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It will blow you away about this Best Assisted Living Tulsa is probably offering you the best deal from any other system living center here in Oklahoma. Family-owned which means the owners are actually local to Tulsa so it’s not owned by the corporation that has just a list of facilities. We don’t want our facility get lost in the shuffle that’s why were locally owned small assisted-living center were were still able to provide physical therapy as well as occupational therapy to those who need it as well as nursing staff who can help your family members get around if they need it. Because at the end of the day we always want to make sure that all residents and their family members can actually look back and remember how we made them feel as well as how much we care. If you’re looking for excellent care as was customer service then you always want to go to The Parke.

There’s just something special about this Best Assisted Living Tulsa. Absolutely amazing a being able to provide people what they’re looking for. So if you need some help maybe have allow one who’s finally kind of at the point where they can’t fully live independent in their own house or their own apartment then come on in and see what this highest-rated Musser viewed assisted-living home in Oklahoma is all about. Obviously we have a lot of good things going test why would we be the highest-rated? We have a lot of great things happening as was plenty of activities and amenities and services we always have something going on every week so your mom and dad will never be bored.

The Best Assisted Living Tulsa has plenty for your loved ones to do and they don’t have to do everything but they always have options available to them if they were to join in. The most important thing for us here at our assisted living center is to be able to help people build community or at least be able to open a door to help them network with other people and able to other be able to make other friendships. Rather than Dino staying behind the closed door of their apartment. Of course we understand not everybody is superduper social but we always make sure able to leave the door open for all residents to come to live with us.

So contactor team not to learn more information about what we can offer them or at least be able to ask to schedule a tour with you and you want to meet the owners as well as able to see calendars of the best and amenities that we have as well as I just being able to hear from residents yourself and seeing that the how they feel about the places as well as even talking to the employees. Because obviously when you’re having a special someone live at this assisted-living sending obviously will make sure that the employer’s are treating your loved ones with dignity.

Call The Parke Assisted living at 918-249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net. Our assisted-living center is definitely worth checking out. Is this is an statement facility so obviously it can be a home away from home where you can easily come over and visit them anytime you want.

Best Assisted Living Tulsa | Did Something Happen?

Check out the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. Because if something happened recently to where your loved one no longer feels comfortable living by themselves or something happen to where no one was there to help them out and they got her tendon ended up being a big deal then it might be time to actually consider coming to The Parke assisted living to at least check it out and see what options are available to you because we understand that usually as your mom and dad are grandparents get older their movement is to be a lot more constricted just due to the fact that you know their bodies not operating the weight should and so obviously we will make sure they provide and independence but still be able to write them safety.

The Best Assisted Living Tulsa has everything that your loved one can actually like. Not even light but even love. Where were able to maintain safety and treat them with integrity as was dignity and offer independent and improvement on quality of life. Is very often we have residents that have come from facilities that are run by the state or just run by corporations and they are not believing that hometown feel. So we here at assisted living Center are offering you owners that are actually local to the area this is a family owned business and it’s been operational for 20 years now and we want to make sure they are able to continue on for 20 more years.

The Best Assisted Living Tulsa called The Parke is a special place for your loved one and where we can provide you on-site nursing, physical therapy and even occupational therapy to those who might be in need. But if you’re having a loved one that’s just move around a little bit slower or maybe your your dad is kind of at their health is declining but you want to be able to make sure you keep mom and dad together we have apartments big enough for two so we don’t want to separate families and we don’t want to separate husbands and wives. But if something did happen and you have maybe a mom or dad or grandma or grandpa that is little bit of extra help after here.

Were always can be the best in the industry and obviously is communities can us feel so much like home. And what it your aunt or your uncle your mom or your dad there to be happy to came here because the staff is very friendly because they care about people and we are in the business of helping and living on people. You can tell that the employees love what they do to have a passion for the residents and also just helping them be independent but still have fun. Search at our team not to learn more about our commitment to your mom and dad’s well-being and quality of life.

Call The Parke Assisted living at 918-249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net. Allow us to show off our living center. And show firsthand what our commitment is to the well-being and quality of life of all residents that come to stay with us whether temporary or long-term.