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The team here at The Parke Assisted Living is going to be the most energetic and positive and outgoing team that you’ve ever met and the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. We only hire the best of the best when it comes to nurses and staff members because we truly want them to be passionate about our community members and about the care that their giving to them. You are bringing us your precious and special loved one to come and spend their time with us and we want you to know that we are going to take that into consideration but that the forefront of our minds every time we do something.

When a your families if they are own family. So if we wouldn’t do that do something or say something to our own grandparent our own parent or noggin into it’s yours. We know how hard it is to make this decision to move a lot on out of their home that they’d known for 60 years and put them into a brand-new place of brand-new people and a new everything. We don’t want that to be harder than it needs to be so we want to make it easy for you and give you welcoming a positive environment to walk into the second that you come to the doors.

The altar’s office can agree you and they’re going to be truly and genuinely happy to see you and they’re going to give you every care possible to get your loved one to feel excited about coming to stay at the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. We’ve got everything that you could possibly ask for we have windows with views and scenery around and we have the ultimate and the best staff possible. So call us and let us walk you through how we are going to be able to deliver this amazing service to you and your grandparent or your parent.

Not only do we have some of the best floorplans for any kind of assisted living facility that you been to, but we also have a beauty salon, we have a barbershop, we have a chapel, we have a library, a hobby room, laundry rooms, a Postal Service room, and so much more. We’ve got gigantic family room so that you can bring all of your family therefore any kind of parties emailing to have her get-togethers. You can also just come go with them to church on Sundays at our chapel. Truly they are going to be living in this fully immersed community of greatness.

Everything that you could think of that you want for your life and all the things you do on a daily basis we’re going to have that here at our amazing The Parke Assisted Living. This is why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and we are going to deliver our exceptional services to your family member every single day for as long as they are with us. So call us now at 918-249-1262 so we can give you more information. You can also find more information by yourself by going to our website which is www.theparke.net.

Looking For The Best Assisted Living Tulsa Where Stacy’s Mom Has Got It Going On?

Have you ever heard of a nursing home having a beauty shop in their facility? Neither had I. Until I learned about the amazing and unheard of facility at The Parke Assisted Living. We’ve got the uttermost fascinating and Best Assisted Living Tulsa that you could find anywhere. We are fully inclusive of everything that your loved one is gonna need to continue living there like the same way they were before only now there going to be a facility with staff members who passionately care about keeping them safe and taking care of so that they can continue living their life happily.

We know how important it is for people to feel like they look their best and feel their best and that’s why we have a beauty salon and a barbershop in our nursing home. We want to make sure that our community members don’t have to leave if they don’t want to leave but they still want to have something done for their hair or their nails they are able to do so. They can stay here and get everything done on site in our community or they can leave and go to wherever they like to go. They are truly not in any kind of prison situation. They are just simply living here so that they have the safety net of our staff to help them if they were to fall or forget to take the medicine or just need any kind of medical attention.

So bring your family to the ultimate and most exclusive community of assisted living facilities here at The Parke Assisted Living. Because we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa we are going to give you everything that you could’ve ever dreamed that you could be able to give your family member when you move them into the home. We know this possible for every child to take care of their parent so if your mother or father or grandparents or even great-grandparents need assistance that you are not able to give them or care that you’re not able to focus on them then bring them to us because we want to be able to give them that keep your relationship with them easy and happy and loving versus stressful because you know you can get them what they need.

We’ve got everything that you need so don’t hesitate to call us and come and take a tour with us if you would like. You can also visit with some of our staff members and see exactly how they take care of our guests in our community members here. We are truly the best in the business and we can prove it to you so visit with us today.

Let our amazing staff here at The Parke Assisted Living show you why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and that we are going to give your loved one the best rest of their life. Our website is www.theparke.net and you can find more on there. You can also ask for testimonials and references by going to 918-249-1262. This is how you gonna find out everything you need to get all of your questions answered.