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When you’re trying to decide what is the difference between sending a lot fun to just any nursing home or some kind of living facility versus sending them here to live with us at The Parke Assisted Living, the choices are to be simple because we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. We have got the best prices in the best amenities and we also have the staff on site to help your family member with this transition. We want your family member and Lebron to know that we truly care about them as if we were taking care of our own family members so there never gonna feel like we are taking advantage of them or not taking care of them.

Everything that we do is with our community members in mine. So were going to give them the best life possible by offering the best amenities and the most inclusive pricing. We don’t want you to have to break the bank just as a family member to live with us. We know that this artist Ruslan of decision and it’s arty costly for you to move them out of their home and to sell their things or to store their things and that you Artie have to do with hospital bills and everything else that goes along with a family member aging. So were going to make this easy as possible.

With us because we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa we are going to give you a single story building that is comic easy for you to come in and out as well as her family member. Do not have to worry about their safety with that. So have spacious apartments that they will have to themselves. This will literally be like they’re moving into an apartment is a have their own kitchen and their own bedroom and everything that goes with it and you have your own home. They’re also going to be able to have an emergency call system so they need anything at any point they’re able to call us.

Our staff members are going to be on site and available 24 seven so you you know that if anything happens to your loved on whether it’s in the middle of the night or bursting the morning late at night whatever the cases that can have someone there to take care of them and make sure they’re safe. We are also pet friendly. So if your loved one has a pet that they really can’t let go of are the pay is just so attached in the department go to anybody else, bring them with them they can live in this apartment with them.

Everything about our Best Assisted Living Tulsa is because we know that we want to make this as homely and as comfortable as possible for you and for your family member. As you’re working with us to get your family member ends our facility know that here at The Parke Assisted Living we are going to help you do that make this as easy a transition as possible. So our website is www.theparke.net and you’re gonna be able to find information as well as when you call us at 918-249-1262 you’ll speak to someone and they can set up a tour with you today.

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Change is never easy, and the older that we get the less that we like change. So after thinking about trying to change her family members entire life and take them from their home and move them into a new facility, just think about sending them to us here at The Parke Assisted Living. This is because we are truly the most professional, most reliable, most reputable business in the industry and we are going to deliver you the Best Assisted Living Tulsa that you could hope to find. See your loved one is not have to worry about a thing for to make this a stress free as possible.

Were hoping that we can make this a fun and positive adventure for your family member who is moving into our community. We know that even though they’re older they may not want to go on any kind of adventures and may not want to leave their home, but we know that for their safety and for their peace of mind they really need to be similar someone has more access to them for medical attention if needed, we want to make this a happy time for them. So were going to work hardest to make sure that our staff members are positive and welcoming and that they are giving you the best experience possible so this is easy.

When you’re working with us you know that our staff members truly have you in mind when they are working with you. They are giving you every opportunity to ask questions and be as comfortable as possible before they fully immersed sure lead on into our community. Because we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa we have all of the best amenities as well as community members living here. Our pricing is affordable and we want to make sure that we give you a easy to understand price breakdown so that you can make the best choice possible for you and your family. There are additional services that you can add on to your loved ones membership with us.

When you get your bill with us you are never gonna have any hidden fees that we have not told you on your never going to have any surprises. The price that we tell you that is it’s gonna cost of the price that it will always cause. We are never going to surprise you with anything because we know that it’s arty taking a lot of your money and taking a lot of your time as well as your emotions to make this decision and to make it happen for love them because you want to give them the best. So working to make sure that we give you the best options as well.

Visit with us at The Parke Assisted Living today so that we can show you what we truly are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and why you’re gonna want to send your loved one to live with us. Our 24 hour staff is waiting by the phone to answer any questions at day or night. Our number is 918-249-1262 and you can also adjust online by going to our website which is www.theparke.net.