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Maybe more than any other company or service it is very important to be the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, I’m such an argument is very hard to counter again. It is our children or our elderly it is absolutely imperative that we are taking care of people and we are doing it in a way that we can be proud of. That’s why we are very proud to say we are the highest and most rated assisted living community in Tulsa and in the state.

So well we’re not trying to brag we are absolutely trying to scream it from the rooftops important stuff and we need more Communities I’m trying to take this back from us and doing a better job of accomplishing it. Because we want people to be just like whenever it comes to their way of providing the a home for the Elderly community.

Fortunately the fast matter is we are at the Best Assisted Living Tulsa community and in Oklahoma people have decided we are at the backspace and this is because we care more than most facilities we hate to say that with some very jaded it sounds like we don’t think other communities are doing it right in the factor matter is we don’t most the time. Because the standards aren’t high enough and the Mount Everest consideration just isn’t there. We had them and we have so many facilities in Tulsa and in the state of line because we have so much of a need for communities for the elderly.

Because the fact of the matter is it’s there comes a time whenever it is safer and probably a lot happier and for your loved one to move into a community where other people like them live and they have friends in the company. But there is the very real risk that your loved one would end up in a facility that is not adequate and not cyan and kind of dreary and ugly. And what is even more unfortunate, as I described average disability in our state you had a mental picture that was probably right on the money. And this is something that we can do better at we should be doing better at and we should have many lawmakers on our side regulating and making sure that we’re doing better this but we don’t is so we have to do it ourselves.

how we have become become the Best Assisted Living Tulsa Community and how much do some of the happiest seniors in our state. Which really hope that you can imagine the amount of pride that we can get to say that we are the best in the state. That is not by our account that is the people that live here and their families that have it reviewed and write it as so highly and in such a high regard and thank goodness. redo help and it inspires some other communities to try some of our ideas on for size, call us at 918-249-1262 or go to theparke.com.

Best Assisted Living Tulsa | Why Are Senior Communities Not Listening The Residents?

We would think that our community would really expect a lot from a place that has been rated as the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, and then when you consider that it’s not actually even just in the city but in the great state of Oklahoma we are the highest rated best Assisted Living Tulsa community. But also that we are trying to make sure that this is not just a place to sit and waste time or engage in mind-numbing uninteresting activity that is just made to kill time. We’ve had enough of that I left at times and we are quite sure that our residents have to.

Do we like to believe that part of the reason for this is that we have tried very hard to make sure that we are providing a community that can facilitate the things that they want to do and the lifestyle that they want to have. We’re not forcing them into a macaray craft project unless they want to do because guess what they want to do it we’re getting up a noodle and here’s the beauty of it we have a system at the our seniors get to tell us about what they’re interested in doing and we help facilitate that.

There’s several other reasons that it could be though it could be that we’d love our seniors here and we absolutely feel like each one of our employees they all are committed and dedicated his place. We all have personal relationships with all of the residents here we could have gotten to know our residents as people and we are so proud and so appreciative of the time that we get to spend with them because it doesn’t take long to realize that there is a beautiful knowledge and wisdom and each of our residents at that we have gained not only a great deal of pride and respect for, but they have added so much to our lives and we are just trying to give back to them for that really as it’s lucky that we work here and a lot of people are missing out they don’t understand what it is and these places that we are forgetting about. but not here and that is what we love to do for our residents and how we remain the Best Assisted Living Tulsa.

and the fact is we haven’t even talked about all the amenities and opportunities that we are providing to eat This is the type of Lifestyle they should have they should be telling us what it is if they want to do and we should help him do it it is very outdated and out landish I did think that our seniors should be doing what we scheduled him to do they have live longer than us they are wiser than us and they absolutely deserve more respect for myself so if this is what you think that your family deserves his give us a call at 918-249-1262 and go to the website at theparke.com..