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Whenever you’re looking for assisted living Broken Arrow facility come no farther than the park because we are going to offer your loved one something that most of the other facilities are not going to offer. And that is going to be new experiences a new friends. We do this because we offer so many amenities has so many activities that are bringing Community together that it is almost impossible not to form new friendships and new relationships. This is something that we are really great at here at the park. Because whatever you’re looking for assisted living Broken Arrow we are the very best in the that shows whenever you look at the fact that we are the most reviewed and the highest rated facility for assisted living Broken Arrow has to offer.

We are very confident in saying this because we make sure that we employ a full-time activities director health and wellness therapy and also So many group activities that it is going to be something that is going to keep your loved one always happy and always busy. They are going to have a very busy social life and that is because we make sure that we engage our people together in our community.

It becomes almost impossible for them not to build new friendships and new relationships with the people around them because we are making sure that they are engaging with the people around them. And not in their rooms themed borders lonely I am stuck in a rut because we know that this is something that they already met of extraneous whenever they were living independently. This is not what you first think of whatever you think about Assisted Living Broken Arrow but this is what you get whenever you come to the park. That is the fact that you were going to find new things that you love do things that are going to be Hobbies of yours for years to come and a passion that you never even knew that you are missing.

But once you experience these things again in your life and in your relationships you are going to wonder how it was that you ever did without it or how your love will never do without it. Because you won’t even realize that you were missing any of these things until you have them again. And that is so great and we’re so proud to say that that is something that we give here at our assisted-living Broken Arrow facility because that is not something that you find it all assisted living facilities.

Our staff is very passionate about the people that live here at our community and we are passionate be able to look up residents in the eye and know that we are providing the very best facility in an experience that they could possibly be having in this period of their life. Because we value and respect everything you’re at one of the elderly people that live in our facility and in our communities because we know that they have lived a very long life, and they deserve it. Sp Call us at 918-249-1262 and go to TheParke.net

Assisted Living Broken Arrow | New Begininngs

Whenever you move into a new Assisted Living Broken Arrow facility might not be thinking that it is going to be like a new beginning of your life. You might not even be thinking that it is something that you’re going to enjoy or somewhere that you are going to love. It might be that you are a very emotional about having to leave your home and having to end your Independent Living phase of your life. You may look at this as the ending of so many things. But it is not. We also have a lot of special programs; instead of something being taken from your lifestyle or that you are going to not have the Independence that you want because you’re not living independently anymore.

We want you to know that whenever you come to Assisted Living Broken Arrow the park is not going to be the case ever in your life. It said you were going to have new beginnings new friends new things to do and new hobbies that you may even find that you were quite passionate about. We are so proud to be able to have people New Beginnings instead of innings that we make sure to live by this mantra admission every single day that we step into our facility. Whenever we bring new people into our communities to work for our residents would make sure that they are caring and kind and respect every one of the residents and feel like they are part of their Community also. This is not something that they just feel Whenever there is work this is the type of person that we try to make sure that every single person that we hired to be a part of our facilities. We are proud to say that our staff is the very best what they do. And we’ll make sure that they continue their education and their training and Education in their field. We enjoy spending time with our residents here in the park and enjoying things like Bingo night and movie night with them. Because that is something that we find in Rich and even to ourselves not just in our residence. You would be surprised how much time did our staff actually spends with the residents enjoying their company.

Any of our employees have grown and bonded with our residents and they have strong sustainable relationships that are built upon true friendship and respect for each other. Because our residents are amazing people and our staff Easley I use those different things that make each resident unique and full of their very own life and life force and things that they add to our community. This is why we have form so many wonderful relationships with our residents.