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If you have ever worried about your loved one being at a nursing home and you’re not there to make sure that they’re being taken care of well. As the Best Assisted Living Tulsa at Parker because we’re going to be able to guarantee that you’re going to love it here and your loved one is going to love it here as well. The reason you are going to love it it’s because you are going to be able to be assured that your love is always going to be taken care of.

I know that whenever you have a person that you love very much, they are always going to take care of you and they’re going to be paid attention to.And one thing that makes us the Best Assisted Living Tulsa is is simply because of any of our staff they have a tendency to become very involved in all of our residents lives. and especially if the people that they decide to make a personal connection with. because this happened because we are trying to make sure that we are only hiring the very best and the most instant of people.

It’s very important to us when I get hire new staff that they are respectful and they believe in the fact that our seniors are very important to our society and they are the people that have the wisdom that we should all be learning from and taking from here because whenever it comes to our seniors they have a wisdom that we don’t understand and that we can only know if we take the time to pay attention and learn from them.

So whenever we hire people we make sure that these are qualities that they hold and that they are going to be able to bring to the table because it is the most important part of our job. and not only that but it is going to be the time that our staff is going to be able to be there for your local. because they are going to build personal relationships with them.

This is something that we’re very proud of our staff of about four and we wouldn’t have any other way and something that our residents I really love as well. and I just find it is absolutely going to bring value to their lives into their spirits. or something that many of our staff would rather do in the morning.

They have these really great times when I’m not going to have coffee with the residents and just hang out and talk. This is a time that all of our residents are used to and as well as our staff. and we’re very proud of that. the way that we have a Best Assisted Living Tulsa activities director that is full-time staff member. first I have to do and have fun and and enjoy and this is a great service. We think she’s really great. She enjoys all of our seniors very much. So call us today at 918-249-1262 and we will schedule your tour today, and if you can’t call then go to the website at theparke.

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When our residents have a great idea of how they are full time activities directors. because we are always trying to make sure that they know that we are not here to tell them what to do, we are only here to provide them with the opportunity to do things. They all give her great suggestions and she listens to them and they use the suggestions. because one thing as the Best Assisted Living Tulsa we know more than anything else is that this is their home.

This is a Best Assisted Living Tulsa and as that they are going to have for if we hope for a while still and they deserve to have an endpoint on how their life is ran. and we are not here to make them do anything or make them decide when to do things. Instead we are just here to provide them with the amenities that they deserve and the home that they are going to love. If they do not live here then this is absolutely not what we want.

We want to change it so that they can because we know that they deserve that. we’re trying to give your loved ones the respect that we would hope that you would give to our loved ones at the root rules were very first. and we are very appreciative that you even give us a shot to be in their lives. and we just want to thank you as well for letting us borrow your lessons and whenever you are I’m here to have a great time and live here you’re going to find out that it is absolutely going to be important that we pay attention to what they want and this is because this is their house and we are just here to help them. and that is exactly how we were treated as well.

We’re always trying to make sure that whenever we make a menu that we are always going to be able to get one of your loved ones’ papers on the menu at least once a month. because that’s what we think that they should be able to have fun doing what they want and be able to give them the yummy food that they deserve and that we should be sure to provide. Becuawse we know that just because we know that just because they may be older that doesn’t mean that they don’t know what good food is and what it is that they love. So let’s be good to the Best Assisted Living Tulsa seniors in our care. And that is what we troy to do everyday. And we want you to know this as well. Call us at 918-2419-1262 or go to the website at theparke.com.