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The complimentary meal when you are succumbing to be able to schedule a tour with us Mabel comes here facilities for senior living Tulsa by The Parke Assisted Living. This is overall that we always make should refining the premier solutions as well as the best living areas as well as privacy and independence for anybody who’s looking at able to have a little bit more help for the activities of daily living especially if your mom or dad is actually a little bit slower in their ability or maybe even just having a little bit more dementia are also. If you need to be able to get additional assistant is called baby love to be able to tell you what sets today.

In contacting us and get a connection on a physical location at 7821 E. 76 Street Tulsa, OK 74133. We feel able to get in touch about puppies also need to take it or we can execute tours also complementary man tell you more about our veterans benefits. If you would be able to cause more details you can. He also contacted contact with us on Facebook YouTube as well as Google business is was good is on the newsletter. That is what you want if you want to be able to get more information about us and was able to see her son is most is more additional information about what sets us apart from any other nursing home or independently center is: a here 918-249-1262 for more additional details about our community.

Will you be having to be able to set you up a time to be able to come see our senior living Tulsa community make sure the Mexican provide your complimentary meal if you schedule tour test. Send a virtual tour video on our website are as well as other videos and photos for you be able to see the community yourself. The event in being able to do in a person gives you a little bit more about the à la leg up to be able to seek settlement provided as well as the amenities and the services that we can provide for you let one.

So then give us cause but if you want to be able to know more information about senior living Tulsa Mike and Jim what we really need to be able to set yourself apart from any other independent living or assisted-living center and overcome appeared said you know we do not have to give is called available to be learning business would also love to be able to give your loved one a safe’s place to stay as well as growing community and gain friendship.

The second is called today for more information about a complementary mill as was mailed schedule tour for morning or afternoon whatever it may be. Of his golf at 918-249-1262 of the www.theparke.net enabler more about The Parke Assisted Living than also on his own and connect with us on Facebook YouTube and Google business. But you can ask if I miss if you’re looking be able to come to our location we are located at 72 when he 7060 Tulsa, OK 74133.

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To connect with us here on social media for senior living Tulsa party by The Parke Assisted Living. Where oxo is the pride and joy in the crown jewel of assisted living centers and all Tulsa Oklahoma. That is what makes us the highest rated most of you community and all Tulsa, see you and everyone be able to see for subsequent and give us call the park the www.theparke.net enabler more about the Peninsula we have see what great things we have going on here to community by scheduling a tour and also beer by receiving a component or email.

So he waited for crush Mike if you want senior living Tulsa that is conveyed of cream of the crop as well as the top-notch face able to leave your family or mother-in-law father in our Aviva mom or dad or grandparent or grandpa immediately want to make sure that we can provide just a fun environment that is also secure as always make sure that I can still be able to parlance to have some independent privacy while still being able to rely on staff in case they need help with her activities of daily living including dressing baiting laundry housekeeping and so on and so forth. To give us call now.

We love to show you what exactly does it from any other suspending area and that we want to be able to give you complete mentoring now show you just that. See you next time some distant future vessels in the business and you can also contact us for it to be able to get a hold of our newsletter. As we are like members of the Oakland assisted-living Association we also to be able to tell you more about what it is about assisted-living can offer you versus anything another nursing home as well. Make sure that we can have the same credentials as being able to operate with so I think is long-term care independent living as well as nursing homes.

To give Scott available to be learned business but also love to be able to show you just exactly how your loved one can actually thrive here at The Parke Assisted Living. So let me so that we can provide to that information because we know this is a deftly difficult choice because you want to be able to make sure you can trust a community or a sense of any center that actually to be able to take care of your mom or dad even when you’re not around. So you are looking for something new gives call now.

Senior living Tulsa is just a simple phone call was gives all the 918-249-1262 of the www.theparke.net available or more by the company as well as be able to connect with us in social media as well as get her online newsletter David gives a call today and also see my coming to be able to get to her today for morning or afternoon to be able to meet meet some of our caring staff as well as be able to answer any questions that you have about becoming a resident here The Parke Assisted Living. So anyone for questioning able to get that schedule today.