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Whenever it’s your loved one that’s very important that you have the very Best Assisted Living Tulsa facility for them to go to whatever you have decided that maybe it’s time for them to not be living on their own anymore. because surely they have a beautiful big house and they love it very much.

but the point is are they taking care of it, are they utilizing it and are they lonely. because this is one Best Assisted Living Tulsa thing that a lot of people don’t even consider whenever they’re trying to decide whether or not their loved one should be in a community around other people like them at their age that they could form bonds with and a facility in a faculty that it’s going to be able to help them with their daily needs that they just really don’t want to ask anybody else for help with anyways.

We all know that whenever it comes time you want to make sure that you get the right facility because if you don’t this could be disastrous for you and your family. because we all know if anything happens to your loved one. I’m curious if you’re going to be very mad. but it’s going to be more than that. Everybody and your family will be hurt and just made and disillusioned and so many terrible things will just be brought up in the guilt and all the other things that go along with that.

because you know and we know that you are trying your very hardest and you would never put your loved one somewhere that you didn’t think therapy was being taken care of. but we can give you the guarantee that we are going to make sure that this is never a problem whenever they come and stay at our facility and that is how we’ve been able to be the Best Assisted Living Tulsa facility.

Because we know whenever it comes to your level and they are just as important as if it was our very own mom we want to make sure they’re always taking care of no matter what you’re going to love being able to come and see them and visit them and maybe even come to poker night I don’t know but you’re going to see it doesn’t have a lot of fun they’re going to meet a lot of friends

and they are going to have a faculty that really cares about them and we have people we have the staff that are actually forming real bonds with the residents they work for and that they love to do and we love to have employed the people that we are considering of High character the Best Assisted Living Tulsa people that are absolutely going to be a privilege to learn from all of the seniors that we work with. That’s something that we are able to do because we are given that great perk of our jobs, so if this sounds like the people that you want working with your loved one then give us a call at 918-249-1262 or go to our site at theparke.com.

Best Assisted Living Tulsa | check out our calendar to see how busy mom will be

There’s many different reasons why we are able to try that we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa one of them just happens to be our calendar. because whenever you go into our activities calendar you’re going to see that our seniors have options every single day all day long. none of these are required of them, but instead they have been suggested by them.

These are just things that we know that they wanted to do and the reason we know that is because they gave us the suggestions. Not only that is because we listen to them and we know that there was a time right before they came here that they were probably much longer than you thought and definitely much longer than they ever told you. because that’s one thing that we know that our seniors and our loved ones are not going to tell us.

because I don’t necessarily want us to feel guilty for not visiting them and all those other things. because our loved ones love us too and they want to protect us from those guilty feelings but the truth is as many times we find that before coming to an assisted living home many of our residents were quite lonely before they got here so whenever they get to the their new home and they find new friends they also have this beautiful calendar full of events that they get involved in and they really enjoy. like say I’m on the 15th of this month you’re going to go and there is horse racing that you could come and join in with your loved one and enjoy.

It’ll be really a lot of fun. It’s always a lot of fun and we’d love to have you. or if you have more of a bingo person that’s more your speed we would invite you to come on the 22nd and you’re going to be able to get in on our Bingo game. It’s very lively. Not only that, we have so many other things that we get to do and also every week we also have a hair stylist come in so all the ladies can have their hair done and washed and cut and whatever else that they like to get done with it.

so that they’re just full of activities, there’s not a day that’s going to go by that they don’t have something that they can get Best Assisted Living Tulsa involved in and that we find that’s really important and it really brings life out to everybody. and if you want to come join in any of these activities with them we will more than welcome you. Call us for a copy of the calendar at 918-249-1262 or go to our site and download it today at theparke.com