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This Senior Living Tulsa is a place to live and to thriving you can call them The Parke Assisted Living. Where they have been able to make phenomenal loops and downs in be able to buy the best assisted-living center and sell Tulsa and if you want to be part of it, and find us on a 76 Street in Tulsa Oklahoma and of course frozen able to show you that we are definitely the one place that people can always trust able to know that those of want to be safe as well as having fun and making memories. We cannot they were more fish better services season is definitely to finance or maybe what could possibly do to put you at ease and give you some peace of mind knowing that we as an assisted-living center know can show you that we can. A tentative learn more about what it is because you do or maybe look really do better than anybody else. Course you would learn more about The Parke Assisted Living or maybe even wanting to know more about the owners themselves and let us know and we will tell you.

Here at The Parke Assisted Living how our owners are actually local to Tulsa so were not owned by a corporation and we are most certainly not a nursing home. Because we know that nursing homes across the country usually get better vacations but we want to make sure that you know that every single person that walks their doors having a time of your life as must the ability be able to be involved create community within this community as well as being able to actually make new friends and build new relationships.

The Senior Living Tulsa has everything you need we always they were make sure that were able to take the time to able to share our story with you so you can actually make an informed decision just to decide whether or not The Parke Assisted Living is the one for you. And obviously we want to make sure that everything that we are doing is a benefit to you. To reach out to learn more about what looking to be able to help her how to be move forward. No more how to connect to help you reach forward take advantage of a deal like this family be more than happy to build to give you a tour as well as being able to top it off with a free lunch so you Angela one can ask a test the food to see if it’s something you would like. But if you want to visit the dining hall the time we actually have our apartments that actually have a full kitchen with appliances and everything.

We are a local assisted-living center that is all about creating community as well as the ability for all of our residents to thrive. And obviously we also make sure that they are able to take part in some great activities and also take full advantage of the amenities that we have including the Chapel, postal kiosk, and even the beauty and barber salons. So they can stay looking fresh and looking their best here with us at The Parke Assisted Living. So if you need someone who let you know maybe there little bit hesitant about doing that maybe they been on their own for so many years but the next and happened in their own home or air does not able to get around like they used to dispute the fact that they can take care of the house and bring them out over to The Parke Assisted Living and will be able to really be able to impress them and show them that they can still be independent in our community.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net not to learn more about what is awaiting them. Because here at The Parke Assisted Living we help you live but we also help you thrive.

Senior Living Tulsa | Make a Home Here

Make a home here at The Parke Assisted Living your premier Senior Living Tulsa center. We don’t want to ever make people feel like they’re going into a nursing home in the coming to see us. We went make it feel like it’s just a whole way from home plenty of space as well as plenty of ample room to build move around as well as still be engaged in the world and be able to make better community as well better friends here. Is the main goal is helping people realize that just because they are getting older or just because they’re no longer living in their own house they still have the ability be able to actually live a life and be able to really take part in it. So take life by the horns and contact The Parke Assisted Living.

The Senior Living Tulsa that you might be looking for or at least wanting to actually take a tour of to see whether not we are the ones you want to have your loved one moving to or maybe you’ve talked other companies or other living centers we were make sure there able to actually show you that we are by far the best choice and you continuously then able to deliver just that. Three children to learn more information about our services season to what it is we can to be able to help or maybe even help you ease your mind and also get rid of any anxiety about having to transition from one phase of life to another.

The Senior Living Tulsa has everything that a person could possibly want to be salon with a barber salon individual apartments before kitchen and their own heating and air-conditioning unit as well as many of these hobby room private dining special occasion dining rooms and more. So if you even have your family at your home here at The Parke Assisted Living and you can actually have a Thanksgiving dinner in her private dining or even have a break big birthday bash in our special occasion room.

Contactor to know to learn more information about our services is also able to make sure you to be able to achieve what you want as was be able to make whatever it is you want done. Switch: mission better services to build help every everything you need. To don’t wait. Contact is not learn more information about our services and have everything you need. So don’t wait contact is not available patient better services the other have everything you need. To contact our team not to learn more information about our services and what we can do and how we would be better. If you questions first note the time to ask.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net now to at least contact a member of the team here and see what looking to do actually get you scheduled with an in person tour to be able take a look at each one of our apartment floor plans and see the amenities as was meet the team. Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net. Because here you can make a home.