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Connect with The Parke online to see why we are the most premier and sought after Senior Living Tulsa facility. People of this just a split fact that residents love us. And no resident wants to go anywhere else or even transfer anyone else because they just of the community as well as the activities and the ability to be able to actually have on-site physical therapy. If you want more information or at least want to know more information about how we’re locally owned and operated in please visit us online and also schedule an in person to her. We will make sure you have everything they need as well as everything that you’re looking for can be answered. To reach out to our team not to learn more about what it is able to do and how it would help you do better because they always make sure that people can to be able to live the best life when they come live with us and one of our apartments. They are a single level facility so there’s no need for ramps and there’s no need for stairs or elevators.

The Senior Living Tulsa everything they need and we obviously are recommended based on the fact that we make things easily accessible have for their residents as well as make sure it’s easy to be able to find your way around. Regenerative learn more about looking to be able to help as well as what were able to do better than anybody else. As we honestly make sure that that has everything they need to have a successful transition from independent living to assist living. Like to know more about how we do that is what we do to make sure that this license facility has at all needs met for’s residence is coming for personal to her.

The Senior Living Tulsa has all the amenities that people love. We have big-screen TVs for movie nights with friends as well as with family and we also have spacious one level apartments for residents to enjoy with full kitchen so that they love to cook or they don’t feel like going to the dining hall they can cook in the privacy of their own apartment. And we will also have buses that can take residents to the grocery stores they can actually do their own grocery shopping to subsidize feel know more about that or at least be able to see some of it in action in please come in and visit us for personal tour.

Who went to make sure that you have everything they need so that you never feel like you’re being left out or you are left to fend for yourself. So there’s anything that you need you can always rely on our team to be there to help you out to be everything that you need so that you have everything prepared for your household say can make sure that everything is in order and everything is all taken care of. To reach him not to know more about what you have and also move things forward for a seat next have an easy transition of going from your own home to an apartment with us here at The Parke. What he waiting for Kretschmer going gives call today for more patient were happy to help you no matter what.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net now more happily be able to get you set up with for personal tour as well as a complimentary meal.

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The homelike atmosphere with The Parke your number one spot for Senior Living Tulsa living. No one can do what these CAT scan and definitely been able to actually really promote themselves as Oklahoma’s highest-rated most reviewed assisted-living center. And actually have the reviews to back up that claim. So if you’re tired of living in your Monday apartment anyone to be able to try something new or you just able to get around like he’s to do might be termed actually looking to an assisted-living facility were able to actually get some daily help with your activities whether it’s getting dressed in the morning or just getting out of bed.

The Senior Living Tulsa The Parke always has apartment so that are ready and capable to handle any kind of capacity like a wheelchair or walkers. So when you go to the bathroom able to actually have seats available for people to sit down and take showers as well as make it a lot easier for them to still be independent even if their mobility is a little bit limited. We still make sure that everybody has that ability. To reach out and see what we can do to help also how able to get you with whatever it is you need.

If you need any help deciding whether or not The Parke is the Senior Living Tulsa to choose then please visit us online today. We cannot wait to meet you and would love to be able to actually get you into place that you will love. So call her office able to set up with a tour as well as a complimentary meal today. We cannot wait to meet you only love to be able to take you through facility seeking to see what you’re missing if you do not live with us. We cannot wait for you to be able to join us be able to have a fun time and make new friends. This is an excellent place to be able to build rapport and also new relationships. And so I was they will make sugar able to we can to make sure he able to still enjoy life and go to the grocery store go shopping or even go to church on Sunday.

If you have any requests or you would like to be able to see some photos all that is on the website. When make sure the risk accessible as possible so you never have to miss out. We cannot to know more about how able to help and also get make sure that everything is moving forward help you. We cannot learn more about who we are doing also looking to make sure you have everything they need we always make sure that were easily accessible to anyone who’s looking for information. We understand that there a lot of people today that are wanting to be able to actually have some free accessible information to where they can actually decide whether or not our facility is the place for their mom or their dad. And you feel if you feel that it’s your time to be able to move from where you are be able to actually have an assistant the facility that can actually help you with your activities of daily living then coming check out The Parke.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net. We would make sure that everything is prepared to welcome me into this community as well as giving you plenty of activities to do to build to be busy and also have fun with new friends.