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Whatever you want to have a very Best Assisted Living Tulsa you have to make sure that your employees really care about the seniors they are working with. and they got to be a certain kind of people that love old people and babies. Because there is a certain type of person that is really good at this.

They are going to be able to treat the seniors that they have worked for as people that they really care about and they know that they’re able to get a great amount of wisdom from them and they consider it kind of a pleasure and an honor to get to work with them. and this is the type of person that we always look to hire every time that we hire anybody new to work inside of our Best Assisted Living Tulsa, that’s how we are able to maintain our status as Best Assisted Living Tulsa.

And if you’re looking to find out if we may be the right type of facility for your loved one. we suggest that you give us a call cuz we really want to give you a tour and show you all the great a minute because we’re able to provide for them. whenever they stay with us because this can be their home and they can have a brand new start and live here because just cuz you’re done living and your old house does not mean that this has to be the end of anything other than the end of loving or living in a house that you no longer utilize.

But you can start a brand new life here with us and you can have your very own space and you’ll have your very own new beginnings. because that’s what we like for our seniors to feel whenever they come here. It is going to be a new beginning and a new way of life. and one that is a good change for them.

They’re going to have a lot more people in their lives that are going to care and be there and hang out with them and really get to know him because I have a person that we have that works here and that’s the type of person is going to be able to spend their time with. and we find that that’s really important and that people really find a change in their life for the better. and there’s something that we hope that you will bring to your loved ones life as well.

And not only that but it’s also just it’s just their home and they’re going to be able to fill that very quickly you’re going to be surprised at how quickly they settle in and they feel at home here with us. and we’re very proud of that fact. So call us today at 918- 249-1262 or go to the website at theparke.com, I will set up a tour for you and your loved one and anybody else that would like to come and check us out

Best Assisted Living Tulsa | Senior health is very important to us

One of the best reasons that we happen to be the Best Assisted Living Tulsa is that we have so many medical and management tools provided to all of our residents because we have a certified and trained staff that is going to be able to be there for them in case of any kind of medical emergency. and not only that but we have so much assistance with their daily activities.

This is the type of thing that as the Best Assisted Living Tulsa we are able to provide the care and the assistance that they need without intruding on their lives but also giving them that extra care that they need in order to have a full healthy life. Not only that but we are also able to handle any kind of incontinence things that they might need and do this in a very discreet and respectful way.

And they’re never going to feel as if they are giving up their Privacy for that. because our staff are so understanding and cognitive of how to address this with our residents and that’s something that we know our residents really appreciate and something that we’re going to continue and so if this is an issue with your loved one rest assured that we’re going to take care of it in a very appropriate way. You can trust is why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and it’s just going to be taken care of and that’s all you’re going to have to worry about and your loved one is going to love the fact that we’re there and able to help. not only that but we have additional medical records right there I’m on site.

We can get those to their doctors very quickly if there’s ever an emergency and we are always going to make sure that they get to all of their doctor’s appointments. A registered nurse is going to come on site and see them whenever this is reasonable.

Whenever you’re looking for the you probably found us already anyways because we are the highest and the most rated Nursing Home in all of the Tulsa area. and probably the state and the reason why is because we are doing things differently we are not a corporately owned nursing home and we do not have corporate money coming in and funding us and not ever showing up.

In fact we are alone Oakley and we all know who the owners are and they know them personally. and the reason we mention this is just because many times whenever you have a corporately owned nursing home they’re all the same they have those ugly green Walls and they’re not seen at their residents as residents but more as assets and that’s just not how we do things here and we want you to know that and you want you to know that that is the principal that we have pulled every single day. Give us a call at 918-249-1262 or go to our site at theparke.com.