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Whenever it comes to Best Assisted Living Tulsa this is not a title that we gave ourselves, this is what the people have said. and people that we have worked with that care for their loved ones and we have residents that they care about very much they come and visit and they see how our facility is run in the amenities that we provide to our residence.

because whenever it comes to your love when we are going to be able to make sure that they are well taken care of it more than that they’re going to be happy fulfilled and have the connections that we all need and we are all very social peoples so whenever it comes to being social this is one thing that we have in the bag we’re really good at this and we’re going to be able to provide this type of social life that you’re a loved one has been craving probably for a long time without you even knowing it.

So that’s just a really great Park whenever they are here and One that we’re very proud of not only that but we’reAlso very proud to be called the Best Assisted Living Tulsa by the people in the community that we have served and we’ll continue to serve as long as possible. cuz we didn’t know that whenever it comes to assisted living facilities there’s a great need for a lot of really great ones.

We hope that there’s many more that come up at our side to serve the great people of Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Because we know our seniors serve it we hope that this is something that is going to be just normal. In fact we wouldn’t even mind if there was some competition Best Assisted Living Tulsa that came up around us and we were able to say that we weren’t so sure anymore. and that is because we just really want to make sure that our community and our senior community is taken care of

The way that they should be. because there is nothing that should be done more than this and we just are really passionate about making sure that this happens in the exact same way. if you come and find out maybe do a tour you’re going to feel this.

As something you can actually sense whenever you walk through the door and you see how we’re doing things around here so we would love it if you come and spend some time with us and see what we could be providing for your loved one or if they lived here with us too. so give us a call and we’re going to plan your tour or your night of bingo or whatever else it is that you’d like to do with our community, call us at 918-219-1262 or go to the site at theparke.com.

Best Assisted Living Tulsa | The best food in Oklahoma

Whenever it comes to being the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, it was very hard to have that place all the time. But more than that, I hope that we are getting anywhere near up here because whenever it comes to assisting living facilities here in Oklahoma we know that there’s some really great ones but we hope that we are doing things in a way that definitely puts us on that short list. but on top of that we also hope that we are giving our seniors the type of a lifestyle that they really love and that they are able to say that they are fulfilled and really living the fact that they’re here.

Because that is something that is very important to us, we’re always trying to make sure that we are giving them the type of lifestyle that they deserve and that they want. and more than that we’re also trying to always make sure that we are providing them with all the amenities and good at perks of life that they deserve. because that is something that we know that whenever we get older we hope to have as well.

Not only that but we do have the Best Assisted Living Tulsa staff in the industry. We have staff that really care about our residents and they always want to make sure that they are giving that extra moment to have that small exchange with with our residents are taking the time to have that cup of coffee or whatever else it is that it’s going to make that human connection real that is what our staff is there to do. and only that but there’s one other thing that we can be very proud of and that is our food and chef.

because whenever you can start food, guess what we are the very best and we have a great menu and we have a great many that are restless love. and we make sure that we take their suggestions and we go and make sure that we work it in a way that we hope that we can get everybody’s favorites in at least once every month or so hopefully at least once a month

and that way we know that our seniors are are really living the food and they are able to have the type of food that they want and we actually ask them and then we listen to him and that’s just the easiest way to do that we hope that every other facility out there will just kind of take a cue from that and do.

We hope that others will do the same because this is definitely the easiest way to make sure that your residents are going to enjoy their food. more than that we just have really great I’m a Cooks at our facility and they make really good food we all eat it here all of our staff enjoy Best Assisted Living Tulsa as well. Call us today at 918-249-1262 or go to our website at theparke.com.