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There’s really only one place you need to look if you are ready to find how much for your loved one. Because whenever you are looking for a long-term facility for the person you love you want to only be the very Best Assisted Living Tulsa Community. Because if it was my family member which it has been, only the best is going to do for my nana or my papa that’s for sure. And the reason for that is because I have loved them my whole life. They were there for me but never before and they provided me with the knowledge and the wisdom that only my grandparents could. And this goes for our parents too,

I think as a society we have started to forget the fact that our parents and our grandparents came before us and have paved the way for the wonderful life that we have today. It’s not a coincidence that our lives are better than theirs and that we have been able to innovate and change the way things are done in the world. Generations before us have already lived it much tougher and crazier than we ever have dreamed up. We may think that that’s not the case. We don’t want to ever take this opportunity to serve this community for granted. This may be why we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, could it be that we realize that we are kind of wimps and the generations before us have forged the way. How could we not want them to have a really cozy last home?

I’m not saying that you don’t and I’m not trying to point fingers. What I am saying is that there are Best Assisted Living Tulsa facilities in our state and states around the country that are not doing this good enough and there is not enough regulation for this either. And I also think that it is kind of absurd that we have disabilities trying to schedule our parents and our grandparents lives around but they think that our grandparents are doing it. This is insane. How in the world do we think they were going to be able to talk about our elders going to stay at a place that they’re going to be scheduled and told when, where and how. This is absolutely not respectful as it is not the way things should be done.

Instead we’re trying to do things a little bit differently here we’re trying to provide movies and activities at the facility and out in the rest of the community with other people I have we have classes and games and things that we know that they enjoy and yeah they are at a certain Best Assisted Living Tulsa time but if they’re at a certain time their voluntary and sometimes we even take a boat find out what the residents want and when they want to do it.Because we find that this is a much more respectful way of facilitating entertainment and enjoyment for our residents. Call us and take a tour at 918-249-1262 or learn more at theparke.com.

Best Assisted Living Tulsa | Proud To We Are Friends With The Community Here

The only way that we have became the Best Assisted Living Tulsa community is by caring enough to make sure that we’re doing things right that we are not only having personal and respectful relationships with each by residents and really taken a personal interest in making sure that we are getting to know our residents on a real level and not just as caretakers. Maybe we are the Best Assisted Living Tulsa, as we try to make sure that we are providing engaging and real creative time that our residents can learn things about themselves and still be engaged in the community.

Just because they are in assisted living community we do not want to realize it is to feel like anything is over this is not the end of anything we actually try very hard to make sure that we are providing a community that can feel like a new beginning like a new stage of their life that they get to enjoy The fact that they have a staff at their disposal. Without feeling as if they have to have at assistance that we provide but that is at their Leisure and that this is an amenity not a necessity.

We’re also quite proud of the fact that all of our staff are kind and engaged individuals, each one of them have a kindness about them that help them to be grateful for the opportunity to be here and to engage with our seniors because we have set out to make sure that we are only Staffing people that have a great empathy about them and people that really understand what an opportunity it is to get to be and commune with our residents.

Because this is not a job that you come in and you don’t gain anything we are gaining and learning it just as much for my residence as we could ever hope to teach them. But the fact of the matter is that we forget they have come before us and while they will slow down before us they have deserved that right for a long time now and they are without a doubt holding all of the cards whatever it comes to who is the wisest and who has the most life experience to understand what it’s really important.

Sometimes it’s great just showed up a slow-down and lettuce learn from them and find out what it is that we’re missing because you can guarantee if you’re missing something the residents are going to say it and they’re going to tell you about it, but you have to be there to listen and that’s something that we are absolutely not just providing for our residents but also for our community and our employees and we had to say very proud to say that they are an appreciative bunch of people that are adding to the quality of life in our residents’ community
.None of the other Perks of Being privileged enough to work at the Best Assisted Living Tulsa. Just call and ask, and we will show you around at 918-249-1262 and before you get here don’t forget to check out theparke.com.