that the matter how old you are you can still thriving be part of the community and know that your wanted and loved.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow, The Parke is all the rage and 70 honestly make sure the row would offer a way for people to be able to get their loved ones taken care of and making sure that their love wants to have fun and be able to make friends. So if he needs help please collect team now will happily discuss exactly what we have available to those who are interested in living with us. Now more than ever people are seeking out The Parke for their great services as was the great employees that are delivering five-star care to the whole person. We are here to maintain a person’s well-being as well as make sure that they continue to thrive stay healthy as well as make sure that their mobility can be better. That people have limited mobility due to the a fall or maybe even a surgical procedure we would make sure that we know that ahead of time so that we can make the arrangements to have technicians and nurses that can help them get around much easier as well as still make sure that we can be involved and not feel like you have to be stuck in the room due to their limited mobility. Just because your can’t move around like he used to doesn’t mean that you cannot thrive here at The Parke.

Call 918-249-1262 and go to www.theparke.net if you’re looking to know more about our services or at least will begin to make sure that you comprehend just how incredible our services are. We are number one for reason.