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There are so many ways that we stand out; that it is quite impossible to sit here and tell you all of them right now if it is dead would have to say that you need to just come to our facility and check it out for yourself because it is going to be almost automatic that you were going to be able to figure out what it is at SS apart. Because we are so good at customer service, and we are here to always make sure that we are maintaining and taking care of our community because that is what we are we consider ourselves a community along with our residents.

We have had presidents that we have had living at one of our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facilities for a very long time the reason that we retain our people is that we are good to our residents. We feel like we are part of a community, and they are part of our community. And this is not just about a paycheck. Whenever we hire new employees we make sure they feel that way too. Because we are a family owned company we know what it is like to have to take care of your family, and we are trying to help you take care of yours. Because once they move into one of our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facilities they are not just a resident, they are our family. And they are part of our extended community which we are always trying to make sure is Tamara that your family member is going to love.

Because that is absolutely one of the biggest qualifications in our we are looking to hire and Selene is one of our communities we are going to make sure that they are caring and loving, and they want to do the very best for our resume. Because your family members are going to be our family members, and then they become somebody that we know and grow bonds with that is real and sustainable and that we care about.

We find oftentimes that they have found that their life is not as filled and joyous as they thought it was before and that they’ve had things missing in their life that they did not even realize they were missing until they have them at our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facility at the park.

And once they come to the park they cannot imagine her life is going back to the way it was before they lived in our community because our community is one where they are going to find a new passion for life. This is how we make sure that our lives and the lives of our residents feel like it is important to other people and important to the community as a whole. This is how people maintain a feeling of worth. And these are all things that we find very important to give to her resident as much as possible or at least get them the opportunity to find these things for themselves. Call Us at 918-249-1262 or go to TheParke.net

Assisted Living Broken Arrow | Spacious Apartments

At the Park assisted living Broken Arrow facilities we have beautiful spacious Apartments with private patios available in place of carpet and Window Coverings. Because we know that these are the little type of things that make an apartment feel homey to our residence Beyond just the homie things that we add like that to make it a house or apartment spell how may we also have all the Necessities like a full kitchen with the range in the oven microwave refrigerator dishwasher and Disposal which is going to make it possible for your family member to prepare their own food and enjoy that simple aspect of life. Of course, they don’t have to we are going to always provide a meal for them every single milk and is going to be delicious and we’d have such a variety of different meals that we have on our many of that there’s going to be something that everybody loves

With our spacious Apartments, we also offer private Assisted Living Broken Arrow patios, individual heating and air conditioning, and also individually 1 cable TV and a telephone. That means that your phone is always going to be able to stay in touch with your loved ones. They are going to be like they’re connected to the world whenever they are at home and relaxing.

So they can never miss their favorite shows. It is going to be something that It’s going to not miss a beat in their life. So they will never miss one of their favorite shows not even for one week. Also, all of our apartments are pet-friendly, and we encourage our residents to always bring their pets to our Assisted Living Broken Arrow facility. We’d love to have animals here if it is as much as our residents love to keep them. Because we know that this is an important part of their family too, and we are always trying to make sure that Our residents are as comfortable I know how safe I would feel in the houses they lived in before independently. Because whenever they come here

We want them to know that it is not the end Of anything on which they put the value of their life on. But the end of the simple burden to light makes it a little difficult for them to live independently out in the world. But they are not losing any of the things that make their life force while they are going to be more influential to their Community while they’re here they’re going to enjoy their apartment, but they are also going to want to be out of it. That is because their Staples in their schedule is going to be so full of activity and things that they are going to find things they love that they didn’t even know they loved before. Not to mention there are going to be so many people that are new and exciting in their life that is going to be a good reason for them to be out and about and enjoying their friends company. Call us at 918-249-1262 or go to ther website, TheParke.net