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At this point in your life, if you are looking for assisted living Tulsa, you might be feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We understand how difficult this time in one’s life can be. That is why we seek to give our residents the best living situation possible. We are truly a place you can call home. Not only do we provide peace of mind to families we provide a home away from home. If you are looking for a place for a loved one, then look no further than The Parke Assisted Living. We are truly a place that cares for its residents as well as the area they live in.

As the highest rated and most reviewed assisted living Tulsa home, we are sure to meet all of your expectations and preferences. At The Parke Assisted Living, we make sure that the grounds that you are loved one is living in is a beautiful and comfortable area. We are located in a quiet neighborhood with a city park not far and walking trails around. This allows your loved one to explore the area and get exercise, outside of facilities. We are truly beautiful space to live in. The Parke Assisted Living features beautiful open spaces and single level floor plans with elegant decor. It is our hope that your loved one will truly feel at home. Our staff is caring and exceptional. All of our staff are experienced in licensed caretakers meaning that your loved one will be comfortable and happy.

We offer different floor plans for your loved one as an assisted living Tulsa facility. It is important for us that your left one is comfortable and safe. That is why we have large open rooms that have separate kitchens and bathrooms as well as separate living spaces in bedrooms. Just like a normal home, your family member will be able to spend a comfortable life in our facility. The park offers both one and two-bedroom apartments for your loved one. This way if you have two senior members who wish to bring together, they can. We value community and relationships at The Parke Assisted Living. That is why when you come to the park, you are coming to a true community. Also each of our apartments have a full kitchen. This allows your family member to have agency and their own meals if they decide they do not want to have the ones provided.

We truly are a home away from home for year year loved one. We hope that we can assist you in the future and bring you peace of mind and assurance knowing that you are loved one is taken care of and in a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood. We add special touches that make life easier and more enjoyable for your loved one. We have 24 hour staff that insured family members are taken care of and have access to help at all times.

If you are interested and would like more information, you can visit our website at https://theparke.net/ or call us at 918-249-1262. We truly hope that you will consider sending your loved one to the park, where things will be wonderful. If you have any reservations, consider taking a tour.

Are You Looking For Some Where To live With Assisted Living Tulsa?

If you are looking at assisted living Tulsa locations, then you are probably going to his stressful time. However with The Parke Assisted Living you do not have to worry about things being stressful. That is because we are the best in the business. As the highest rank assisted home in Tulsa, you can rest assured that your senior member of your family will both happy and safe. We offer on-site health and wellness therapy services to all of our residents. If you are interested you can watch a video on our website about it.

As a license assisted living Tulsa facility, we offer safe, caring and that is both beautiful and a true home. We are the highest rated and most reviewed home in Oklahoma. Not only do we have a wonderful and exceptional caring staff, we have a beautiful setting. Our park is located in a quiet peaceful neighborhood next to a City Park and surrounded by walking trails. This means that your family member can take walks in nature and enjoy the outdoors in a safe and peaceful environment. We are truly a whole. Not only do we give our residents a private space to enjoy with a bedroom, kitchen, living area, bathroom, and free Wi-Fi, we also offer them fully stocked kitchens. This means that your family member can make their own food if they do side they do not want the provided meals.

It is the responsibility of an assisted living Tulsa home to give is residents a happy and wonderful place to be. If you are interested, you can either come see us in person or you can view our virtual tour online. We promise you that once you see the online to work you will want to see it in person. We have a simple four step process that that enables you to get started with us at The Parke Assisted Living. First you need to call or stop by for a tour. Once you do that, we will show you around and help you understand our facility better. The next step is to meet our community and get to know all of our staff and specialists. Next, we reserve your residence. This is where we guide you through the process of help you make a simple and easy transition. The final and force that is enjoying a new season of life. Here at The Parke Assisted Living your senior member of your family will enjoy comfort, safety, and community.

We are a locally owned business with accessible owners. It is a family-owned and operated business, meaning we understand the importance of family members and the love back goes into caring for. We also provide individual attention to all of our residents. Our residents have more say in how things are run through a resident Council, food community and much much more. They received the undivided attention from the staff and other residents. Of course you are allowed to visit your family member at the assisted living location. We like to maintain a positive and happy mood with all of our residents

There is no redtape, so if you are interested please you free to visit our website for more information. Our website is https://theparke.net/. You can also call us at 918-249-1262 to speak with one of our wonderful staff. We would love to help you and your family set up a home away from home.