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If you’re wondering about our assisted-living facility and you are curious about bringing 11 here, the website or because of online and see everything that people have to separate us from families who have brought their lagoons here. Also give us a call and come into our facility or you can speak to us often bring all your questions answered. However you are trying to figure this out, just know that we are here to help you we want to walk you through the steps as thoroughly as possible to get you as comfortable as you need to be to know that this is the Best Assisted Living Tulsa to send your loved one too.

We’ve got the most all-inclusive amenities available and we are going to get you and your loved one the best treatment for the duration of their stay with us. We have included services that go along with the prices that we offer, but we also have add-ons if you would like. We have a fully structured price point that we can give you to make things easy to break down and is exactly paying for and how much it cost. So don’t worry about the money, just know that you’re wanting to send you love going to the best and that’s what you get with us here at The Parke Assisted Living.

When you do want to schedule a tour through our facility just give us a call and let us know so that we can not only have everything prepared for you to see a room and all the operations that go on a daily basis, but working to be able to get you guys in for a meal with us you can see that the food is not your typical cafeteria preservative filled food. Because we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, we are able to stop our kitchens with experts in the food industry. Everyone that works there has been in a restaurant as a cook at some point and they know how to make great food.

To not have to worry about your loved one home cooking meals and not remembering to turn the stove on or off and you’re not have to worry about them getting to eat. There gonna be able to have these mills with us every single day and it all comes included with what they have as part of their membership with us here at The Parke Assisted Living. We’ve got all that you need and we know that we can make you look don’t feel right at home in their own personal apartment that they have to themselves.

A residence love having their own private patios and they can go out of day in day out and they are able to just relax and feel like they truly have their own home still but they’re just surrounded by people on the outside so if they want to go hang out with a friend until midnight were visit the salon, they don’t have to leave the facility to do that. Our website is www.theparke.net and you can find more information on there as well as call us today at 918-249-1262 to speak to a representative. Either way you are going to realize for yourself that we are truly the Best Assisted Living Tulsa in the industry.

Looking For The Best Assisted Living Tulsa That Has Staff That Is Fully Licensed?

We do not hire just any person who says they are a nurse or we don’t hire any staff member who think that they have experience in the industry. We are truly going to hire only the best of the nursing applicants that we receive them or to make sure that they are fully certified and fully qualified to be taking care of your family member. Whenever you’re bringing them to us here at The Parke Assisted Living, just know that because we hold ourselves to the highest standards, we are going to continue being the Best Assisted Living Tulsa in the business and we are going to show that to you every single aspect of the business.

As your feeling of her comes to tour facility to go to see that we have vicious living apartments and that they are going to be able to live in these by themselves so they felt actually still have their own home. But there also to have a fully working kitchen as well as HVAC units for heating and for cooling they can turn up or turn down as they see fit. They’ll have to worry about the people on the other side to them because they are going to control their own temperature in each apartment. We also have private patios for all of these rooms so you’re able to go outside and enjoy the sunset with a sunrise or just simply have a ton natural light coming in which is always great for people’s emotions and their well-being.

We truly care about your number and we want you to know that we’re going to give them their absolute best care possible they could find. This is all because we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and we are going to make sure that they feel that way too. All her residence love living here and they feel like they have gotten the best out of the stage of life that there and by coming to stay at our facility. They are not stuck here and they are not made to stay in the facility, but they do have options for amenities if they want to stay inside the facility and don’t want to get out for some reason.

They can go to our salon and barber shop and get their nails her hair done. They can go to our library, they can go to our hobby room or lounge room. Whatever they want to do whatever the moon fits at the time, we have something for them. We also have different activities that we do with all of our stuff in all of our residents and their welcome to join in those to stay healthy and active and fit.

Regardless of what your loved one thinks a nursing home is, they are going to get a completely opposite perspective once they visit us here at. We have the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and we are going to prove that to them whenever they come into visit us and meet all of our staff and residents. So call us today to get this started by dialing 918-249-1262. You can also go to our website just www.theparke.net and you will find all of our information on their as well as find out how to get scheduled for a tour for your entire family to come see their new home.