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Headless the services here at The Parke number one spot for Assisted Living Broken Arrow. No can do better than us we honestly like able to prove it. Savanna questions are that we absolutely should able to have a being able to give you all the information they need to connection and decide whether or not The Parke’s the place for you for a place for your loved one. Severely of any kind were happy to be able to address anything that might be keeping you from making a decision now. Also make sure that everything that we do is based on your needs and also making sure that safety is our number one priority also make sure that residents never feel like there cut off from their family members. That’s why we always have an open door policy we went make sure the family members can come in and out when they choose as well as always living playing trying to be able to have dinner with their loved ones in our dining room or even in the privacy of their own apartment. If you have an apartment: kitchen then The Parke half.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow has everything that you farming honestly make sure they would offer everything that could possibly want. Switch now to more information about our services and also have everything that you need. So this of course is can be provide you everything that you for we absolutely should able to do that by you. Regenerative able to learn more about who we are what we do and also what amenities we have I visiting the website. And also we always highly recommend that you read reviews because we are Oklahoma’s highest rating must reviewed assisted living center. So obviously we are doing something right.

The Assisted Living Broken Arrow has everything a senior citizen could want. Have apartments that have a full kitchen as was separate bath and bedroom. We also have handicap accessible bathroom so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about falling on the bathtub or sitting in the shower because we actually have everything prepared for them to be able to able to be comfortable and still be able to live their life and also they actually are within reach of nurses and nurse technicians that are ready to help them if they need it.

So if you take us up on the offer that I have to do is visit us. Because here with The Parke with 24 hour staff have a weekly housecleaning and even weekly bed linen service. Have trash removal utilities inside and outside maintenance groundskeeping, schedule transportation, daily newspaper and mail delivery, monthly wellness clinics, activities and entertainment, free Wi-Fi Internet, exercise and wellness programs, emergency first aid in care, computerized medical record services, coordination of physician appointments, clinician of home health and rehabilitation services as well as coronation of wellness clinics such as a salon visit and etc.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net if you’d like to know more about The Parke and all the list of amenities and additional services.

Assisted Living Broken Arrow | we have all you need

This place called The Parke has all you need because they are definitely the highly sought after Assisted Living Broken Arrow. No one does a better job than us and we obviously will make sure the row to prove it. Severely questions of any kind or you want to be able to actually know how were able to do meal service or how were coordinating diets we want let you know that we actually have our dietary manager and cooks that have restaurant quality experience and being able to write nutritious breakfasts lunches and dinners served tableside. We also make sure you can exit, and take a tour, and and also enjoy, make your email and see for yourself. Sify that they would get additional details and information I sent it is call.

Were Reading really be able to walk mean to our atmosphere and also be able to show you just how much we care better people. So if you have a question I have to do is call to be there when you need us. So what he waiting for of Saturday were happy to be able to assist you maps to make sure able to show you just how much people care have the residents are. Severely questions now is the time be able to call when make sure able to help you and also teach everything that you are. You have coronation of appointment as was home health appointment to make initiative for you as well.

Have weekly housecleaning as was bed linen services and trash removal. Everything is taken care of at your beck and call to others they don’t I really have to lift a finger. Severely that are more information about the assisted living broken arrow facility that I have to do is call there were to be here when you do some absolutely should offer everything that you were. It is in for nature suspect breakfasts lunches dinners as well as more and even three full meals a day with a variety of choices as well as always having guests that are welcomed with reservations has had private dining reservations available for special occasions as well as a sample menu that can actually look at.

So for all things assisted living broken alleys of alleged have to look up The Parke. For more details about pricing and short-term stay availability, call us at (918) 249-1262. Everything that you before and also we have additional services that would also include medical management provided by certified train staff as well as assistant with daily activities as well as incontinence management provided by certified staff. If you that or maybe just be able to have a little bit more clarification please do not hesitate able to ask.

That is all we have here when they should able to execute everything that you need to be able to make sure that your Assisted Living Broken Arrow statement of is us is also accountable. If you click as many companies David reach out. Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net we cannot we to meet with you.