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We find that there are several principles that we’d like to believe in and adhere to that always contribute to the fact that we have been rated at the highest and the most the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, and father is not the state of Oklahoma. This is something we take great pride in. And if we could erect a billboard we would. It’s not so much that we want people to give us activities, although this is really amazing. We do appreciate every single person that writes it.
The Best Assisted Living Tulsa community, but our billboard idea that’s more along the lines that we really hope that a lot more of our assisted living communities in the area would come on board to get with the program and start doing things a bit differently.

Because if you walk into many assisted living facilities today it is as if you walked into any of the other ones, as they are very interchangeable Because most of them are corporate-run they’re all very cookie cutter and look exactly the same and if we are I’m fortunately one of the few privately owned elderly Communities in our great state of Oklahoma. And we haven’t believed that this is not nearly enough. You are creating a community that is able to be rated as the best assisted living Tulsa.

As you will find out, if you get a hold of us and come take your tour you’re going to find out what being privately owned means. First, it means that there are different rules that govern our community. And we are here and personally involved with everything and every decision that’s made in our community and that means that our seniors are too. Because we understand and value their input and that this is their house.

There is a community, and we want to make sure that we are just here to serve them, not to control any aspect of their lives. Because that is absolutely not the principle that any Assisted Living Tulsa, should be run on.

We understand that it is a very difficult decision to make whether you’re going to put your loved one in the best assisted living Tulsa facility. And we all know that this could be something that is not a hundred percent agreed-upon with that within your family. But unfortunately there’s a good reason for that when the reason for that is because there are so many instances of bad behavior and abuse and our seniors just in general being neglected and not appreciating it. And that is because of these corporate facilities.

There’s not somebody there that owns and cares about the community. They are in a boardroom somewhere states away and there is not a personal responsibility for the care or treatment of the residents that live within that Community. Which leads to misbehavior and neglect. As the owners of this candy we are here every week, and we know and appreciate each one of our seniors. And we also happen to know for a fact that we are only hiring the type of person that is kind and empathetic and truly appreciates the fact that they get to work with our residence and that have a mini personal relationship with our community. Call to schedule your tour and let us show you how it should be done. 918-249-1262 or learn more at theparke.com.

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We are very proud to offer many amenities to our residents. But we are also very proud to say that we were letting our residents be individuals and I still enjoy all the things that make them independent and a loving life. We want to make sure that whenever they come here they know that this is not the end up there socializing or anything else that makes them individuals. We want them to not only continue to enjoy their hobbies and think about what they have left to do but maybe even just new things I love to do, maybe learn some new things about themselves. Because we know there is a lot.

We happen to believe that this man’s technology is one of the reasons why we are at the Best Assisted Living Tulsa community. And why we have a community of seniors that are very happy to be here and not to brag, but this is truly a community and not just called that bit the difference there is the fact that we know that there are many possibilities here in Tulsa that are just that their facilities for the elderly, and they are not being assisted they are being taken care of.

They’re being scheduled and give their lackluster activities to kill time and keep the old people from being bored. I hate to even say that phrase, because it is the exact opposite of what we believe people should be doing in elderly communities. Instead, we have a different kind of service here. We’re kind of doing things little bit different so let me tell you a little bit about the

Best Assisted Living Tulsa Community We’d like to provide mail service each and every night and the thing is there is not a thing on the menu that your loved one is not going to love and if there is that’s okay because they’re going to have something they’d left the next hour or so. We have a menu that we try to beat the berry 2 first above, and we tried to make sure that it does matter who the president is or what their favorite is we’re going to find a way to get it on the menu at least once a month.

. Because we understand what it’s like to have somebody else cooking your food, we are also always providing a full kitchen and helping take care of it. So if your family member wants to cook and they want to prepare their own meal that’s great we’re going to make sure that they can do that. We’re even going to come over and maybe home and clean up a little bit of bed like that too. So if you and your family are in the time of life that you may be ready to consider a community like ours, call us at 918-249-1262 and to learn more go to the website, theparke.com.