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We want to to help you find the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and that is in a BS here The Parke Assisted Living. We have the most inclusive services and amenities for your loved one to enjoy while they live with us your up our facility. We also have more rooms and available community events and activities for you to join in with your family to become with us. You don’t have to worry about missing out on time with them because he can literally do everything you’re going to do with them while they lived in their own home on another to live in their own apartment in a community of people where there are sophomores available to help them.

If your family members having a special occasion anyone have everybody out to their apartment here with us at The Parke Assisted Living, they’re able to reserve one of our dining rooms and you can even have meals with us as long as you reserve, if you are going to be there. All this is because we truly want your family member to feel like they are living their best life and that they are able to pick up soccer where they left off living at their old home but now they’re living in this new home where they are surrounded by people who care for them and they are making a difference.

There are additional services that you cannot into the monthly rate that we have. So when it comes to being the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, working to have the best prices Ross and I have all of the services that are included as well as additional services you cannot on. We can have the assistance of activities of daily living so we can help them with bathing or dressing and grooming. So if your family member is not able to do these things as well they once were, working people to add this on as an additional service we can help them with.

We can also help them with incontinent management so if they are needing help with managing their bathroom needs and assistance with the supplies and reminders to get the supplies or to use the restroom, will be able to do this too. You can also out on medical management so that our staff and our trained and certified licensed nurses and staff is able to help them remember to take their medicine and help them take it the correct way. Taking the correct dosage is really important so will help them with that too.

Visit us today and you can have a tour of our facility as well as to enjoy a meal with us so that you and your family member can see exactly what the fitment is like whenever you come to join us. Our website is www.theparke.net and you’re gonna be able to find all the information on there as all see why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa in the industry. You can also cause a 918-249-1262 and speak to someone today about how to get started with that sore or just how to get started with your family member moving in.

For The Best Assisted Living Tulsa That Will Stay Active And Healthy With?

If your loved one is not as active as they once were and they’re not as willing to get out and go for walks or go enjoy the scenery or even got us a activities with you and your children, call us today and let us show you why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa for your family member because were going to show them why they need to give back to living life and get back to being healthy and active. Very important such as we get older to maintain an active lifestyle and one that is full of positivity and energy and just happiness. We want to help your family member to find this again so bring them to us today and let us show you around our amazing facility.

We are to be able to show them how they can join in our weekly and daily wellness and fitness activities. We are honestly not having them participate in any kind of hard-core weights and extreme workouts but we are going to have them doing things that are keeping them active in keeping them moving and grooving. We want you and your family member to see that life is just as possible and just as easy if not easier than it was before when they lived in their very own home.

The only difference in this home than their home that they had was that there are people here that they can actually interact with and enjoy other activities with. There also can have staff members who are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa nurses and doctors and team members who can assist them anytime of day that they need. You’re also can be able to interact with the stock number so that you too can see that they are truly the most professional and the most reliable and most trustworthy you’re also been in it you can contact them any point if you are needing to find out something about your family member or help them with something.

You never have to take this task on yourself to care for your family member in your own home. You can do everything that you want to do with them and enjoy your life with them and have activities and occasions with them all the same as you could at their living with you but you can put them to live with us in their very own apartment with their very own private patio and their very own kitchen to enjoy without you having to worry about remembering their medicine remembering to clean up after them because we take care of all that.

You know they were actually take care of your family member and we want to show you that. To schedule your tour with us or just come into enjoy a meal with us and see what we’ve got amazing food and amazing services. Here at The Parke Assisted Living we are truly the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and we are going to show you that when you come to CSO when you talk to us. So call today at 918-249-1262 or look website at www.theparke.net and see for yourself or with the best.