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If you are looking for the best assisted living Tulsa community, then look no further than The Parke Assisted Living. We offer you a compassionate team who cares about and takes care of your senior family member. Additionally, we have 24 hour staff who will always be able to help your family member should something happen. We are a beautiful facility in a quiet, which allows our residents to enjoy their new home and become part of a wonderful community. If you need to find the best place to send your senior loved one, then you should choose us.

As the best assisted living Tulsa community, we offer our residents phenomenal services daily. I residents enjoying the open living spaces. We give a room big enough to eliminate any clutter and provide our residents with the space for every item that I have to place. Are your residents will enjoy beautiful window view and access to a private patio. But wait there’s more. When it comes to entertaining family or friends, it’s very important to have open living spaces prep that can provide you with a chance to spread your arms and stretch. You will have plenty of legroom without feeling cramped and you can have your loved one enjoy their everyday life. Additionally we offer the perfect floor plans for our residents. We have taken joy in creating the perfect living space for our elderly residents.

One of the benefits at living at the best assisted living Tulsa community center is that you can have a TV on your wall. This gives our residents a chance to enjoy theater like feel and experience in their home. Additionally we have fantastic Wi-Fi access, trash removal services, including services. This means that even if you’re elderly family member cannot take care of themselves perfectly, we had that covered thereby removing any stress. We also have many other wonderful services at our facility which will help your family feel secure and satisfied with our services. Some of those additional services include transportation and emergency first aid and care. This way whether your family member what needs to go somewhere but can’t drive or something that happens to him, neither you or they need to worry about it. We make sure that all of our residents are fully taking care of because that is our responsibility.

We realize that especially in later life, the unexpected can happen. When that happens we respond with emergency care. When your loved one is at an assisted-living facility, you will always have immediate and first aid and a care team readily available to serve them. If for some reason one of our residents accidentally falls or slips, and then has trouble getting up, or out of bed, we will respond immediately. We treat our residents as we treat ourselves in our own family we value their needs and desires

If you are interested and would like more information, you can visit our website at https://theparke.net/ or call us at 918-249-1262. We truly care about you and with love to help you and your family find peace of mind at their new home away from home.

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Are you in search of the best assisted living Tulsa community? The look no further than The Parke Assisted Living. We are a wonderful community center for elderly people not only do we have a safe and peaceful environment for your loved one to live in, we offer our residents their own private apartment. With a beautiful facility and a peaceful environment next to a park and surrounded by walking trails, your family member will truly feel at home.

As the best assisted living Tulsa Center, we offer our residents endless compassion and care. We value fast and good emergency care and aid to all of our residents. We make sure that we respond immediately to any of our residents needs. Whether you find yourself slipping and falling and unable to get up or are struggling to get out of bed in the morning, you do not have to worry. This is because our experienced and compassionate staff will be able to assist you immediately. We truly do care about our residents and make sure that their life is full of toy and comfort. We offer our residents endless community activities and social events. This means that your loved one will never get bored or feel lonely. Additionally you do not have worry about not seeing your family member again. You are able to come visit your relative as much as you and can make a reservation in the dining I’ll see you can eat with them.

We want to make sure we stay the best assisted living Tulsa community for ever. This is why we make sure that our facility is beautiful and inviting. We are the highest rated and most reviewed living home in Oklahoma. We are a family owned and operated business and have been for over 20 years. Additionally, we offer on-site health and wellness therapy services. We are licensed and offer senior citizens a safe, caring community that is beautiful and they will be happy to call it home. Our staff is exceptional and unlike any others. We take care and work hard to provide every resident with exceptional aid and help. Our standards are high and we give you and your family peace of mind.

Because we seek to provide our residents with the very best, we are in a beautiful place. Located in a safe and quiet neighborhood, The Parke Assisted Living is truly the best place for your elderly member of your family. There is a Citi Park inside our communities walls and we also have walking trails. This means that your family member will be able to enjoy the outdoors and go on scenic locks without having to worry about going to far from the community. We offer our residents endless care and endless beauty at The Parke Assisted Living. This is why you should visit us today and schedule a tour. You can set it a physical tour or look at our online tour. However, we guarantee that once you look at our online tour you will want to see us in person.

If you are interested and would like more information, you can visit us at https://theparke.net/ or call us at 918-249-1262. We are eager and willing to help you and answer any of your questions. We hope that you can schedule a tour with us.