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As hot as a company looking for really great gift to give your family member 11, so don’t have a conversation with them about how you can best assist them with the rest of their lives. We know that maybe they aren’t as happy as they could be with living with you in your busy schedule and all the things to happen when you have children and messy homes and pets around. Maybe they’re older and they don’t want all the noise in the crowd around them and they just want their own space but you don’t really know where to send them because you think that they might get hurt living on their own. We can help here with our Best Assisted Living Tulsa facility.

When your loved one is feeling these pressures to conform to your busy life and really they just want to relax and be at peace, think about bringing them here to The Parke Assisted Living. We know that we can give them a better life and a better sense of security and home life when they are living somewhere that they feel they are in control and they have their own space to do as they please whenever they want. That’s it they’re going to get here because of their own personal department that has a private patio and access to everything they think possibly need.

Here I The Parke Assisted Living, we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa because we have every opportunity for our members to feel like they are at peace again. They don’t have to worry about this grand adventure and the scary stigmas of moving into a nursing home. There’s something moving their entire life and everything that they love to do into a new facility where they suddenly does have people around who are not only like them but then the staff members who are passionate about helping them and can get them the help they need whenever they need it.

A lot of times some people will have accidents in the middle of the night where they maybe fought a bad or they’re trying to reach something they can I follow they get hurt or they simply forget to take medicine and we can always hear our funds we don’t answer or they can get to a phone to call 911 and they sit there in pain all night when they could on medical attention right away. This is where we are so happy to say that we have the most timely and quick responsive staff available for medical needs that need be met immediately or just any point in time.

So visit us today and let us give your tour run a beautiful facility. Here at The Parke Assisted Living we are going to give you the Best Assisted Living Tulsa because we know that we can. We’ve done it from clients for years and we want to do for your family as well. We are extremely family-oriented and we know that we wanted to your blood on my family. So cost at 918-249-1262 or visit our website at www.theparke.net.

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It’s very very hard to think about trying to leave your home and move into a new one or to think about meeting new people and this is hard any age. But especially when you are older and you don’t really know anybody in the facility that you’re going to but you know that it’s gonna be the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and you think that maybe you want to visit first to tour and meet the staffers. Any of this is totally possible with us here at The Parke Assisted Living.

We want you and your family and your entire family members to feel actually comfortable about where your bringing your family to live and where you can come to visit them. It may be different for them because they are not living in a home by themselves that they have to fully take care of but that’s where the differences stop. Beyond that they are still free to come and go as they please there is still free to do whatever activities they would like to and they can have anybody over that they would like to as well. We do have community food that they’re able to purchase and they are able to add on as their meal service.

We also have computerized medical medical record services so that it’s easy for any of our staff members to see what’s going on with your family members should the moment arise that they are unable to answer for themselves and they are hurt so badly they can’t speak. Even though you want the situation to happen we do have the procedures and systems in place so that we can take care of them as quickly as possible in the event that something does happen to them while they are with us. We’ve got the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and staff that you can find anywhere.

We know that whenever you are searching for a place for family to live you are going to wonder about the food that they’re getting as it good or is it more like cafeteria food and they are really can enjoy great food anymore unless you bring it to them. But we actually have a manager for dietary needs on staff and the cooks that we have are actually former restaurant cooks and managers and so they know what good food is. They’re going to get breakfast lunch and dinner and all this is included with the services. This will all actually be brought to their rooms though they’re not going to a buffet style meal.

You can come to do a tour of our facility as well as get a free meal just to see for yourself how good our food really is that your family is gonna be enjoying. So here at The Parke Assisted Living we are going to give you the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and you are you know for yourself when you come to see us. So call us today to start that tour which is 918-249-1262. You can also go to our website which is www.theparke.net and you can find all the information as well see a list of our services and price points. We know that we can give you the best services so let us help you today by calling us now and getting started.