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There’s a time when eventually most families have to go through the hard decision whether or not to move a family member into aAssisted Living Tulsa facility. While we are here to tell you we understand that we know what it’s like to have to face this and know what it’s like to have to tell the family member they may not be able to spend their last days at their home. But that’s okay because many times after you come and see what we have to offer. They don’t think that this is such a bad option anymore. Because it doesn’t have to be Scary and bad thing.

Instead you’re going to come check out our facility and you’re going to think very differently of what Assisted Living Tulsa has to offer. Because we are doing things differently we are doing things better and we’re very proud of that. We are not going to but like something else you have seen where it is at the corporate text Heather beige hallway with a few rooms cut off the sides of it and people that seem tired and miserable. Because we are doing things for link this is a place that we call home that I have clients call home and that feels like a home.

You’re not going to find that in every Assisted Living Tulsa facility but you will here. And that’s why we are so proud to say that this is the highest and best reviewed assisted living in Oklahoma. That’s a lot to say whenever we have a lot of assisted living facilities here in the city and state. But are spent and we’re not saying that this is from our clients and our families on reviews.

You never asked you to do this. I really love what we’re providing for their family and we are very proud to say that too. Because we set out on a mission to make sure that our loved ones and your loved ones didn’t have to be in a place where they felt like they were stuck like they were irrelevant and had lived their best to do that and I certainly don’t want that for my grandma do you want that 4 years course not so it said let’s do it the better way come on over and let us show you how to do that because we’ve been doing it for many years.

P:ople love it here and we’re going to love to show you around so give us a call at 918-249-1262 or check out the site at theparke.com, because we are very proud to say it is there you are going to find out how Much more we have offered your very loved family member. And not like that whatever you could visit, don’t you want to go somewhere that feels like a Community rather than a nursing home. Somewhere that people are still having fun and smiling and enjoying life, that’s what we’re offering and that’s what you have here.

Assisted Living Tulsa | Another Home Instead Of A Nursing Home

It’s never an easy decision to decide if a family member is ready or needs to go into an Assisted Living Tulsa Community. Especially when not all Assisted Living Tulsa committees are made the same or equal in so many ways. You want to be careful and make sure that you’re going to the right type of facility because this will be something that affects the entirety of your family for a very long time. Because when one member of your family is not happy none of your family is going to be happy.

It’s going to Cause a great deal of descent and many other very unpleasant thanks if you put your family member in an Assisted Living Tulsa disability and they don’t like it. If they feel like they are mistreated or heaven forbid they are actually mistreated happens and it is so important and what things that we cannot stand to hear about what is out there so be careful do your homework I find out who’s offering what whenever you are considering an assisted living home.

Cut things that went to look for whenever you are checking out all the different facilities here in Tulsa if you want to know that they are rated very highly with their customers and with the people that they have come in contact with in the community. Want to know that they have people that are actually giving them a review. This is important to make sure the park has the most and the highest ratings in all of Oklahoma.

And we’re not telling you that so that you only want to look at the park although we think you should, it’s because we want you to be aware that there is a reason for these reviews and if your family member is going to live there you want to make sure that they are a highly reviewed Place. Another thing you want to look for is that they’re going to have health and wellness Services right on site and that these are going to be fully staffed with the ability for your family member to go and have an appointment and see these people on a regular basis. You want their feet entertainment and thanks for your family member to be able to do and whatever you visit you want to see that they’re happy and that they’re actually living a full life because this does not have to be the end of their life and facts absolutely not instead want this to be a transition into another state to their life. Is there an opportunity for them to meet friends and have things to do?

And are they valued as their individual cell because this is a big deal your left one is not too old to be appreciated and understood for the exactly what they are and this generation before us has a wisdom and knowledge that we can never have it till we get there they need to make sure that they are respected and valued for that very fact alone and this is what you’re going to find whenever you come to the park and we hope you find it elsewhere too if you don’t decide to come here, if you want more information give us a call 918-249-1262 or go to the theparke.com