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What’s great about the Best Assisted Living Tulsa called The Parke is at the fact that were soup continuously surprising people about the fact that were offering incredible service as well as getting people their dignity back especially people that come from you know terrible situations in nursing homes or even just been living situations where they just ultimately just couldn’t care for the house or the yard and we honestly one make sure that people know that we care for people that the business were in his people will make sure that able to have you operate with integrity honesty and also transparency here at our suspending center. And that’s why were the highest rated and most reviewed assisted-living center in Oklahoma. Honestly were doing something right.

The Best Assisted Living Tulsa has everything you need as well as the provide you plenty of information to rejection meet the owners who are actually local to the area so you’re not dealing with a corporation that’s just running a funny farm. So if you’re looking to be able to have a community where you. Your parent can grow then you come to the right place. To return out of no more patient services is also to see what looking to be able to help or maybe even help them you know move in the direction of the decision especially if you’re just not trying to talk him into it but you’re missing able to let them know what their options are. So bring on over and also be able to get a tour as was a free lunch.

The Best Assisted Living Tulsa has everything he needs obvious they were to be able to always to the best and making sure that all of our staff and all of our community members are on the best behavior when you come and visit. Of course you don’t have to worry about having a wild rave party or anything like that is also very calm place where you always can be able to rest assured knowing that your mom or your dad or your grandparent is to be able to have their own privacy their own space but still just be a stone throw away from the nurse can help them if they are ever in trouble or maybe to have a little bit more trouble getting around these days.

But all about making sure that we can still help them achieve what they want to achieve and just giving them a little bit assistance with their activities of daily living. So reach out to us today to find out what to do or maybe even how able to assist you with whatever it is you need. We here at The Parke always want to make sure there were making a positive first impression that were not only well you as the family member but also well your mother or your dad or even your grandparent. Because we understand that they’re very skeptical about this because they been independent for so long and then you know they wake up one day he can no longer get around their own house like they used to and it’s sometimes hard to come to terms with that we make sure that we can be a place where everybody has their dignity and honestly one make sure that we as a company are able to operate with honesty and integrity every single time so look at her to be able to come in and see what it’s all about?

So to reach out to us to schedule a tour you can either call or you can exit on the website and at the very top of the homepage click the tab that says schedule a tour. They can call 918-249-1262 or visit the website which is www.theparke.net.

Best Assisted Living Tulsa | Surrounded by a Beautiful Setting

The Best Assisted Living Tulsa by the name of The Parke surrounded by beautiful setting as well as offering caring staff technicians and nurses alike as well as just general people who love people want to make their lives meaningful. He probably had a parent or even grandparent that was living in a situation that either in their own home was just not beneficial for them and was causing a lot of hazardous falls or just almost accidents it would help wherever we we can. So bring the money and maybe see what they think about our setting as well as our ability make them feel like they truly at home. In my not the whole house consumer beautiful apartment where they can make it their own and still be able to be close to a nurse if they were to need it.

The Best Assisted Living Tulsa reach out to save you know more information about our services or were able to do to be able to show you that were really a truly five-star service. So if you want to know more about that or the being little more about what it able to help her be able to get in touch with you now is the time to be able to do so. Return I learn more about what this initiative able to help Hamel able to provide you would have it is you need. So don’t wait contactor team not to know more patient better services & make sure they would offer better deal as well as making sure it’s always worth it. She to learn more about what is you do how we would save some time. We cannot formation of our services allow us be able to prove ourselves as the number one assisted-living center.

This Best Assisted Living Tulsa has continued to allow people of all ages who are coming to obese be able to get a tour understand a company as well as being able to meet our local ownership. And they are local so you’re not dealing with a major corporation that owns like 20 other facilities. This is a homegrown company with homegrown people at want to be able to be in the business of helping people so contact us here today and see what you think as well as allowing you to be able to give you some options and even a free lunch seek actually try to food to see if you like it as well as take a look at the apartments available.

Contactor team not to learn more about what possibilities are available to those who live here so if you have a loved one is coming from owning their own home or maybe they lived in apartment somewhere but they just able to get around maybe their apartment had stairs and they’re just not able to get up them up and down should then contact the parke to get a tour

Call 918-249-1262 or visit the website which is www.theparke.net. It is easy to get a hold of us there’s always someone there to answer the phone as was great to the moment you walk in the door. If you’re looking for a place that has a separate bedroom kitchen living area bath as well as special features and step and special touches to make life easier and you can always get it right here with The Parke.