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How many assisted-living facilities have you been and where the member living there may have a window to look outside but they don’t actually have to go outside. They may have a community space that they don’t actually have any kind of activity is going on or any kind of camaraderie going on that keeps them living in happy and active? We using this to me at times and that’s why here at The Parke Assisted Living we have decided that we want to be the Best Assisted Living Tulsa because we want to offer everything that you’ve seen only make it better and make it much more of a happy and positive experience.

Whenever you come to visit with us you can do feel like you are sending your parent or grandparent or family member off to Disney World. We are truly the ultimate living facility and we want your family member to see that as well. We have everything that they need on site so that they don’t have to leave if they don’t want to. They can get their hair done. They can get their nails done. They can enjoy fresh home-cooked meals three times a day. They’ve got snacks galore. They’re going to have daily and weekly activities. There gonna be able to enjoy all the time with their new friends here at our facility.

They’re also going to see where we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa because they are going to get to reserve rooms if they want to have a big family gathering. They can have anybody over in their apartment that they want to. They can be able to cook and clean their own apartment just like they would their own home only smaller space so it will be so hard on them. They can also have their weekly linens and home cleaned by our staff so they don’t have to worry about that either. We’ve also got your spacious apartments with private patios that they can actually walk out on and see outside be outside sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while they watch the sunrise, whatever they like to do.

We know that you are going to enjoy me to visit your family member here and their family members truly can enjoy living here. They’ll make new friends will be able to go to our library and read as much as they want as often as they want. They can hook up their TV and Internet to their very own personal wiring in their apartment for a cable and TV and wireless set up. They’re going to have an emergency call system set up so that they can call us any point that they need.

We know how important it is for people when they leave their homes at if they have pets that they bring their pets with them. We are pet friendly and that is why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. So call us today by dialing 918-249-1262. You can talk to someone about all of our services and get scheduled for a tour. Or you can call it a website which is www.theparke.net and find out our information for yourself.

Looking For The Best Assisted Living Tulsa That Includes It All?

You do know that whenever you are sending your family to live with us or if you are just simply bringing them by to see if they enjoy it, you’re going to be touring at the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. In Tulsa and all of the surrounding areas as well as probate estate or even the nation, we truly are the most unique and outstanding assisted-living facility because we have taken into consideration every single thing that someone’s gonna want to feel is free and liberated as possible to live an amazing life all while living at our safe facility.

We have highly licensed and experienced nurses on staff day and night 24 7C you know that your family is can be taken care of because they’re not have to worry about having a fall or messing up the medication and having some kind of medical reaction or emergency happen and not have anybody there. This happens all too often when somebody has a fall at their home when they live by themselves and they either can’t reach the phone or their family member does answer the phone fast enough because it’s middle the night and they end up laying there all night until the next day when someone things to check on them or to check their phone. This is extremely sad and it can oftentimes lead the bigger issues that didn’t need to happen should they have gotten treatment right away.

This is why we have someone on staff all day and all night so we can treat them immediately if something happens. It’s also another reason why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa because we are going to be able to get you and your family member to the right facility if they need more medical attention than are nurses on staff can give them. We also in another we’re going to give the best included amenities. So we’ve got a single-story building that is in a keep your family member safe. They don’t have to worry about going up and down any stairs or having any kind of obstacles in their way of getting to their rooms or the community areas.

If you live in mers can be free to come and go as they please and there gonna be able to do all the things that they enjoyed before while living on their own only there to have the safety net of our staff and our building to come back to everything on it. So they’re never going to actually be alone because again have people in their rooms as well so they can have someone a call and if they need something other can have someone to talk to they said we just want to chat all night and have coffee or watch TV with someone.

This is why we know that we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and we are to prove it to you when you go to our website which is www.theparke.net or you call us and speak to someone. You can also know that here at The Parke Assisted Living we truly care about you and that’s were going to give you the best services possible.