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Oklahoma family owned and operated for over 20 years assisted living Tulsa is equipped and ready to provide peace of mind to families and loved ones. With on-site health and wellness therapy services you will never have to worry about your loved ones comfort or care. We are the highest rated and most reviewed assisted-living and all of Oklahoma! With caring staff and beautiful settings we provide an atmosphere that your loved ones will truly love to call home. Located in a quiet neighborhood with city parks and walking trails right next door, we have something for everyone!

Locally owned and operated assisted living Tulsa is not a corporate company. We provide our residents and family an environment that feels just like home. At The Parke we personally make sure that every resident is personally engaged with the owners, setting an example of care and compassion that sets us apart from others. Be a part of a loving community that feels like home. No longer does the process of taking care of a loved one have to be complicated with our simple step-by-step process. It’s as easy as 1 2 3 to get your loved one into the home and care they need.

Location that just can’t be beat assisted living Tulsa is minutes away from beautiful parks and walking trails your loved ones can experience peace and serenity. Providing independence and fun to all of our residents. We pride ourselves in knowing that we are the top rated in Tulsa truly a home away from home we dine together, we learn together. Going above and beyond to build a foundation of safety. Confide in a place that puts your loved ones first. A home with heart rest easy knowing that your loved ones are in the best care of Tulsa!

Spacious floor plans and easy accessible We Provide the best possible environment for your loved one enjoy a space that feels and looks like home with special touches that make your loved ones life‘s easier with one and two bedroom units available your loved ones can always ensure that they will have the space they need to live life to the fullest with ground floors and easy accessible hallways you’ll find that we make living easier than ever handicapped accessible and beautifully located a place that I’ll be proud to call home.

Ready to take the next step, contact is simple and easy. Our staff is prepared and ready to take you through step-by-step to get your loved one in the home they deserve. Call or stop by we’d love to meet you and show you around get to know the community our owners staff and specialists are excited to show you why we are number one in Tulsa never worry about reserving your residence week I do through the process and make sure that you are communicated with every step of the way enjoy your new season of life and rest easy knowing your loved ones are in the best care possible. We are excited to meet you! Contact us today at (918) 249-1262 or visit our website at https://theparke.net/

Assisted Living Tulsa | A Place To Call Home

The park is rated number one assisted living in Tulsa with caring staff and local owners never worry about the problems that come with corporate policies. Our owners are present and engaged with your loved ones setting the example of compassionate care. Taking every precaution and measurement to make sure that your loved one is in the best home possible for them. Everyone is family. We are truly a place to call home, start a new season of comfort and safety in the community and ensure that your loved one is in the best possible hands. With our step-by-step process stability and comfort have never been easier

Health and safety is a top priority at assisted living in Tulsa with on-site healthcare and staff we provide Assisted Living Tulsa every safety measure to ensure your loved one has the independence they crave and the safety they deserve licensed professionals are always ready and available to keep your loved one happy and healthy Never again worry about your loved ones safety our high standards give your family peace of mind. With our owners actively involved in the community we set ourselves apart from others family owned and family operated in Oklahoma for over 20 years rest easy knowing your loved ones are in the best hands possible.

Our spacious one and two bedroom units make assisted living as comfortable as possible with handicap accessible kitchens and wide hallways. We ensure that everyone will find comfort and quality in a home that they love. Special touches that make life easier is something we pride ourselves on equipped with cable TV heating and air and smoke detectors. Your loved ones will have everything they need to feel safe in our loving community. Don’t believe us schedule a tour today. We would love to show you around.

Have an active loved one assisted living Tulsa is located five minutes from city parks and walking trails experience the beauty of Oklahoma nature right in your own backyard. Adventure is right around the corner and our staff is prepared and equipped to help your loved one explore the beauty of assisted-living. With independence and stability your loved one will feel right at home with a caring community. We are the best at quality care. A safe and loving environment that your loved one can call home we pride ourselves in knowing that we are number one rated assisted living in Tulsa.

Finding assisted living in Tulsa has never been easier. Our step-by-step Assisted Living Tulsa process makes it simple and easy for everyone to get the care that they deserve. It’s as easy as 123. Stop by and take a tour. Our staff would love to meet with you and show you the beautiful grounds on which your loved one will be living. Meet our community specialists and reserve your residence don’t worry we guide you through the process and help make it simple and easy we look forward to speaking with you and your loved one about their new home today Contact us at Contact us today at (918) 249-1262 or visit our website at https://theparke.net/