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If you’re looking for a new place for one of your loved ones to be at your ready to move into, provide you with the type of Assisted Living Tulsa. It is not only beautiful and amenities are great but also that it’s just going to feel like a great community for your level. because whenever they come here you’re going to find out that it is different from most of the other facilities. That is how we’ve been able to become the highest and most rated of all the assisted living Tulsa.

We are not a corporately owned facility so that means that we do not have the ugly green Walls in the cookie cutter and rims and every single one of our buildings. Instead we have a beautiful facility that is customized and beautiful and it’s just there. I’m going to be decorated for their liking.

They’re going to have their own TVs and cable boxes and everything is definitely at home. but it’s just going to be in a place that they are going to be able to be taking care of and they’re going to be able to come to us with anything that they need. Now on top of that there’s always going to be stuff that they can do.

because we have some really great celebrate classes in different fun things that they were going to be able to do here as well. because that is something that we know is very important whenever it comes to our elderly we want to make sure that they have fun here they have stuff to do because that’s one thing that they don’t have before they came and that’s one thing we never think about whenever they aren’t home I always think about how sad it’s going to be whenever wherever they go to Assisted Living Tulsa that we don’t think about is how the fact that they are able to start over some place now that it’s going to be fun for them.

We never think about the fact that they might be just visiting out there but it’s going to be beautiful and fun and they’re going to think about it as a brand new home. and they’re going to actually live it there. because it doesn’t have to be all blooming doesn’t have to be a crazy night or not happy. because instead it can be somewhere that they love and that they meet new friends and new hobbies. So call us today and we will schedule a tour at 918-249-1262 or go to the website at theparke.com.

Assisted Living Tulsa | Finding new hobbies for our seniors

whenever you’re ready to tour 1:00 Assisted Living Tulsa facilities you’re going to find out that they are absolutely equipped with all of the best parts of assisted living Perry because whatever you I know that it’s time that your loved one is just not able to take care of themselves anymore they need a little help. This is where they want to go because we are going to be able to help them have a very fulfilled love and it’s going to be one that they love very much and they’re going to be able to make new friends.

We think that this can be a time when your loved one is able to find new things that they love. And new friends. what we think it should be like. We don’t think that just because somebody has to move into a place where they can get more help, it has to be the end of their days of having fun. like almost at home they were lonely and they didn’t have a lot to do.

Unfortunately this is a time when it becomes very lonely and I can’t be very bored just sitting around by myself and not having anything to do or nobody to come visit. They may have friends out there and then lots of improvement. How many of those friends are really driving to their house to come visit every few days or how often are you able to make it to their home to visit? Whenever is just a the house is no longer at home because it is just this big empty house that you’re in and it can become very boring and it becomes family member so instead we suggest that you get come up here and get a tour of this place because it’s supposed to give me a completely experience for him. is here not only are they going to be able to meet friends and have things to do but they’re also going to be able to always have the staff here if they need anything.

We are not a corporately owned Assisted Living Tulsa facility and said we are a privately owned facility and that means that we have the ability and the freedom to do things the way that we know that is best for all of our residents. and that is exactly what we’re doing. make sure that we’re going to be doing things a lot differently than many of the other Assisted Living Tulsa residences, especially the ones that were corporately owned and never even toured by their owners.

because it ends up being a place where the personal needs of the residents are not addressed is just not a problem because they are not thinking about their residents as actual people; they’re just at the bottom line. That is absolutely not what we’re doing here.

That’s absolutely what we set out to make sure that it wasn’t going to be like. can elderly and our family and we know what it’s like to go into somewhere and find out that they’re not being treated well. and this is absolutely not everyone you’re going to come across whenever you’re like one is here. we have so many different days to have checks and balances and we have a staff members that truly care about your life and we are going to only be able to picture loving with the respect and not that they deserve l Call us today and let’s get you scheduled for your tour at 918-249-1262 or go to the webstie at theparke.