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Here at The Parke Assisted Living, we are truly something different than your typical nursing home or Best Assisted Living Tulsa facility. We know that we can offer your family member and yourself something different something that you never thought you could experience and this kind of industry. It’s already hard enough decision in a stressful time in a very sad or emotional time you decide the your family member and a home so that they are better cared for them what they would be if they were to live at home with you or to live on their own. So while this is happening, just know that we are looking out for your best interest.

If you website your gonna see all the different for pleasantly half of the different apartments that we have for members of this community. We don’t think of these as rooms or as just a spot for your family member to live. They are actually have their own apartment and I can get to pick a floorplan and they can actually decide if they like where they’re living versus just being stuck in a room with what we have. You guys can work together so it feels like you’re actually moving them into their own brand-new homes that just happens to be surrounded by staff members who can step in to help when needed.

Some of the different elements that we have our two different plans for garden apartments. These all have access to some natural lighting and windows and they can see out to the elements of gardens and the scenery outside. This is why we are truly one of the Best Assisted Living Tulsa because we actually try to make this as much of a home as possible versus just a sterile environment for them to go to because they can go anywhere else.

We want our members to feel like they are truly a home and they belong with us and that we are to be able to take care of them better than they thought possible. We know that they are maybe can be a little scared when they first event are there going to be apprehensive because there is this bad stigma about nursing homes. But they are not getting any of that negativity when they come to us.

So when you want to visit us here at The Parke Assisted Living, know that you are going to be visiting the ultimate and Best Assisted Living Tulsa that your family member could help to find. You can go to our website and find out more as well as look at our floorplans and see testimonials as well as few biographies about our staff members. Our website is www.theparke.net. You can also give us a call and speak to someone today who can walk you through it or schedule you for a tour around the facility and to meet all of our team members. Our number is 918-249-1262 and whenever you call your going to be speaking to someone who is thoroughly happy to speak with you and it’s gonna be positive and bringing happy energy to you.

Looking For The Best Assisted Living Tulsa Where It Feels Like A Party?

We truly want your family members to feel as though they are getting to live there best life when they come to live with us here at The Parke Assisted Living. We have got the ultimate and most fully inclusive and exciting Best Assisted Living Tulsa that you could find anywhere. We are going to be giving them an extremely full and happy life to live out the rest of their days however long that may be. We know that when people come to us is because they aren’t fully able to live at home by themselves anymore and that can be something that’s hard for a lot of people to swallow.

So because of this we want to make this physician super easy for you. We want to make it easy for family members offered we know you love them and you care about them more than anything anyone can be happy and feeling like they are some of that they actually want to be. So that’s why we encourage you to bring them to us because here at The Parke Assisted Living we are actually to take care of them as though we are their servants and this is their home that we are servicing. Working to take care of the cleaning and the cooking and everything that goes into daily life so that they only have the job of happy and having fun.

We want to take care of them and we want them to feel like they are truly cared for in every way possible so we make this as easy as it can be free to decide that you to work with the Best Assisted Living Tulsa in the industry which is gonna be us here at The Parke Assisted Living. Our garden apartments come in two distinct floorplans. These include full kitchens with appliances and they are all handicapped accessible. These also include your typical HVAC systems so they can control their own temperature and they are going to get carpet window covering that they can open and shut out well.

This is really just like the moving into a brand-new home, because they’re going to be able to bring what they wanted and so what they don’t need anymore and they’re gonna be able to come and go as they please and do everything that they would do in a regular life only knowing that they have the safety of our staff should they need us. We truly hope that your loved one feels is at home with us as we want them to.

So please call us today and let us walk you through everything we can do for your loved one. We are truly the Best Assisted Living Tulsa in the area and we want you to know that by coming to see our facility or meeting our staff numbers. Our website is www.theparke.net and you can find out more on there. You can also contact us through there. We can call us by calling 918-249-1262. This is a contact one of our staff members who to walk you through the process of getting started or just setting up a tour or getting someone to answer all your questions.