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This Assisted Living Tulsa from The Parke Assisted Living was provide your loved ones a safe and convenient layout with all the comforts of home. I’m our actual site actually includes a courtyard with gardens as well as the main entrance, residential apartments, dining areas including the main dining room as well as private and special occasion dining. So that’s great especially if you have a private party that you like to be able to have or maybe you have a birthday party and you want able to have the special occasion dining room reserved you can do that. We also have common areas like our family room with fireplace, our lounge as well as our entertainment and television room.

The Assisted Living Tulsa also features activity areas including their hobby room and even our library. So with our hobby room there’s plenty of activities that go on and but you also have free reign to be able to go in there and you know do projects I’m on your own time. If you like to check us out please do so will be able to provide you whatever it is you need. And of course was make sure that able to provide everything that you’re looking for. We turn to know more information about her services and disease of the looking to be able to help or maybe even make a transition easier.

The Assisted Living Tulsa The Parke Assisted Living actually has a chapel, postal kiosks, beauty and barber salons and laundry rooms. But of course with our actual apartment we do have a full kitchen in apartments. In that usually takes it of the top for people so that they can actually have the ability to not have to go to the dining hall every day but they can actually choose to make their breakfast and lunch is in the comfort of their own apartment. That we still always provide a safe and convenient layout as well as safety precautions necessary case something were to happen in their apartment kitchen.

So contact us not to know more about will be delivered offer you a community within a community. With sprawling courtyards and gardens as well as residential apartments and activity areas for you to be able to enjoy with your family while there visiting or just be able to enjoy with your friends that you make at The Parke Assisted Living. We offer you garden apartment plans on that are both handicap accessible with full kitchens with appliances, heating and air-conditioning, carpet and window coverings with smoke detectors and also a place for them to put up a telephone if they want as well as set them up with cable TV.

Reach out today to know more information about our services most of able to see something what I one bedroom I look like as well as a two bedroom. If you have someone who would like to be able to have a guest room in case they have a grandkid stay over or maybe it’s just a couple and you want to be able to at least have an apartment be able to fit to people making over the floor plans. Call number or go to www.theparke.net.

Assisted Living Tulsa | One Bedroom and Two Bedroom

This Assisted Living Tulsa The Parke Assisted Living actually has one bedroom and two bedroom garden apartment plans. They’re all handicap accessible as well as they also include full kitchens. So if you have a loved one that really loves to cook and you want able to actually allow them to still have the freedom especially if they have just a little bit more mobility and other people that have dependence on wheelchairs are something like that and then it this might be the best fit form. Where they can actually have heating and air-conditioning that’s individual to their apartment as well as carpet and with window coverings as well as full plaintiffs. If you want able check out The Parke Assisted Living and be able to see the one bedroom and two bedroom floor plans you can see them on the website or you can just it some general information by filling a form.

The Assisted Living Tulsa has everything you could possibly want as well as the dedication to make sure that every single resident comes to live with us can make it their home. Three China for fish better services is a simple or maybe even move in the right direction to where they can always feel like they can ride anywhere thereat. So don’t stick your loved one in a stinky nursing home bring them to The Parke Assisted Living. This is definitely to change the way you see since they as well as show you that people here truly care about just doing their job that bringing real joy to the residence. We also make sure that every resident has the ability be able to build their own community here.

Here at this Assisted Living Tulsa it’s a community within a community. All handicap accessible and more. Three China to know more we should better services abilities and what is managed to get things done. Three China mission better services be able to see what you need to be able to help it will be can do things want to where you’re not having to hit all the red tape. That’s what we’re for and if you are just willing to go ahead and sign up and actually come in for a tour where he can deftly show you around as well as show your loved one how easy it is to be able to get around the facility as well as be able to get involved.

If you have any questions or maybe you wanting to know more about the chapel services that we can have as well as our beauty salon and barber salon available to all residents you take a look at that as well as well as before you even leave the tour get a free lunch on us. Trecento and be able to come in test the food test the waters meet the people learn about the owners who are local to Tulsa and have all your questions answered before you make a decision. Three China to learn more about what we can to be able to facilitate your tour.

See can cause now to learn more information about her services as well as be able to learn more about what it is that we can do to be able to make your stay special with us. Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net.