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It occurs about the staff that works here at The Parke Assisted Living, you can go to our website and find more information about them. Or you can just simply call us and talk to one of them and come by into our facility and let you and your family members meet everybody that works here see you can so comfortable before your family member comes to live here. This and many more reasons are why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and it’s why we continue to be year-to-year because you will know that they can trust us and they know that we are reliable and that we do is they were gonna do.

Some of the different amenities and services that we offer to our community members are 24 hour staff. This means that at any point if anything happens that your family member needs or that you need to do for them were going to be there to assist you. This means medically, emotionally, physically, and more. We are also going to have weekly housecleaning and bed linen services. So your family member can do their own logic they don’t have to if they would like to wait until I weekly service takes care of it. Rossiter take care of their houses so were to clean all the community areas as well as clean their physical personal apartments.

Because we offer trash removal, utilities, inside and outside maintenance, and so much more, this is why we are your best choice for Best Assisted Living Tulsa. We have activities and entertainment for our guests and members all the time. We have monthly and weekly things that we do to make things fun and active. We also have groundskeeping and schedule transportation. So if they want to do anything or go anywhere we always have transportation coming and going so they’re able to go as freely as any to without worrying about driving if they don’t want to. However we do have parking spots so they can drive if they would like.

Truly when you live here with us at The Parke Assisted Living you are picking up your life where it is and all the freedoms and enjoyment and entertainment and posits that you have at your home you’re going to be able to take them into your apartment with us and we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. Really the only difference is that you are having staff members and community spots where they are able to take care of you if you need them. There is such a benefit to this and we know that it’s gonna make you and your family member felt extremely comfortable about coming to live here.

So call us today for more information on one of our amazing sophomores take care of you and answer everything you need. Our number is 918-249-1262 you can also find us on mining go to our website which is www.theparke.net and here you can fill out an information form and let us reach back out to you to answer any of your questions and concerns you may have.

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We know that in every situation when this stage of life comes that you have to think about putting a parents or a grandparent or some family member and a Best Assisted Living Tulsa home, you are going to first try yourself. You can move them in your home and think that you are able to take care of them better yourself and that you and your family can work your schedules and your money around taking care of this person that you love so much because you don’t to put them in a home. All we ever hear the homes or bad situations and bad stories where these people weren’t taking care of and then people start still guilty and think they could never do that to some and that they love.

But when you actually are thinking about it you’re doing a blessing you can for your loved one by bringing them to us here at The Parke Assisted Living because we have not only the most licensed and certified and up-to-date knowledgeable staff on site 24 seven, but we’ve got amazing amenities and services and conveniences for your family members so they truly can feel like they’re living in a community of elite and almost even spoiled older adults who are just to be loved on and cared for all day long.

All the things that we wish that we had so much and care for us as adults that we have to do for our home for maintenance and then we have to do for’s daily life things, these are all the things that were to take care of for your loved one here at our facility and this is why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. Some of the things that we include in our packages are emergency first aid and care. We also have pharmacy services as well as free Wi-Fi and Internet. We will do exercise and wellness programs with your family member as well so they can join in whenever they feel like it or they can keep themselves active and make sure they’re still continuing to be healthy.

Although this decision to move into a new place can be scary and it can be challenging and it can be stressful, we wanted you to know that the emotions that are happening are not going to be even more extended because of our stuff. Our stuff is gonna take this into consideration and everything they can to make your family member for comfortable and actually happy about living there. So were gonna do all of the things that we can to make this a great experience for everyone involved.

Don’t any longer to bring your loved on to us here at The Parke Assisted Living. We have absolutely got the best facility for you and we know that we’re in a give your family member the Best Assisted Living Tulsa that they could ever have hoped to find. You can find more information about our prices and the services that we offer by going to our website. The website is going to be www.theparke.net. You can also call her number which is 918-249-1262 and speak to one of our staff members today who can either schedules were with you or just answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable.