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We understand at The Parke that it is not anybody’s First Choice to have to go from their home into the Assisted Living Tulsa facility that is why we are here to help you every step of the way we want to make sure that your loved one is always filled with life and retching activities and that they are not going to be just in their room all the time instead of engaging in life. Because we know that you would love to be here every single day engaging with your loved one and spending time with them but we also know that that is sometimes impossible.

We try to make sure that we have such a wide variety list of activities that it is going to fit almost every taste and everybody and that wishes to participate and be involved in our community and our community activities is going to have the opportunity. When they are at the Assisted Living Tulsa, they’re going to have the opportunity so it is something that is going to spark their interest and maybe even make them feel compassion in their life again. We like to remind residents that life is not over because you are moving into a new stage of it. We are here to help them learn new skills and enjoy their own personal accomplishments still to this day.

So that whenever you do come and visit your loved one you are going to find that they have still found a sense of pride in the activities that they have chosen to engage in. For example our resident Edna Who has been an avid and one oil painter throughout her life has begun to teach an oil painting class to her fellow Assisted Living Tulsa residents and this is something that has provided value to her time her life and also the other residents around her as this is something that has become very popular and people really enjoy the time that they spent doing this.

We know that there are not a lot of the best assisted living Broken Arrow facilities in the area that can actually say that they are very so proud of their Life Enrichment programs at that they have an activity calendar that is filled with happy seniors and happy loved ones because we know that we are excelling in this area and that is something that should be so important to you because you don’t want your loved one to just feel like they are being put somewhere to carry out their days without being a burden. To your family instead you want them to feel like this is a stage of their life that can still be fulfilled and wonderful and if they still have purpose in this world and that people care about them and that is something that is going to come across in the way that our staff is going to treat them in the way that they are going to treat each other and the friendships that are going to be the one but because of this environment. CALL AT +918-249-1262 and go to TheParke.net

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Whenever you were looking for Assisted Living Tulsa look no further than the park and the reason why is that we have so many things to offer that we know for a fact that other best Assisted Living Broken Arrow facilities are not going to offer your loved ones. That is because we care about their quality of life and how they feel about their life as a person because we know that even though your loved ones may no longer be able to take care of themselves all the time without help they are still viable and has very valuable members of our society, unfortunately, our society has stopped placing the value that we believe should be placed upon our elderly this is a source of the most amazing wisdom that our society has. And instead of ignoring this resource that we could be gaining wisdom and empathy and insight from we tend to just forget and write them off as too old too tired and invalid. This is a mindset that keeps so many best assisted living Broken Arrow subpar to what they should be, and it’s a real shame, and unfortunately I value that is not given to our seniors.

So instead we have decided that we are going to implement our Assisted Living Tulsa facility in a completely separate way and in a way that we feel it’s kind of overhauling the system and revamping it in a way that we are proud of. Because we know if it was our 11th when’s SM times it is we want them to not only have the value but feel the value that we have placed upon them as our elders.

Is some of the ways that we do that we are by including amenities such as private patios. Range oven microwave and everything that they are going to need at their disposal in order to create and serve their own meals and if they wanted to have company and create a male and serve that to there and paste they’re more than capable of doing that to not disrupt their normal activities and how they feel most at home. It’s one of our homes that has unofficially Wild cable TV and television, so they are going to be able to be in contact with you and anybody else that they please. And they are not going to miss their favorite shows.

Not to mention on top of these amenities which we consider the very basic and of course we are going to offer them we also have the ones that make us Above & Beyond in the ones that make us so proud to do what we do and these include things like we have a postal go of course in a beauty and barber salon laundry room Chapel fitting rooms that are comparable to none in the whole area Entertainment room where they are going to engage with other a resident and then, of course, we also have a very full library that we happen to be very proud of. None of these rooms then double as our arts and crafts here because we have a separate Assisted Living Tulsa place for this because we feel like it is so important for our seniors to be engaging in something that makes them feel creative and renews their sense of wonder.