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At the time which you and your family are ready to start looking for an assisted living broken Arrow facility look no further than the park because we are going to be able to provide you the very best quality are the proof is in the pudding and the fact that we are the highest rated and most reviewed assisted living in Broken Arrow and an all of Oklahoma.

So whenever you are looking for assisted living  look no further than the park because we are going to be able to offer your loved one more than you ever expected. This is how we become the very best and the most rated out there. We are not doing it by cutting corners, and we would never do that because we want your loved ones to feel as if they are at home. Because we know it can be a very tough time whenever you are having to leave your home to go live at Assisted Living Broken Arrow because you are no longer able to live independently. 4 So that is why we work so hard to make sure that the seniors that come to our assisted living facility are going to feel like they have found him.

If I find him, we’re going to try to make sure that they feel like they are at home in a way that they didn’t even feel like in their other house. Because sometimes we find that once I have been here for a while they have realized that life is not the feeling before they moved here. Because a lot of times whenever a senior is at their house and they are alone and they are living it appears there is not a lot of company.

And that is something they get used to until they realize that it could be better. And that is after they have time to go to the park and find out what Assisted Living  has to offer. Because not only do we have all the amenities and all the therapy and Essentials. We also have a very full calendar that our seniors get to enjoy. This is how they find new hobbies and new passions of their own but also how they find new friends and people in their life that they did not have before. We love to find that our seniors and residents at our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facility find out that they have passions they never knew that they had and hobbies that they love. Take Edna for example. She has been doing benzoyl painting for a very long time and so now she has actually become the instructor of an oil painting class that we have at our facility where she teaches the other residents to oil paint.

Which has been absolutely amazing for Edna and also the residents are taking her class because it comes to find out we have a lot of talented painters. So if this sounds great call us 918-249-1262 or go to website TheParke.net

Assisted Living Broken Arrow | Excellent Care

Whenever you’re looking for the very best in Assisted Living Broken Arrow look no further than the park because we are going to price you with everything that we have to offer. The elegant atmosphere is just the tip of the iceberg. Because whenever you were looking for somewhere for assisted living  you’re going to find nothing better than we have at the park. Our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facility is going to meet all the needs of you or your loved one. So that you know whenever you are leaving the Independent Living phase of your life you are not losing anything but the hassle of the chores. We are going to do this in so many ways because we have staff that are the most caring and loving people that you are going to be able to 5 in the Assisted Living  build. Because whenever we hire somebody new to come into our facility in our community we make sure that they are respectful and empathic to the senior residents they will work for.

Because that is part of the reason that we are the very best our employees do not look at our residence as people that you were taking care of it as people that are residents of our community and valued parts of the community, and they know that it is not that they work in their Community but that they are welcomed and belong in a community of people that they get to learn from and enjoy.

Because we went to all the residents to know that whenever you are in an assisted living facility like the park it means that you were not ending anything in your life you are learning new things you are beginning new beginnings and that is what is exciting in life. We want you whenever you come into our facility, and You Begin your journey in the Assisted Living Broken Arrow facility, the park where you are going to be meeting new friends and having relationships that you never would have had if you stayed at your house. And your loved one is going to be able to form new friendships and New passions.
Because we know that it is going to be impossible to be satisfied with your life whenever you are finding a new passion in your life. The two things do not go together whenever you find that you are passionate about something that you were involved in that brings out a fire in a person no matter what their age. And this is the type of thing that we like to provide

Because we know no matter what your age there is still passion inside of you that maybe you haven’t found yet. This is part of the reason that we offer so many activities and we are going to be able to help you find something all your own. Call us at 918-249-1262 and go to TheParke.net