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Looking for the best assisted living Tulsa? Look no further Oklahoma family owned and operated for 20 years we are the highest rated and most reviewed assistant living in Oklahoma. With on-site health and wellness therapy services we provide peace of mind to loved ones and families. Our staff works hard to provide exceptional care to every resident, never again worry about the safety of your loved ones’ environment. Your loved ones’ comfort and safety is our top priority. Your loved ones’ comfort and safety is our top priority. We are excited to meet you and your family and show you all we have to offer here at the parke

Our beautiful location makes us one of the best assisted living Tulsa. Located in a quiet neighborhood we are minutes away from shopping, entertainment, and fine dining. Talk to way in the back corner of the neighborhood. You have all the beauties of nature right in your backyard. With hiking trails and city parks a couple minutes away your loved one will have more than enough activities to keep their days filled with adventure and fun. We strive to include an activity for everyone. With exercise classes and movie theater trips your loved ones will be able to thrive in a community that feels like a family.

Keeping ourselves at a higher standard we insure the Best Assisted Living Tulsa complete with one and two bedroom floor plans that have special touches for all of your loved ones needs. With every unit being ground floor and handicap accessible we pride ourselves in knowing that your loved one could not find a more loving home. With all the regular amenities such as cable TV heating and air full kitchen appliances and bathroom it truly feels like a home away from home giving your loved one the independence they crave and deserve. call to schedule a tour today. We would love to help you and your loved ones find their future home.

With amazing amenities on site your loved one will feel right at home. With areas such as beauty and barber salons, chapel, library, and entertainment rooms we have something for everyone. Ensuring that your loved one has the most independence we gently guide and nurture to ensure a safe and healthy living environment for all. Every day is an adventure and we strive to make sure your loved one is living the best possible life they can. Whether it’s sitting with family in the family room, we’re having a residential party with a community, we provide all sorts of opportunities for your loved ones to get involved.

The process has never been easier with step-by-step instructions. We walk you through the entire process of getting your loved ones into a beautiful new place that they can call home. Our staff is always up and ready to assist you in making sure that all of your needs are met. We understand that this is a difficult decision and we want to ensure Safety and stability for all who enter. Call or stop by for a tour. We would love to meet with you and show you around, get to know our wonderful community of staff and specialists and reserve your residence. It’s that easy. And don’t worry we walk you through every step of the way Call us at (918) 249-1262 or visit us at https://theparke.net/

Best Assisted Living Tulsa I A Place Called Home.

What makes the park the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, we are a license assist facility that offers seniors a safe caring community. With a beautiful setting in a quiet neighborhood our caring staff works hard to provide exceptional care. We pride ourselves in knowing that your loved ones will truly love calling this place home. Our application process is simple and easy and guided every step of the way. Locally owned and operated for 20 years our owners ensure that you personally meet and talk giving everyone a safe sense of stability. We know it’s a tough decision and we are determined to help you make the right one.

Our on-site healthcare professionals help keep us the best assisted-living. Rest easy knowing that your loved ones are always taken care of 24 seven. Our license professionals are always prepared and ready to give you the best quality care. We take love and care to the next level dedicating ourselves to every problem your loved one may encounter. Ensuring independence and quality life with a guiding hand. Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to creating the safest and most stable environment for everyone who enter our doors continuing to strive for a compassionate and loving community your loved one will feel right at home

Adventure is out there and we are sure to find it with the city nearby. We are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. Minutes away from movie theaters, shopping malls, and fine dining. We ensure that every resident continues their everyday life. Enjoy the beauty of nature right in your backyard. We are located in the back of a quiet neighborhood. Your loved one can have everything they need right in the palm of their hand. We strive to find the fun in life with on-site activities such as entertainment, exercise classes, and residential parties we as a community come together to give your loved ones home to be proud of

Our on-site amenities keep your loved ones entertained for hours with amenities such as salons, library, and family rooms. We have something for everybody. Our beautiful courtyard it’s always a hotspot for walks and talks or activities. The room can always be filled with some sort of game or craft. And our family room is perfect for a get together. We ensure that all residents feel safe, secure and happy to call us home No matter what and no matter who you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is in the best possible hands. With our step-by-step process finding your new home has never been easier.

Application processes don’t have to be hard and we make sure that ours isn’t. Our simple Best Assisted Living Tulsa process takes you step-by-step into starting your new season of life. Call or stop by for a tour we love to meet face-to-face and show you around, it also gives you a chance to meet our wonderful community of staff and specialists. Reserving your residence has never been easier we guide you see the process and help make it a simple and easy transition living happily ever after shouldn’t be difficult and we do everything we can to ensure that it isn’t Call us at (918) 249-1262 or visit us at https://theparke.net/