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We pride ourselves in providing services that we know that other Tulsa assisted living facilities are not. That is why we are sure that we are the best Assisted Living Tulsa has to offer. That is why we are the most repeated in the whole nation. The reason why it’s because we know that we offer our services like monthly Wellness clinics. It is said that we can make sure that our clients are happy, healthy and staying well and we are going to continue to make sure that we check in on them for that each and every month. This is a service that as far as we know we did not see any other assisted living facility in the area doing. That is why we are the best Assisted Living Tulsa has and we are so proud of that because we know and we feel that our elderly and seniors are the most important people in our society and we want to make sure that they feel that.

We also provide many other services that we know that there are other Assisted Living facilities in Tulsa that are not providing it. That’s why they’re not the best Assisted Living Tulsa has, but some of those Services include things like 24-hour staff weekly house cleaning in addition to weekly linen service and trash removal. We have a wide variety of activities and entertainment. We make sure that they have free Wi-Fi access by exercising Wellness programs to keep their level and feeling young and healthy and keep their body working for them. It seems like these are the little details that make a facility the best Assisted Living Tulsa has and this is why we dedicate ourselves so much to making sure that these little things are taken care of.

We are going to be able to promise you that whenever your loved one is at the best Assisted Living Tulsa, as they’re going to be happy and they’re not going to feel like today or just somewhere wasting away and just living in a way that is not going to be a burden to you, but they are going to know that they still have a purpose in life in that they can still be creative wonderful people that is still has something to offer this world.

Because here at the park we feel that too often people who can no longer live by themselves feel like they are being just tossed somewhere in order to not disrupt anybody else’s time or life. They have to leave their home where they have worked for their whole life and where they are comfortable and they’re going to have to move into a new place. There are a lot of times after the transition where they just sit and the danger isn’t something you’re going to lose that makes them feel like they are themselves. Because once they are put in a new environment, unless they are engaged they are going to become bored and that’s when you get stuck in a rut.. Call us 918-249-1262 and check out our site, TheParke.net

Best Assisted Living Tulsa | Meals Are A Favorite Time

Whenever you come to Berry best Assisted Living Tulsa have you are going to have a facility that Although our residents have a full kitchen and they have every ability to prepare and serve them cells in email that they were we also make sure that we always provide optional services such as we have a Hot Topic whatever it comes to our food we have I 3 full meals per day served with a variety of choices so that your loved one is not going to get bored and not going to feel like they’re eating the same thing over and over again. But we also have private dining room reservations available for special occasions whether that is 4 or 2 people. We are going to be able to accommodate you for your special occasions to talk. You can make sure that your loved one is never left out because of that issue. Did you bring the special occasion to them and we are going to help you come in with 8 that each and every time while we can serve you a very delicious and appropriate meal for the occasion? These are the types of things that continue to keep us at the top of our industry and make us the best Assisted Living Tulsa has.

The reason that we do these things is not just to make our facility the best all that is very nice it is because we are passionate about making sure that our elderly are taking care of our understanding of our scene and hurt and that they know that we value them as it’s the most important part of our society. If you’d like to come and see our facilities and check out where your love flow and will be sitting a large amount of their time in the near future we would invite you to come to do so at dinner time because we happen to have a very yummy menu and we say we are here to put the pudding where our mouth is and let you try it. Because we are quite confident that once you have one of our delicious meals you are going to feel better about the fact that your loved one is going to be able to enjoy our meals every single day.

Because we know that one of the things that are going to make your loved one feel absolutely at home and like they are still enjoying their day is being able to enjoy good food and good company during meals.

We will have a menu every single month so that it will know if they decide that they want to maybe prepare their own meal or have a different option because they will always have a menu for the month right in front of them to know if there’s something they don’t like coming up. Call us 918-249-1262 and visit theparke.net