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Here at the park we are trying to make sure that each one of our residents is comfortable from day one really that’s not true; you’re hoping that each one of our residents are comfortable before day one. Because that is what we want for you whenever you are beginning the senior living Tulsa stage of your life. Can be the most beautiful part of your life. We want all of our residents to know and feel like this is not the end of anything, this is the beginning of everything. Instead of looking at your time at the park as the end of your living independently.

We wish for you to look at this as the beginning of a senior living Tulsa typing experience in your life. That means that you are going to be able to enjoy the amenities and services that we are going to provide you. Without any guilt and without any worries about not being able to afford the things that you want to do.

Because we need to make sure that we not only provide comfort and Senior Living Tulsa that is going to be an all-inclusive type of experience, but we are going to do this at a price it is going to be comfortable for your budget. We know that whenever you are in your senior living Tulsa tough stage of life you are not out there actively earning a wage. So we make sure that that is not something you were ever going to have to stress about.

So we’re going to invite you to come on and kick your feet up and enjoy what we have to offer amenities and services. for you. That is going to make your life easier if you are not going to worry about the household chores anymore. Although you were going to have a home that is much like the house that you probably just left. Instead of having to worry about cleaning, you are going to have a cleaning service that is going to come to your house each and every week at a linen service that is going to be the same. These are just a few things that make life a little more comfortable and a little bit more relaxing. We also have available private patios because we are going to want you to be able to be on that rocking chair reading your evening news. Or sitting with your friend and talking about the latest gossip in the neighborhood. Cuz he’s things that you have earned.

Some of the other perks of living at the park is that we have activities and bingo every single week and this is something that you were going to be able to enjoy and create friendships with our other residents that are going to be able to last four years we have residents that stay because they know that being at the park is like well-being at a park. If this sounds interesting to you give us a 918- 21489-1262 or go to TheparKe.net

Senior Living Tulsa | Enjoy The Library

Here at the park we offer our senior living Tulsa residence luxuries such as having a large and complete library to choose any sort of literature that you would like to enjoy. We also are going to increase the activities that you have in your life in incredible ways because you’re going to find that we have activity and social calendars that are going to just keep you so busy that you’re not going to have to worry about or have the time to do it. Because you are going to phone or my friendships are going to be strong and that you are going to want to spend time with your Community.

Whenever you get to enjoy a senior living the Tulsa area has to offer at a place like the park you are not going to know how you lived without the people and the luxury that you were going to find. Senior Living Tulsa area becomes a whole new concept whenever you do it at the park facilities. The reason why is that we go out of our way to make sure that each one of our residents feel so respected and valued and we are going to make sure that you live in a way that you know that you are a value to your community and adding value to our lives each and every day. That is not just the other residents but also the staff because as a member of your community we are here to learn from you. Because we feel like our seniors are the backbone of our communities.

Whenever we bring new members into our community meeting that we’ve hired somebody new to work on our staff always makes sure that that person is somebody that is going to value you as a person and is going to value the incredible wisdom and knowledge that you are going to bring to them. Because we know you have lived long enough to know whether somebody respects you or not. And that is so important to us you will never walk into a situation at the park where you do not feel respected. Because here at the park we feel like it does not matter if somebody is the most educated person in the room. If they do not understand that you have wisdom that they can learn from you then they are lacking in common sense they need to do the job. And not going to work in our communities. It is our policy to always hire based upon many factors, one being that everybody that works for us is going to carry a large amount of common sense because we know that a generation older than us has a lot of value and somebody that can see the forest through the trees and understand whenever wisdom is speaking they should listen. If this is something that sounds like a different way of life than what you have been living and something you would enjoy please give us a call at 918-249-1262 visit Theparke.net