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We know that whenever you want to put your family member into an assisted living home, you want to do it with the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. Can be us here at The Parke Assisted Living. We’re a fully licensed living facility that helps your file member to be able to continue living their life as intimately as possible while being able to give them the care they need. This is always a good or easy conversation have and we know that it can be a stressful situation at times because maybe a family member doesn’t want to move or maybe they know they need to but they can’t quite bring himself to do it. Either way we really want you to know that we are to take the very best care of them and that whenever you need to do this major change in her life, you can trust us to make it as easy as possible.

You will love that our facility is set in a great setting where they can actually enjoy the view and they can have their own private patio that they can walk on from the room so that they can see nature and walk around or sit outside and drink coffee. Whatever they like to do, they are to be able to do it here because we truly are just giving them a space deliver their little bit more safe and a little bit more cared for while still having all the great independence of living in their own home.

We want you to know that we are to take the absolute best care of your family member and they are going to be in the highest-rated and highest reviewed and ultimately the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. They will love be able to interact with other people their age and their situations where they are able to just make friends and enjoy living life together. Life will be super relaxing whenever they come here in the be able to have their own room in our facility where they are able to do their laundry in a laundry facility or they can cook dinners. Whenever they want to do their to have the opportunity.

We have all fully private residences that have a separate bedroom kitchen and living area their own bathroom, and different kinds of things like a fully stocked kitchen and Wi-Fi connections available and so much more. We make it extremely easy to make the transfer from an individual home to our home so make sure that you bring yours what going to us today.

Everything that we do is going to give them the best sense of ease and peace and we want that to be what they experience because we are truly the Best Assisted Living Tulsa and we are to make sure that they have everything they need to experience the best life possible. So make sure that your calling us today here at The Parke Assisted Living so that we can help you to get them scheduled for a tour to see where they could possibly start living. Our number is 918-249-1262 and you can also find us online at www.theparke.net.

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Here at The Parke Assisted Living, we have started this Best Assisted Living Tulsa because we wanted to give you and your family the ability to have a great future together. We know how important it can be that whenever your family is looking to move an elderly family member to a nursing home or living facility, it’s because you are afraid for their safety and your for that they will be able to take care of themselves a way that they should at their own home. Or maybe you just don’t have the room for the might your home and you want to have better care than what you can maybe give them because your life is busy. No the case may be, we are going to give you the best options for getting your family member somewhere to stay that is safe and secure and peaceful.

We wanted to make sure that you and your family had the best options are having a future together by protecting the elderly members of your family. Oftentimes elderly members of the community can live in their own homes of the they could take and then they will end up leaving at the fire on all night are leaving their stove turned on. They can even do things like in the water running and forgetting to turn it off or they can simply just get hurt in the middle the day or in the night and not be able to reach the phone to call anyone and then there and up just being on the four by themselves. We know that that’s never something anybody once and we want to be able to help you with that.

Whenever you bring your family member to live with us, they are to get the Best Assisted Living Tulsa services that we offer. We will be able to help them to continue living an independent and full of choices life while making sure that they have all the best options for having someone there to take care of the things that they might need help with. Some people just need help with the able to remember to take her medicines or they need help with knowing which medicines are taken when. We have all of that and that will be an add-on that we can give to you for when you file member lives of us.

You can also trust that we are to be looking out for their safety physically as well. We will have someone there 24 seven who is able to rush into the family member fall. There we would have a call button on the wall as their home so that they are able to call someone if they need help. If they follow them all the night or they need help reaching something in their own, will be there to help them.

We know him for and your family members to we want to be able to give them in the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. This we need to bring them to us. Our website is www.theparke.net you can also call us at 918-249-1262 so we can help you to get scheduled for a tour today.