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Whenever you bring your family to us at the park you’re going to be sure that we are going to treat them as if they are now our family because they are. I want less than you would expect whatever you are at the Best Assisted Living Tulsa area. And we have this because we go above and beyond to make sure that your family and your loved one still have a filling and full life that is going to provide them with everything that they need not only to be safe and well taken care of and to feel secure and safe but also that their heart and their minds are nurtured and continued to grow because no matter what your age is your heart and your mind still wish to be fulfilled and enriched.

We get creative about doing that at the best Assisted Living Tulsa has to offer because we know that that is what it takes. When the way that we would invite you to come and check that out and see what we mean for yourself is just to go on to our monthly calendar and see how a bullet is we could not pack one more activity or one more social event into this calendar. And it is like that every month we invite you to go into any month and check it out for yourself and see what we mean.

This is the type of thing that you should be able to expect from any assisted living facility in the Tulsa area but unfortunately, it is not going to be the case it is whenever you come to the park that is why we are the most reviewed in the country that is why we can say as a fact we are the best Assisted Living Tulsa has and will continue to be at the top. Not because our business model provides that, but because we have a staff that is passionate and fully engaged in making sure that your loved one feels as if they are welcome, happy, healthy, and at home.

We know there’s a lot of anxiety that comes with any move at any age so whenever it is your elderly family member and they are moving from their home that they have been in for many years this is going to be even more stressful than if it was just you or I moving across town he even though that’s no fun either. So we’re going to try to make this move and transition as comfortable and as smooth as possible for everybody. We are also going to make sure that our staff is engaging, and helpful. Whenever it comes to helping your loved ones create their sanctuary in their new home. Although they might find that they are busier than they have been in a very long time because while we are in the process of making sure that their home is designed and she is so they would like it may also have committees and game nights and B clubs in it painting lessons that are available for them to attend and once they get into their schedule they’re not going to want to miss these events 918-249-1262 theparke.net

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Here at the parke the reason that we can proudly say that we are at the best Assisted Living Tulsa has to offer is because every single month put out an event calendar and newsletter that he’s going to make sure that your loved one knows how to engage. Were to engage in what kind of fun activities they are going to have coming up as so that they are going to have such a busy schedule that they are not going to have time to be lonely or bored.

We even encourage you to come and join in the festivities. Maybe not choir practice cuz that’s just for residents at the best-assisted living facility Tulsa has but whenever we have Bingo or skip o p and courage you to come and play with your loved one and enjoy that time with them because it is going to be a time that you were going to find so engaging.

Because it is the little things like that that our staff can do whenever they are working on Best Assisted Living Tulsa activities with your loved one and our community they are going to treat every one of our residents as if they are their own family. And if they are their Community leaders. Because that is what our residents are they are not patient in a home they are not dollars on a spreadsheet. They are the members of our community that makes it run and makes it important in the very first place. We know here at the park that the reason we are the best Assisted Living Tulsa had is that we value our residents and we value they are there with them and what they add to any Community besides the fact that they are here with us because we understand that they would be a value to any community and the fact that we have them is a privilege. If you would like to have a great option, then come down and see what can be done.

so if you want to make sure that your family and your loved one are in a place where they are going to be valued loved and engaged make sure that you’d come to us here at the park because there are not any other facilities that you were going to find it is going to be better at this is an ass. The reason why is because our staff is passionate and creating an environment that your loved one is going to thrive in not just live at. Every one of our staff builds lasting and true bonds with our residents because they are not engaging what’s our residents in a way that is anything less than heartfelt and dedicated. call us at 918-249-1262 at theparke.net